Yet another SUV

Not another SUV I hear everyone say………..  Well yes, actually.  As the desire for this style of vehicle shows no sign of abatement, then manufacturers continue to invest heavily on bringing these vehicles to market.  They might be leading us all by the nose a little I suspect, as an SUV must have more profit margin than a humble saloon………

So here is the offering from Jaguar.  Although late to the party, this can be a real rival to a whole raft of vehicles.  Consider: GLC, X3, Q5, Macan even, as well as JLR stablemate Land Rovers own Evoque and Discovery Sport.  That’s quite a list in a very crowded segment isn’t it?  To these eyes, the Jaguar is the best looking of them all, and although it shares some Land Rover and XE parts, it is, in fact, very much it’s own vehicle.

Three engines are currently available:  A 2.0 4cyl. Diesel Ingenium (2WD or AWD, with Auto on AWD only), and two 3.0V6’s in either Petrol or Diesel (both Auto AWD only).  Prices range from 34k to 65k.  Ah, the Ingenium Diesel engine……..  As with other Jaguars that use Wolverhampton’s finest, it needs improvement on the noise/harshness front in this installation too, and although better once warm, it’s on road performance doesn’t quite cut the mustard.  If you don’t have to worry too much about taxation and economy, then the V6 in either Diesel or Petrol is far nicer, both versions being smooth, responsive and powerful.

Despite those curvy good looks, the interior is both spacious and accommodating.  Interior quality is also impressive, and within a whisker of the best at this level.  Also, this feels like no other SUV to sit in, the driving position is far more “sports car” like.  What seals the deal is the exquisite driving dynamics and ride quality – It’s as good to drive as the class leading Porsche.  Drive is far more rear biased than JLR’s Solihull products, which is something keen drivers will really appreciate.  The only headache for Jaguar is how to make enough of them!

F-Pace-vs-Macan-Visual-Comp-7 (1)

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