Transport Secretary May Bring Diesel And Petrol Ban Forward To 2035

2040 Fuel Ban: What Fleets Need To Know

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference, the Transport Secretary said the 2040 diesel and petrol ban may be brought forward to 2035…

‘Thoroughly Exploring’ Targets

Grant Shapps, the Secretary for Transport, has opened up the possibility of bringing forward a diesel and petrol ban. Currently set for 2040, he told attendees at the Conservative Party Conference it could be brought forward by five years to 2035. Nothing is confirmed at this stage, however, with the Secretary saying “we will need to test the arguments and work in partnership with industry to examine how to proceed.” The idea was originally put forward by the government’s advisory committee on climate change; but Shapps seems interested. He cited his own experience of driving an electric car for his family. He explained, “as I drove up to Manchester in my family’s electric car, I found it easier than ever to plug-in and charge up. That’s because there are now more charging locations than petrol stations”.

The Tories aren’t alone in addressing climate change. The Labour Party has stated that it wishes to bring about a ‘green revolution’. It aims do to this, in part, by encouraging the mass-adoption of electric vehicles by investing in charging infrastructure and offering financial incentives. It’s also spoken of state-led ‘gigafactories’ that’ll produce the batteries required for EVs.

Is The Ban Realistic? 

Governments, pressure groups and now many automakers agree that zero-emission vehicles are the future; a necessary move in combating climate change. The government’s proposed ban, a part of its ‘Road to Zero’ vision, will see the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles banned by 2040. But some groups, including a committee of MPs, have called for it to be brought forward to 2032. The problem, however, is that electric vehicles are still an extremely embryonic and niche segment of the automotive industry. For perspective, to realise the 2032 date there would need to be a 17,000% increase in demand for electric cars; something that is, in business terms, pie in the sky.

There has also been criticism of the government’s strategy, with critics claiming that it lacks clarity. For instance, it’s not known whether hybrids will survive the ban. The government has stated that ‘conventional’ petrol and diesel models will be banned. It’s also stated only “effectively” zero-emission cars will be sold. The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee – a cross-party group of MPs has been scathing. It’s stated, “government either acknowledge that petrol and diesel will ultimately need to be fully phased out from cars and vans, or admit that it is not seeking a zero emissions fleet. It cannot have both.”

More Than Half Of British Drivers Want A Diesel Ban:

MPs Want You To Ditch Your Car In Order To Meet Climate Change Targets:

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