Transport Committee Questions DLVA On Application Delays

Transport Committee To Question DLVA On Application Delays

The Transport Committee has questioned the DVLA concerning ongoing and critical delays in processing driving license applications…

Transport Committee to Question DVLA 

The DVLA is experiencing critical delays in processing license applications. This is due to ongoing industrial action by members of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) and social distancing restrictions. As a consequence, turnaround for paper-based applications has been seriously affected; leaving some people without a means of driving or proving their identities.

Digital applications are said to be largely unaffected, but paper-based applications are taking six to ten weeks to properly process. At an evidence session, that took place on Wednesday, attendees discussed the difficulties the organisation was facing; and what it intended to do about them. In attendance were Julie Lennard, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka and Department for Transport minister Baroness Vere.

‘Fewer Staff’

A spokesperson for the DVLA commented on the situation. They said, “our online services have not been impacted by the pandemic or industrial action; and are running as normal and without delay. There are delays in processing paper applications due to ongoing industrial action and social distancing requirements. Which means that we have fewer staff than usual on site at any one time”.

They continued, “paper applications are taking on average between six and 10 weeks to process. But there may be longer delays for more complex transactions such as those that require medical investigations”.

A spokesperson for PCS called on the DVLA to negotiate. They said, “our action to date has had a huge impact on the backlogs at the DVLA and, in serving this strike notice, we are forcing the DVLA to consider whether they can sustain a month of targeted action in drivers’ medical. This dispute could have been easily resolved six weeks ago; when a deal was withdrawn at the last minute. It’s time for Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and the agency to get back around the table and negotiate”.

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