The Worst Fleet Management Mistakes

The Worst Fleet Management Mistakes

It’s not easy being a fleet manager. There are a whole host of considerations for them to contend with, whether it be vehicle maintenance, duty of care or driver performance. In addition, the industry is always changing as new practices, legislation and technologies appear on a regular basis. Whilst there are a host of strategies and approaches successful fleet managers and decision-makers can take, they all avoid making these fleet management mistakes…

Poor Communication

Whilst it’s difficult to think of a role or industry in which poor communication isn’t a problem, it’s especially fatal in fleet management. As there are so many practices and targets to covey to staff, it’s crucial that managers clearly and consistently communicate with their team and drivers. Are your instructions concise and are you giving your staff the means to raise questions and make suggestions? It’s not only your task to provide detailed instructions and to explain procedures, but also to provide your team with the means of communicating as a whole and individually themselves.

Not Keeping Up With The Industry

All industries change over time, but fleet management practically never sits still. Because of how broad the field’s remit is, there’s always something that’s recently developed or changed. It could be costs and pricing, legislation concerning driver safety or telematics technology. A good fleet manager is always keeping abreast of these changes and planning his future strategy well in advance. An example of this is the government’s clamp down on diesel and petrol vehicles and its bid to phase of their sale by 2040. Even if you’re years away from deploying electric vehicles, you should know when you will be.

Neglecting Training

There are many reasons that can cause a member of staff to under-perform and fleet drivers are no different. If they’re not up to standard the first measure should be to provide relevant and comprehensive training. A good fleet manager should want to make good drivers and performers out of his or her staff, not simply to impose penalties. He or she recognises that every member of staff is an investment and the fleet (and business as a whole) will get out what it puts in to its staff. Raise morale, incentivise performance and offer opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

Neglecting Maintenance 

This is probably the most amateur of mistakes a fleet manager can make, and it’s a sure sign of incompetence. Neglecting maintenance is usually a product of attempting to save money and time, but all it does is deplete both. Poorly maintained vehicles brake down, endanger drivers and members of the public and cause anxiety and frustration among drivers. Fleet vehicles should be regularly serviced and inspected to ensure that they’re up to the job; don’t aim for anything less.

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