The Vans Most Likely To Fail Their MOT

Any fleet vehicle is a significant investment, regardless of its role within overall operations. Therefore, a vehicle’s reliability is paramount in extracting the most value out of it. In short, van’s that break down or fail their MOTs are bad for business and cause fleet managers and decision-makers regular headaches. Based on reports from the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), here are the top five vans for failing the MOT test… 

Ford Transit – 53.3% pass rate

Often perceived as a solid choice for Fleets, the Ford Transit doesn’t get on well with the MOT. Vans that were registered in 2013 had a pass rate of 64% in 2016; the lowest out of any van available in the UK. However, over half a million Transits face the trials of the MOT every year; considerably more than any other model. This naturally has an effect on averages.

Vauxhall Combo – 52.0% pass rate

Nearly half of all Vaxuhall Combos fail their MOTs, with issues with braking and suspension systems being the most likely reasons; not features of a car that any driver would like compromised. A mitigating factor, however, is that the Vauxhall Combo is often used by very large fleets, including the nation’s own Post Office. This means they’re often used extensively and put to the test. Make of that what you will. 

Renault Kangoo – 51.3% pass rate

Renault’s Kangoo has been around since the late 90s and, according to the DVSA figures, has been blighted with a poor MOT record from the very beginning. Despite being a popular choice for those seeking a compact and punchy van, the model is plagued with lighting trouble and one in ten develop steering problems, too.  

Nissan Primastar – 50.4% pass rate

Arguably a case of ‘badge engineering’, the Nissan Primastar is essentially a rebranded Renault Trafic. The model has one of the lowest pass rates for any light commercial vehicle on Britain’s roads. It has a paltry pass rate of 50%. It’s not just an issue with older models, either. Newer versions registered in 2013 still just see 6 out of then pass the MOT. Like the Kangoo, problems mainly lie with lighting and suspension systems.

Fiat Scudo – 50.4% pass rate

According to official figures, the Fiat Scudo is the worst of any van on the UK’s roads for passing the MOT. Every other Scudo fails its MOT after three years. A wide variety of problems are frequently recorded, including errors with brakes, suspension, lights and electrics. Newer versions fair slightly better, with 70% passing after three years. 

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