Tesla Model 3 Already Most Popular EV To Lease In The UK

Tesla Model 3 Already Most Popular EV To Lease In The UK

In just one week, Tesla’s Model 3 has become the most popular EV to lease in the UK; that’s according to Leasing.com’s league tables. This means it’s seen off competition from the likes of the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-tron.

Seeing Off The Competition  

Whilst Tesla is hardly a mainstream brand in Britain, it’s managed to take motorists by storm. It’s exceeded the leasing sales achieved by its competitors in a month in just a week. A number of explanations have been given for this, including the model’s monthly prices and consumer hype; the model was late coming to the British market.

Paul Harrison, head of strategic partnerships at Leasing.com, offered his own take. He said, “obviously the UK is one of the last countries to get the Model 3, and the long waiting period for right-hand drive models no doubt contributed to this huge early surge in interest too. It’s early days yet, but if the Model 3’s popularity continues at a comparable pace over the next few months, then Tesla could have delivered its first mass-market electric car.”

Strong Interest In EVs

Orders for the Model 3 have been taken since May; back when pricing in the UK was announced. Tesla claims that those who put down a deposit will get preferential delivery. However, its website boasts a lead time of less than eight weeks for new orders. The overall interest generated by the Model 3, I-Pace and e-tron has caused EV enquires to rise by 30% (year-on-year) during the first five months of the year.

Top gear has called the car the ‘fastest charging car in the world’. A new update allows the car to connect to 200kW European ultra fast chargers; these are capable of offering 850 miles of range per hour; not that any battery today can hold that amount. Although this could one day change, as Elon Musk has declared that Tesla will soon offer a 400-mile car. That’s more than enough range for even the most itinerant driver.

Leasing.com’s League Table

Top 10 electric and hybrid car enquiries for May:

1) Toyota RAV4

2) Tesla Model 3

3) Hyundai Ioniq

4) Toyota C-HR

5) Jaguar I-Pace

6) Toyota Corolla

7) Audi e-tron

8) BMW i3

9) Lexus UX

10) Kia e-Niro

Top 10 manufacturer enquiries for year-to-date 2019:

1) Mercedes-Benz

2) Volkswagen

3) Volvo

4) BMW

5) Audi

6) Land Rover

7) Seat

8) Nissan

9) Skoda

10) Vauxhall

Top 10 personal lease enquiries for May:

1) Mercedes-Benz A-Class 

2) Mercedes-Benz E-Class

3) Volkswagen Golf

4) Range Rover Evoque

5) Nissan Qashqai 

6) Mercedes-Benz C-Class

7) Volkswagen Tiguan

8) Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class

9) Seat Leon

10) BMW 4 Series

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