Warranty Claim Bookings

Let us handle any warranty claim bookings

For the duration of your Guaranteed Maintenance, Service Card or Fleet Card contract if your new vehicle develops any faults, which falls within the vehicles warranty, we’ll happily deal with the warranty claim booking on your behalf. You simply need to give Autoserve a call and we’ll book your vehicle in to be inspected.

Every new car on sale in the UK is supplied with a warranty. Although every car manufacturer is different, most parts such as drive and axle shafts, engine parts, seals and gaskets, vehicle batteries, brake and clutch linings, air conditioning systems, audio and entertainment systems as well as the paint work is usually covered by a manufacturers warranty up to a specific amount of miles / years. Usually this is 3 years or up to 60,000 miles, which ever comes first. However each manufacturer is different and can vary from model to model.

If you’re not sure if a vehicle part is covered by the warranty, we can look into this for you. We can also arrange for the vehicle to be booked in and taken to an approved garage for the warranty work to be carried out, once approved by your vehicle manufacturer.

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