Duty of Care

What is Duty of Care?

Under employment law the employer has a duty of care towards both members of the public and their employees, both of whom may be affected by the companies work activities.


The employer is also “vicariously liable” for the acts of his employees. An employer is liable for the injuries or death negligently caused by one employee to another, or to a member of the public injured by an employee. Where an employee drives recklessly or breaks speed limits it is the drivers’ responsibility. However where speeding was due to inappropriate scheduling of appointments by the employer, liability could be joint, i.e. they could both be prosecuted. Employer fines of which can be unlimited.


Employers must ensure their employees driving licence and insurance is both valid and adequate as well as ensuring their employee’s vehicles are in a good state of repair and that the driver is fit and well to drive on behalf of the company. But rest assured, Autoserve can complete these checks for you.


Autoserve’s Duty of Care facility includes:


– Driving licence checks, including points and conviction checking

– Checking to ensure the vehicle’s insurance is both valid and accurate

– Checking the vehicle is maintained

– Driver health checks, ensure your employee is fit to drive

– Mileage reports

– Accident monitoring and reporting

– Driver training where appropriate


Our Duty of Care facility can be added as an optional extra to our Service Card, Fleet Card, or Premium Autoserve Club packages. Providing you with peace of mind, knowing your Duty of Care has been taken care of and your driver is both legal and safe to be driving for your business. Please ask Autoserve for a quote based on your requirements.

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