Fuel Card

Autoserve’s partnership with The Fuelcard People means that you can now enjoy real fuel cost savings, with free credit and reduced administration, backed by personal service and security.

The Fuelcard People offer the UK’s largest range of fuelcards covering all the major fuel brands including Shell fuelcards, BP fuelcards, Esso fuelcards, Texaco fuelcards, UK fuelcards, Keyfuels fuelcards, Allstar fuelcards and more.


When you fill up with diesel or petrol, you can ignore the price shown on the pump as you will save up to 5p per litre on national average prices and up to 10p on every motorway litre. Accepted at over 7,000 fuel stations across the UK.


Using a fuel card is a safer way for your fleet to pay for fuel as it will eliminate cash transactions and cards can be placed on “stop” immediately via the online management system. All cards include PIN technology and you’ll receive any irregular usage alerts. You’ll also be able to measure your fleet’s CO2Count, where you can count, con­trol and work to cut your fleet’s emissions.


Not only will you save on the cost of the fuel, you’ll also save on administration and paperwork with having no hassle with fuel receipts, credit card statements or cash reimbursement. You’ll receive one weekly invoice covering all refuelling, for every vehicle.


The discounted fuel card is included as part of our Fleet Card package. Providing you and your fleet with an easy and secure way to pay for fuel. Your employee will top up with fuel as normal, at a participating forecourt, and will pay using the provided fuel card. You will then receive a weekly invoice for the cost of the fuel.


This service can also be added as an optional extra to both our Service Card and Guaranteed Maintenance packages, please ask Autoserve for a quote.


As an Autoserve customer, the cost of your fuel card is free for the first 12 months. This will be charged by The Fuelcard People at £6 per year thereafter. This price may be subject to change.

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