Research Suggests Van Drivers Are Neglecting Vehicle Security

Research Suggests Van Drivers Are Neglecting Vehicle Security

New research suggests that a significant number of van drivers in the UK are neglecting the security of their vehicles…

Van Drivers Neglecting Security

Research conducted by the business comparison site iCompario suggests that a large number of van drivers in the UK are neglecting vehicle security. It surveyed 1,000 van drivers about the security measures they take. Notably, 76% said they weren’t taking sufficient measures to protect their vehicles, their contents and to deter thieves.

More specifically, some 77% of the respondents said that they didn’t have an immobiliser or an alarm installed in their vehicle. Somewhat shockingly, 45% of them admitted that they don’t even lock their vans when they’re not in use. Perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that 64% of the van drivers don’t remove valuables, such as tools, from their vehicles when it’s not in use; putting their livelihoods at risk.

Other findings include the fact that 95% of the respondents haven’t secured their catalytic converters. These are often made of precious metals, making them a prime target for thieves. 81% of the drivers don’t park in a way that’d make their vehicle harder to steal, like up against a wall. Finally, 24% don’t park somewhere secure at night and just 31% have a dashcam installed.

‘Plenty of Precautions’ 

Kerry Fawcett, digital director at iCompario, commented on the research. She said, “as experts in van insurance, whether using your vehicle for work or leisure, we recommend taking plenty of precautions to protect your vehicle. By failing to do so, you risk not only leaving yourself open potential thieves, but you may also invalidate your insurance when having to make a claim”.  

She added, “much like the regular vehicle maintenance checks that should be made like topping up your oil or checking your tyre pressure, making the time each day to ensure you van is parked safely and securely when not in use should be at the forefront of every van driver’s mind”.   

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