Renault Has Launched An Anti-Idling Campaign To Improve Air-Quality

Renault Has Launched An Anti-Idling Campaign To Improve Air-Quality

Renault has officially launched its ‘Be Mindful, Don’t Idle’ anti-idling campaign. It wants to improve air-quality around schools and public spaces…

‘Be Mindful, Don’t Idle’ 

Renault has launched its anti-idling campaign ‘Be Mindful, Don’t Idle’ in order to improve air-quality; especially around schools. It’s a response to new research that has revealed that over 8,500 schools, nurseries and colleges in the UK are exposed to dangerously high levels of pollution. This, however, could become even worse as 62% of parents have said that they’re more likely to drive their children to school as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Some 27.2% of drivers have admitted to leaving their engines running whilst on the school run. Men are 50% more likely to leave their engines idling than women. The main reasons given for engine idling were only being stationary for ‘a short while’ and to keep heating and air conditioners on. Just shy of two-thirds of drivers (60%) are completely unaware that engine idling is illegal under the highway Code. As it stands, authorities can issue £80 fines.

A lack of proper parking infrastructure is major contributor to engine idling. Around 23% of drivers say they need to be ready to move their cars into suitable spaces. This problem, as you might expect, is significantly worse in urban areas than rural ones. Reasons for driving children to school include things like ‘because it’s on my way to work’ (30%), safety concerns (18%) and because there’s no alternative (12%).

A Major Problem 

Despite popular misconceptions, idling a car for just 10 seconds wastes more fuel than restarting its engine. In addition, a car produces enough emissions to fill 150 balloons each and every minute.

Matt Shirley, senior manager of electrification and new mobility at Renault, has stressed the lack of awareness of engine idling amongst drivers. He said, “the fact that the majority of people don’t realise that idling is illegal just highlights the scale of the problem”. He continued, “this is not about demonising the school run. Our study underlines the importance, even more so since lockdown, of the car. We just want parents and guardians to be mindful of the detrimental impact of idling, and to alter their behaviours for their own children and those around them”.

For drivers, engine idling wastes fuel, runs the risks of fines and exposes vulnerable people to harmful emissions. Being stationary for more than ten seconds is a good enough reason to turn a vehicle’s engine off. Whilst Renault’s campaign can go some way in educating drivers, fleet decision-makers can also help; by properly explaining the phenomenon to their drivers and including it in their driving policies. After all, what fleet wants to risk £80 fines on a regular basis?

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