Going Green: How To Reduce Your Fleet’s Impact On The Environment

Going Green: How To Reduce Your Fleet's Impact On The Environment

It’s probably not the the priority for most fleets, but ‘going green’ entails benefits beyond a sense of moral superiority. Here’s how you can reduce your fleet’s impact on the environment…

Rightsize Your Vehicles

Your fleet should consist of fit-for-purpose vehicles. Unfortunately, for many businesses, this only operates in one direction i.e. opting for bigger, tougher and more polluting models. Anything in excess is, by its very definition, not fit-for-purpose. Avoid larger gas-guzzlers if you don’t need them or there’s a cleaner alternative. Setting a CO2 cap is a good way of guiding the business as a whole towards to the right models.

Encourage Good Driving Behaviours

Vehicles can be more or less polluting based on how they’re driven. If your drivers are harshly accelerating or braking late, they’re maximising emissions and wear and tear. Make sure that they’re clued up as to why they should drive safely and in a way that’s considerate towards the environment. In achieving this, telematics are absolutely indispensable.

Become An Early-Adopter

The future of automotive is electric, there are few dissenters. Adopting hybrid vehicles can significantly reduce vehicular emissions. Adopting all-electric models means dispensing with them altogether. In addition, the UK’s already wanting incentives are gradually becoming less and less impressive. So it makes sense to exploit them whilst they’re still there.

Plan Your Drivers’ Routes

No one likes being micro-managed, but sometimes a more hands-on approach makes sense. Your drivers will often opt for routes that they know and approve of. But these aren’t always the most efficient. In fact, they’ll sometimes take longer, clock up more miles and burn more fuel. Ensure that you determine the most efficient routes, optimise them and task your drivers with sticking to them.

Promote Mobility Solutions

Whether it’s a HGV, company car or grey fleet vehicle, they all pump out the same harmful emissions (assuming they’re ICE). Reducing the need for vehicles is about as green a strategy as any. Mobility solutions can consist of anything from car-sharing to daily rentals. They’re generally more reactive to the changing needs of employees and are less wasteful.

Reduce Journeys Outright

What’s better for the environment than EVs and mobility solutions? Not driving at all. Not every journey made by your staff needs to happen. Meetings can, at least occasionally, be conducted via phone or conference call. In addition, some can be condensed into a single day, rather than over the course of a longer period. Either way, your staff should only be hopping behind the wheel if they absolutely have to.

Conduct Regular Maintenace

A well-maintained vehicle is a less-polluting vehicle. Ensure that all of your fleet vehicles, true or grey, are regularly serviced and checked over. It can be a time-consuming process and, sometimes, a logistical nightmare. Nevertheless, it means reduced downtime, improved safety and is better for the environment.

Challenge Your Grey Fleet

There are around 14 million grey fleet vehicles in the UK. The average age of them sits at around eight years. In other words, they’re old and they’re polluting. They produce 20pc more carbon emissions than company cars. In addition, they’re a duty of care fiasco waiting to happen. It’s in a fleet’s interests to reduce the amount of grey fleet vehicles as much as possible. 

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