Powerful New Honda CR-V


The new Honda 2015 CR-V has been introduced with a 1.6 diesel engine replacing the 2.2 version but producing more power with a nine speed automatic gearbox which makes the car much lighter and benefits fuel economy.

The interior has been tweeked slightly but is still very versatile. new carpets and thicker door seals make the car quieter than before and although it is a heavy vehicle overtaking is still very possible with a smooth gear change system. The boot is 589 litres and can carry four golf bags as long as they are not PGA tour models and dropping the seats means access for bikes . The 130 g/km co2 rating puts it in fleet terrority with the auto at 134g/km . at £34,000 the BMW X3 looks a strong buy but Honda engineering takes a good deal of beating.


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