Police Scotland Are Installing 1,000 Charge Points To Aid Electrification

Police Scotland Are Installing 1,000 Charge Points To Aid Electrification

Police Scotland has partnered with BP Chargemaster to install 1,000 charge points. It’s the largest deal of its kind in the UK…

Police Scotland Goes Electric 

BP Chargemaster has won a contract, worth in excess of £21 million, to provide Police Scotland with charging infrastructure. The deal will see 1,000 charge points installed at 265 locations in Scotland. In addition, 35 of these will be 120kW ultra-fast chargers. As a result, the police force will be one of the fleet fleets in the country to use such a level of technology. Matteo de Renzi, CEO of BP Chargemaster, said “we are incredibly proud to be able to support Police Scotland through this landmark contract; the largest of its kind ever awarded in the UK. As they transition their fleet and contribute to the Scottish Government’s 2045 net zero target”.

Deputy Chief Constable Will Kerr commented on the contract. He said, “police Scotland’s fleet strategy is highly ambitious; with the aim of having the UK’s first ultra-low emission blue light fleet by 2030. This substantial contract marks a major step towards that goal by making ULEVs accessible to more of our officers and staff”. He added, “achieving our fleet strategy aims will significantly reduce carbon emissions, while also reducing maintenance and servicing costs. It’s one of many strides the organisation is taking to achieve a sustainable, flexible service which meets the needs of our fellow citizens. While also providing a modern, fit-for-purpose fleet for our people to use in the course of their work”.

The Rationale 

Police Scotland isn’t the first public sector body to have worked with BP Chargemaster. It’s been working with WGM Engineering to provide the Scottish Ambulance Service with charging infrastructure. For public services, the rationale behind electrification is simple and clear-cut. First of all, it offers significant opportunities for cutting costs; both in terms of fuel (which is negated) and service, maintenance and repair-related expenses. In addition, the UK has various climate and emissions targets to meet. The government and devolved authorities must lead by example. Precisely when they expect to completely embrace electrification isn’t clear. But more and more public fleets are rolling out electric vehicles and the infrastructure required to operate them.

So, who knows, within a few short years ICE vehicles used within public services may become a thing of the past. That will go some way in convincing businesses and members of the public to follow suite; and, quite possibly, save the tax payer money. Or, at the very least, redirect some of it elsewhere.

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