Penalty Points: 80,000 Drivers Are On The Edge

Penalty Points: 80,000 Drivers Are On The Edge

A staggering 80,000 drivers have nine penalty points on their driving licenses; putting them at risk of being disqualified. It means checks have never been more important for fleets…

On Thin Ice

New data from the DVLA has revealed there are 2.7 million motorists in the UK with three or more penalty points on their licenses. Of these, 80,855 have nine. That means one more offence will seem them disqualified and unable to drive; at least, unless they can present a compelling case as to why they shouldn’t be in court. However, a significant number of offenders have been successful in doing just that. Data reveals over 11,000 drivers have 12 or more penalty points. But that means they need to be angels on the roads. Or at least you’d think. Someone has managed to keep theirs whilst clocking up 60! 

Paul Hollick, managing director of TMC which reviewed the data, stressed the risk of fleet drivers accruing penalty points. He said, “the chances of a working driver having points on their licence are noticeably higher than suggested by the raw statistics.” He explained, “business drivers are often out on the road every working day whereas the apparent number of clean licences is boosted by many thousands of people who don’t drive, or live abroad or have even died but remain in the data.” He stressed that it was “imperative” businesses thoroughly check their driver’s licenses and carry out regular checks.

Regional Differences

TMC discovered that there are substantial differences between regions in terms of how many drivers have penalty points on their licenses. For instance, Halifax has the highest proportion with one in ten drivers possessing points. Of those offenders, one in eight had nine or more points. Conversely, drivers in Kent had the fewest. Just one in every 250 had received points and just 273 out of 317,000 drivers has acquired 12 or more. Precisely where these variations come from is anyone’s guess. However, it’s likely that population and urbanisation play a part. In addition, the enforcement tactics employed by authorities and police forces will naturally differ and vary. Whilst all fleets need to conduct regular license checks, businesses employing in the worst-affected areas will have even more of an incentive to be meticulous! 

The 10 least endorsed postcode areas

  1. Brighton (27,991 5.1%)
  2. Harrow (17,074, 5.0%)
  3. Exeter (19,967 4.9%
  4. Greater London (136,693, 4.9%)
  5. Truro (10,508, 4.8%)
  6. Cambridge (13,042, 4.4%)
  7. Bromley (9,688, 4.4%)
  8. Tonbridge (22,100, 4.3%)
  9. Shetland (673, 4.3%)
  10. Canterbury (12,254, 3.9%)


The UK’s 10 most-endorsed postcode areas 

  1. Halifax (10,758, 10.6%)
  2. Bradford (34,455, 10.5%)
  3. Huddersfield (16,593, 9.9%)
  4. Bristol (61,761, 9.4%)
  5. Doncaster (44,786, 9.3%)
  6. Wakefield (29,403, 9.1%)
  7. Leeds (41,823, 9.0%)
  8. Luton (20,137, 8.9%)
  9. Slough (24,734, 8.7%)
  10. Harrogate (8,785, 8.7%)

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