Mobile Phones Have Caused Millions Of Drivers To Crash

Mobile Phones Have Caused Millions Of Drivers To Crash

Everyone knows the dangers of driving whilst using a mobile phone. But, despite the risks being obvious, a significant amount of drivers ignore the warnings. New research has revealed just how extensive the problem has become…

The Scale Of The Problem

Over the last two years alone, a staggering 2.7 million drivers have experienced a collision or veered off of the road because of distractions caused by mobiles phones. That’s according to new research conducted by Kwik Fit. Over a million of them had actually collided with another vehicle whilst being distracted. A further 1.8 million were involved in a collision because another driver was distracted. The research revealed that 24% of drivers read texts whilst driving and 20% even write them. 44% take calls on speakers, 41% make calls on speakers and 40% use them for GPS or satellite navigation. It was also found that male drivers were significantly more likely to offend than women; 1.7 million men had crashed as opposed to 970,000 women. Young drivers, too, are at risk; 18% of drivers aged between 18 – 34 had crashed as opposed to 0% of drivers aged 55 and above.

Studies have consistently shown that driving whilst using a mobile phone is as dangerous as drink-driving. The communications director at Kwik Fit, Roger Griggs, announced the launch of a new interactive game on the company’s website. It’s designed to raise awareness of the dangers of mobile phone usage at the wheel. He said, “the aim of our game is to demonstrate how easy it is to lose focus when interacting with a phone when driving. He added, “we hope people will try this out and realise the danger they are putting themselves and others in and quit using their phone while operating a car.”

Motoring Fines Rise For Fleet Drivers

Kwik Fit’s findings come at a time when company car drivers are facing more and more fines for motoring offences. Fines for the first half of 2019 show a rise of 21%. Lex Autolease, which owns and maintains the nation’s largest fleet, analysed data from 360,000 company cars and vans. It discovered that fleets had forked out an eye-watering £10.6 million in fines and penalties between January and June; a 41% increase from the same period the previous year.

Guy Mason, Head of Motor Operations Customer and Business Design at Lex Autolease, stressed the importance of keeping up with seemingly small fines and penalties. He said, “running a company vehicle fleet is an effective way for businesses to reduce risk and save money, but this can be hampered by drivers who incur easily-avoidable fines and penalties on the road.” He added,  “they might seem like small mistakes at the time, but the costs associated with minor parking and traffic offences add up for employers – especially those with large fleets.”

Positive Ways You Can Change Driver Behaviour:

Driving With A Mobile Phone Loophole To Be Closed:

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