Infotainment Systems: Dealers Need To Do More To Educate Customers

Infotainment Systems: Dealers Need To Do More In Educating Customers

A road-safety charity is calling on car dealerships to better educate their customers in how to safely use the latest infotainment systems… 

Dealers and Infotainment Systems 

The road charity IAM Roadsmart has suggested that car dealers should be forced to familiarise their customers with infotainment systems. It claims the government and dealerships need to “enforce greater education”. In addition, it believes that its research has established that smartphone integration systems, like Android Auto, can “significantly affect” stopping distances and reaction times. Rather shockingly, it claims the same research has revealed infotainment systems can be riskier than drink and drug-driving. For instance, being at the drink-drive limit will reduce increase reaction times by 12%. A vehicle’s touchscreen, however, can increase them by a whopping 57%. 

IAM’s suggestion comes just as cars with the new ’70-plate’ registration begin to reach forecourts; many bursting to the brim with the latest in-car technology. Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart’s director of policy and research, believes the time is right to take action. He said, “now is the perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of correctly using the latest in-car technology with the arrival of the new registration plate”. He added, “we’re calling on industry and government to openly test and approve such systems; and develop consistent standards that genuinely help minimise driver distraction. Whether you’re buying a new car now or already own a vehicle with technology that is new to you, it is vital that you use it safely. Anything that distracts a driver’s eye or mind from the road is bad news for road safety”.

More Than Just A Car

In-car technology, including infotainment systems, have transformed cars from being just modes of transport to veritable computers on wheels. Whether it’s on-board WiFi, automatic safety features or even computer games; they’re more capable and interactive than they’ve ever been before. But this transformation has largely gone unnoticed and without any real emphasis on broader ramifications for the industry and for drivers themselves. For instance, in-car tech is driving up insurance premiums, car prices and (some argue) road accidents.

We all know that using a mobile phone behind the wheel is a spell for disaster. Why, then, are we so uncritical about the latest infotainment systems? Voice commands and even HUD-like displays on windscreens promise the best of both worlds in the near-future. But, until then, industry, government and car dealerships need to do more; in assessing the risks posed by new technology and how it can be safely used in improving the driving experience.

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