ICE Ban: A Third Of Fleets Lack Confidence In 2030 Deadline

ICE Ban: A Third Of Fleets Lack Confidence In 2030 Deadline

New research has revealed that a third of British fleets lack confidence in the government’s plan to ban the sale of new ICE vehicles from 2030…

A Lack of Confidence in the ICE Ban 

A significant number of British fleets are falling behind in their switch to electric vehicles. This is, according to research conducted by LeasePlan UK, due to a lack of confidence in the government’s plan to ban the sale of new ICE vehicles from 2030. The research has revealed that some 82% of fleet managers are interested in electrifying their fleets. However, 33% of them have stated that they’re not preparing for the 2030 ban; simply because they don’t believe it’s feasible. The study included the views of 502 fleet decision-makers and, as a result, shed further light on industry-wide perceptions. In terms of obstacles, 49% of respondents felt that the switch to EVs is time intensive. In addition, 34% are concerned about a lack of charging points. Some 30% are also put off by the price of the vehicles themselves. 

Another significant issue could also be related to the lack of flexibility provided by ICE vehicle lease contracts. Some 21% of respondents said that it was their inability to switch that acted as their greatest barrier to electrification. In fact, 81% of fleet decision-makers believe greater flexibility in this respect would allow to greatly improve how they respond to industry changes; including electric vehicles, the ICE ban and Covid-related challenges. 

Flexibility ‘More Important Than Ever’ 

Chris Black, commercial director at LeasePlan UK, has stressed the importance of fleet flexibility in light of the coronavirus pandemic. He said, “introducing flexibility to fleets is now more important than ever; given the impact of the pandemic over the past nine months. Fleet managers need increased support as they face sustainability demands and start their journey to electrification. That’s why we’re offering a range of flexible product propositions, that enable customers with varying fleet sizes and vehicle types the opportunity to benefit from a more flexible approach to fleet management”.

To help fleets achieve greater flexibility, LeasePlan is now offering two new products – EV Switch and LeasePlan Confident. The former allows fleets to hire vehicles for an indefinite period (between three months and two years). The latter enables commercial vehicle fleets to take a lease for three years or more; with the included opportunity to switch out after 24 months with no early termination penalty if replacement EVs are ordered for lease.

Black added, “we understand that the pandemic has put an unprecedented strain on fleets of all sizes; and that more flexible leasing options, with the ability to make changes when necessary, would give fleet managers peace of mind. Our new offerings provide a safety net for our clients. Which will help to protect them from unexpected events while giving them the confidence they need to make bolder decisions for the future”. Whether more leasing providers will follow suite remains to be seen. 

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