How Do You Encourage Good Driving? Pies And Gift Cards, According To This Tech Company

How do your encourage motorists to drive safely and appropriately? It’s a challenging question which the government, the police and road safety charities have been attempting to answer for as long as there have been vehicles on the roads. A new tech company thinks it may finally have the answer.

Lightfoot was launched in 2o13 by Mark Roberts and offers driver behaviour technology described as the ‘fitbit for cars.’ It offers visual and audio cues to drivers, encouraging them to drive safely and responsibly. Crucially, it offers incentives to drivers who come out top in a league table including holidays, gift cards and even pies. For the fleet sector, the company claims that its customers have already reduced fuel costs by up to 20%, have reduced emissions by 20 – 30% and at-fault accidents by up to 60%. It’s also claimed that the device could save motorists more than £750 through cheaper insurance and breakdown cover.

Mr Roberts said “we want everyone to enjoy the amazing benefits that smoother driving can have on their wallets and our planet.” He added, “we believe that now is the right time to accelerate our expansion by bringing on board more people and increasing our engineering and sales capacity. We’re delighted to be embarking on this new stage with Martin and with the support and funding from BGF as our new minority partner.” The company will now also be offering the technology to regular motorists, offering the device at a price of £129, a fitting fee of £30 and a monthly subscription of £3.99.

Lightfoot is a good example of how telematics technology is being made more prevalent and accessible, for both fleets and regular motorists. It demonstrates that a combination of incentives, sound guidance and sensible monitoring can and often does work to improve a driver’s behaviour whilst behind the wheel. It’s somewhat ironic that, whilst hundreds of millions of pounds have been spend on state-sponsored driving schemes and increased penalties for negligence have had mixed-results, drivers are being effectively bribed into good behaviour by vouchers and pies.

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