Here’s How To Reduce Your Fleet’s Environmental Impact

Fleet Environmental Impact

All businesses have an obligation to reduce their emissions, and fleets shouldn’t be overlooked. Here’s how they can reduce their environmental impact…

Choose the Right Vehicles

The environmental impact of vehicles can vary massively. This means it’s crucial that, at the point of selecting new fleet vehicles, decision-makers factor in environmental impact. Things like powertrains, mpg ratings and even size should all be considered. Many fleets are now embracing, or preparing for, electrification. Even if your business isn’t ready for the move, it should have a timeline in place.

Eliminate Needless Journeys

Since the coronavirus pandemic, it’s become clear that many people can work effectively in a remote context. In addition, lots of meetings can be conducted digitally. This means that many journeys by cars or commercial vehicles can simply be eliminated. For fleets, this offers significant opportunities to save money on fuel and to reduce duty of care risks. In terms of environmental impact, it’s also a far-reaching way of reducing harmful emissions.

Monitor Your Drivers’ Behaviour 

How your drivers behave behind the wheel is going to have a big impact on your business. A lack of professionalism and safety can tarnish a brand’s reputation, assuming vehicles possess branding and livery. But aggressive driving can also increase a vehicle’s environmental impact. Using telematics to monitor behaviour, then, can help fleets inform their processes.

Offer Appropriate Training

Once problems have been identified in terms of driver behaviour, appropriate training should be offered. Whilst many fleets educate their drivers in terms of remaining safe and conserving fuel, few emphasise the environmental impact of various driving styles. If you’re adopting electric vehicles, drivers will also need to be familiarised with them, especially in terms of regenerative braking systems.

Encourage Alternative Options 

Sometimes, your drivers need to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’. However, it’s worth considering what’s the best way to do this. It may be that public transport is a better option on some occasions. It’s also worth considering whether employees can car share if they’re located near to one and other.

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