Grey Fleet: Pan-European Research Reveals Significant Risks

Grey Fleet: Pan-European Research Reveals Significant Risks

Research conducted throughout Europe has shed light on the dangers and risks associated with grey fleet vehicles…

Grey Fleet Risks 

New research, conducted by Enterprise Rent-A-Car, has shed light on the significant risks posed by grey fleet vehicles. It discovered that, across the likes of the UK, France and Germany, 62% of grey fleet drivers don’t regularly conduct general maintenance checks. Just shy of half of them (48%) have a warning light on their dashboards; and yet have no intention of investigating them. 

But there are operational, as well as safety, concerns. Some 32% of British drivers and 28% of drivers in France and Germany have been late for a meeting due to last-minute vehicle repairs. For perspective, the average age of a ‘grey’ fleet vehicle is 8.6 years in the UK, 9.8 in Germany and 10.6 in France. That means increased safey risks and higher emissions. The good news is that it also suggests British drivers are looking after, and replacing, their vehicles more effectively than their continental cousins. 

Overall, the research was based on the behaviour of 2,466 drivers. All of whom used their own, personal vehicles for business purposes. 

‘A Huge Concern’ 

Adrian Bewley, assistant vice president of business mobility for Europe at Enterprise, commented on the research’s findings. He said, “unmanaged business travel is a huge concern for businesses and the public sector across Europe; especially now that many employees work from home and often use their own cars for work because they see it as an easier option. The costs of mileage and kilometre reimbursement are rarely tracked. This can lead to businesses spending tens of thousands of pounds and Euros on potentially unsafe business travel”.

He added, “the risks over driver health and safety and CO2 emissions can be even more pronounced; as grey fleet cars tend to be older and more polluting and may lack the latest safety equipment. Again, many businesses have no way to track and control what vehicles their employees are driving for work”. 

Bewley suggested that a number of fleets are resorting to car clubs and daily rentals to alleviate risks and costs. He also emphasised the importance of fleets accurately determining how employees are travelling for business purposes. 

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