Government Warned Against Pavement Parking Ban

Government Warned Against Pavement Parking Ban

The Government has been warned against introducing a nation-wide pavement parking ban; which could leave thousands of homeowners without a space…

Considered In Parliament 

Issued by IAM Roadsmart, an automotive charity, the warning suggests thousands of homeowners could suffer under a blanket ban. The Parliament-based Transport Committee launched an inquiry into the matter last April, inviting feedback from relevant parties. Some of it has suggested that cars be banned entirely from parking on pavements. As it stands, such a thorough ban is only in effect in London.

Some Benefits?

The charity, in its submission to the Committee, acknowledged some benefits a ban could potentially confer. It stated, “where pedestrians are being put in danger or denied access by inconsiderate pavement parking, or if costly long-term damage is being done, then we have no problem with local solutions being implemented for local problems.” However, IAM’s Director of Policy and Research, Neil Grieg, is concerned about the availability of parking infrastructure. He noted that local authorities lack the funds and road capacity to offer alternative parking should a full ban be introduced.

Implementation Woes 

Grieg also questioned whether councils had the means to properly implement a total ban, should it be approved. As he explained, “new traffic orders, new signposting, new road markings and new enforcement administration will all be required at extra cost if a blanket ban is introduced”. This would have to be realised on top of new emission standards, 20 mph zones and pedestrianisation and cycling initiatives. The charity also raised concerns that a ban would cause competition and rivalries between residents; as they compete to find ever rarer parking opportunities.

Whilst parking on the pavement has been banned in London since 1974, it remains a legal grey area elsewhere. Generally speaking, motorists are unlikely to be fined unless they ignore signage or obstruct road-users and pedestrians. Many motorists are forced to park on the pavement because of a lack of parking infrastructure. Older properties and homes, sometimes on narrow streets, also lack driveways on which to park. The simple fact of the matter is that infrastructure hasn’t kept up with the amount of vehicles on Britain’s roads. Punishing drivers for the state’s lack of foresight, it could be argued, is not only unwise but also profoundly unfair.

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