Fuel Prices: Nearly Half Of All Drivers Forced To Cut Household Spending

Fuel Prices: Nearly Half Of All Drivers Forced To Cut Household Spending

New research has revealed that nearly half of the nation’s drivers are having to cut household spending due to record fuel prices…

Fuel Prices Take Their Toll 

New research, conducted by the RAC, has shed light on the impact caused by record-high fuel prices. More than four-in-ten motorists (46%) have said that they’re cutting household spending in order to cope. Another 33% have said that they’re driving less as a result of the rising prices.

A survey of 2,500 drivers found that 61% are worried by the record prices, precisely because they’re so dependent on their vehicles. Nearly half of them (48%) expressed concerns that they’ve come at the same time as rising gas and electricity bills. Some 44% of the respondents said they’ll carry on driving as they normally would – but 17% said they’ll have to find alternatives forms of travel. Disturbingly, 5% of the respondents said they’ll simply have to stop driving altogether if prices continued to rise.

The ‘Chilling Impact’ 

Simon Williams, the RAC’s fuel spokesman, has described the survey’s results as ‘chilling’. He said, “these figures throw a light on the chilling impact the current record high petrol and diesel prices are having on drivers every time they fill up. And there’s seemingly no end in sight – the price of unleaded is already up by more than 2p in November and this, combined with the fact domestic energy costs are also spiking, means households need to brace themselves for what could turn out to be a particularly expensive winter”.

He added, “if the high prices are encouraging drivers to swap the car for walking or cycling on short trips that’s no bad thing, but the simple fact remains that the car is a lifeline for many people and remains the only feasible way for them to complete so many of the journeys they need to make”.

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