Fleet Drivers Fined Over £15 Million In 2018

Fleet Driver Fines Reach Over £15 Million

The number of fleet drivers being issued fines for parking and driving misdemeanours is on the rise. According to Lex Autolease, they rose 22.7% year-on-year.  

The Numbers

The business car leasing company analysed data from over 377,000 fleet vehicles. It found that £15.3 million had been raised via the issuing of fines and penalties last year. This represents growth of nearly a sixth when compared to figures recorded in 2017. Data also revealed that the number of drivers caught out by bus lanes had increased by 36.2%. In addition, the number of fleet drivers caught out in box junctions and red routes rose by 5.7%. In terms of parking offences, the overall figure rose by 25.1% in 2018. Interestingly, private car parks accounted for over three quarters (77.4%) of all monies raised; this stood at £5.9 million. Public car parks raised £1.7 million.

Costing Fleets

The Operations Director at Lex Autolease, Guy Mason, believes minor offences are costing fleets significant amounts of money. He said, “it’s clear from our analysis that ‘minor’ offences, such as the mistakes made by drivers when parking, can cost businesses heavily. The increase in motoring fines over the past 12 months could be down to a range of different factors, including increased regulation on the roads, changing driver behaviour and the more rigorous enforcement of penalties by local government.” He concluded, “with this in mind, we’re encouraging customers to take proactive steps where they can to help bring down the bill, such as investing in driver education and training to help minimise avoidable costs like parking fines and bus lane infringements.”

Drivers Or Greed?

Whilst the results demonstrate the realities of the costs incurred by fleets, it remains to be seen whether it’s due to driver negligence or tougher standards. It’s difficult to believe that fleet drivers are simply becoming less alert or aware of the risks of fines and penalties. Instead, it might be argued that local authorities have positively identified the sheer extent of money that can be raised for ‘minor’ driving offences which, at a time of austerity, present a real lifeline in funding. Drivers should be made aware of these tougher standards, especially whilst driving in build-up areas like inner-cities.

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