Five Ways Your Fleet Can Reduce Its Fuel Costs

Five Ways Your Fleet Can Reduce Fuel Costs

Fuel costs for fleets can be exponential, regardless of the number of vehicles it uses. After vehicle depreciation, fuel costs will typically be their second largest source of expenditure; so reducing costs is crucial. Here’s five ways your fleet can reduce its fuel costs…

1) Encourage Fuel Efficient Driving

It goes without saying, but the way your driver’s behave whilst behind the wheel can make a massive difference to fuel costs. Harsh acceleration, late braking and speeding can all rapidly burn through fuel regardless of how economical their vehicle’s engine is. Make sure that you actively encourage fuel-efficient driving and clarify precisely what it consists of. Bad driving costs your fleet and your business money needlessly.

2) Promote Key Refuelling Locations

Refuelling shouldn’t be ad hoc. Even a few pence less can make a massive difference in the long-term. You should direct your drivers to the most competitive petrol stations. You should even consider including preferred suppliers in your company vehicle policy. Whilst there are times when a driver simply needs to acquire fuel as soon as possible, proper planning can ensure access to the most competitive forecourts.

3) Use Telematics Systems

You can’t aim for a good overall fuel economy (and therefore fuel costs) if you’re unable to accurately monitor fuel consumption. This is why telematics technologies are so important for fleets. Procure and utilise telematics to monitor your fuel costs in real-time and accumulate as much data as you possibly can. It’s impossible to reach peak efficiency straight away, you need to work towards continuous improvement.

4) Keep Your Vehicles Maintained 

It goes without saying, but well-maintained vehicles perform better than neglected ones; this also applies to fuel economy. All sorts of faults with a vehicle’s engine, whether small or large, can affect overall MPG. Whilst the costs associated with maintenance can be somewhat off-putting, it’s fundamentally a question of spending a little to save a lot in the long-term.

5) Plan Routes For Your Drivers

No one likes to be micro-managed, but there is space for a fleet to plan routes for their drivers. This doesn’t necessarily have to be rigid. But simply relying on a sat nav or main roads is often a sure way of idling in traffic and missing out on shorter alternatives. If your drivers are utilising regular routes as a part of a routine, you should be looking to optimise their journeys to ensure they’re as quick and short as possible. This will save money and render the fleet more productive in general.

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