Five Ways To Keep Your Fleet Drivers Motivated

Five Ways To Keep Your Fleet Drivers Motivated

Keeping fleet drivers motivated can be a challenge. The demands and ever-changing dynamics of the industry can create a tough and uncompromising work environment. Here’s five ways to keep your fleet drivers motivated…

1) Communicate Effectively

Keeping your drivers informed is arguably the single most effective way of demonstrating respect for them. Unlike other members of a staff, they’re out and about and can miss out on the internals within a business. Make sure they’re up-to-date with any developments and explain any changes clearly and in good time. No one likes a shock announcement and ad hoc decision-making is a sure way to alienate your drivers.

2) Include Them In The Conversation

Another way to improve the motivation of your fleet drivers is by asking them for feedback. They’re at the heart of your fleet and have a huge amount of insights to offer. Ask them about proposed changes, their challenges and what they enjoy. Regular and scheduled meetings are a great way to go about this. Make sure that they know how to raise and concerns and encourage them to do so.

3) Create Opportunities

Your drivers, like any other member of staff, will most likely want some kind of career progression. If there isn’t any, they will look elsewhere. It could be an increase in pay, greater responsibilities whilst behind the wheel or even the possibility of entering another part of the business. Upwards mobility is often found in a variety of business departments, whether it’s administration, marketing, sales etc. It’s time for drivers to join them in sharing progression.

4) Offer Incentives

Whilst all of your drivers should be carefully selected for performance and reliability, it’s a simple fact that incentives have a role to play. Whether it’s extra time off, bonuses or something as simple as a voucher, you should demonstrate that good driving is recognised and rewarded. In addition, a simple ‘well done’ from a senior member of staff can go a long way. Give a little, get a lot back.

5) Continuous Improvement 

At some stage or another, you’re going to have fleet drivers who simply don’t perform. When this happens, you have a choice. Do you punish them or attempt to better them? A good fleet manager always opts for the latter. If there’s a problem, it should be identified and addressed. Look for signs of subtle improvements and work on them on an ongoing basis; regular one-to-ones are worthwhile for struggling drivers. It’s all about differentiating between negligence and genuine problems that your drivers need help with.

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