Five Ways To Keep On Top Of Your Commercial Fleet’s Maintenance

As a fleet decision-maker, you no doubt have a whole host of considerations to contend with on a day-to-day basis. One of them is undoubtedly the maintenance of your fleet vehicles themselves. Not only is it a major source of expense, it can also make the difference between a smooth operation or a standstill. Here are a number of ways to keep on top of your commercial fleet’s maintenance…

Delegate Appropriately: Make sure that you’ve got the right man, woman or team on the case. Fleet maintenance is such a broad and time-consuming aspect of fleet management, it requires full-time engagement and planning. Someone needs the specific duty of punctually scheduling in each vehicle for maintenance when it’s due. They should also try to encourage in-house checks. By delegating the responsibility, you’re effectively making your staff aware of the challenges and necessities of regular and thorough maintenance. This will reduce downtime, save costs and improve safety for your drivers and the public.

Emphasise Preventative Measures: Vehicles breaking down, wear and tear and other maintenance-related issues are inevitable; a fact of fleet management. This is not to say, however, that much can be prevented or delayed. When applied correctly preventative measures can, like delegation, save a fortune in the long-term and significantly reduce the periods your vehicles are off of the roads. Make sure your drivers are regularly inspecting things like tyre pressure, look for signs of poor wheel alignment and consistently check and replace oil levels. Consistent and punctual servicing will also make a major difference. It’s about doing what you can internally, and doing what you need to do externally on time and consistently.

Involve Your Drivers: If anyone knows your fleet’s vehicles, it’s your drivers. You should include them in the maintenance process. Encourage them to report issues, no matter how small, on a regular basis; this will allow you to deal with a problem before it develops; it’ll also be good for your team’s morale. Ask them for feedback when creating a checklist of maintenance issues and request that they provide feedback for the efficiency and effectiveness of any maintenance work that’s carried out.

Use The Latest Tech: There’s a variety of software now available that allows you to track maintenance-related issues and individual issues that may arise in each of your vehicles. More accurate than even the most experienced mechanic or technician, more and more fleets are using software and telematics to keep them informed and up to date. If nothing else, software is an excellent way of notifying the relevant parties when maintenance checks are overdue.

Use A Checklist: Maintenance isn’t just a word, it’s a process via which to keep on top of the vital systems of your fleet vehicles. A checklist will enable you to prioritise what’s most important to your vehicle’s performance, uses and safety. A list may look something like this…

Brake Wear


Horn and Safety Feautres


Fluid Levels

Rims, Wheels and Tyres



Engine and Exhaust

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