Five Things That Make A Good Company Car

Fleets Of The Future Will Use A Mix Of Company Cars And Mobility Solutions

Company cars are big business. In 2017 the amount of motorists in company cars reached a five year high, with 960,000 paying Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax. But what makes a good company car? There are a host of factors and many of them depend on the needs of the driver and the business. However, all of them share the following in common…


Company Car Comfort

Company car drivers tend to clock up a lot more mileage than their conventional peers. It’s therefore important that their cars offer ample comfort. Quality upholstery, plenty of room to move about in and quality of life features like effective air conditioning and heating is a must. It’s also important to go for a model that has responsive handling and a quiet drive; the last thing you want is such an important feature of your job to become tedious or stressful.


Company Car Space

If you’re driving for business, the chances are you’re going to be taking things with you. Whether it’s personal belongings for an overnight stay at a hotel, tools or stationary, you’re going to need somewhere to keep it all safe and secure. That’s why it’s key to choose a car with ample boot space by the litre and a spacious interior. Always think about where you’re going to be storing things. In addition, consider how likely it is that you’ll be transporting colleagues, family or friends. Is there sufficient room for them?

Competitive BiK

Company Car Competitive BiK

The government’s ill-conceived and poorly communicated plans for BiK are a thorn in the side of anyone interested in offering or getting a company car. It’s important to work out what you’ll be paying for a given car and whether it’s economical for you to receive one. Think about the powertrain you want and how much carbon dioxide models are emitting. These are the two aspects of BiK tax that you can control.


Company Car Style

The car you drive says a lot about you and, commercially, the business you work for. Barring exceptions to the general rule, you’ll want a car that suggests sophistication, reliability and maturity. Think about getting a car that you’re happy to turn up to meetings in and not just something you’ll want to drive over the weekend.

Miles Per Gallon (MPG)

Company Car Miles Per Gallon (MPG)

Depending on how your company handles mileage costs, this is an important detail for you and your employer. There’s no point in investing in something that guzzles through litre after litre of petrol or diesel. Go for something economical, especially if you’re regularly travelling long distances. It’s in your interests, after all, when you use the vehicle in your free time.

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