EVs And Hybrids ‘Increasingly Suitable’ For Commuting

Fleet Evolution believes that electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids are becoming ‘increasingly suitable’ for commuters. The claim is based on research conducted on its own customer database, which has revealed that the average commute is only 7.2 miles.

EV and hybrid technology is improving rapidly as their respective market-shares are expected to explode over coming decades. However, a lack of charging infrastructure and limited range has prevented them from becoming widespread amongst fleets. However, Fleet Evolution’s managing director, Andrew Leech, believes this could be about to change. Mr Leech said “our latest research shows that almost all employees could slash their fuel costs, tax bills and CO2 emissions by opting for a plug-in hybrid or pure electric car when they replace their current car. Most plug-in hybrids will easily cover 20 miles on pure electric power and, with their extended ranges, this type of vehicle is now ideal for the daily commute to work.”

Mr Leech also drew on his own experiences in order to illustrate the feasibility of using an EV or hybrid in the context of a fleet, he said “for example, in my own plug-in hybrid, I travel more than 20 electric miles each way at no charge. When I need to, I recharge it in the company car park. That compares to the £8 a day I used to spend using a conventional engined vehicle. One of the barriers to increasing uptake is the issue of recharging while the vehicle is at the workplace, and we thought an obvious answer was to encourage the wider installation of workplace charge points, making the move to ULEV’s a no-brainer.” He concluded “and for drivers who need a vehicle with a longer range at weekends or for holidays, our ‘electric flex’ plan allows them  to swap their EV for a large traditional MPV with minimal notice should they need a longer range option.”

What this means is that alternative, environmentally-friendly powertrains are becoming increasingly practical for drivers in both private and business-related contexts. Already local authorities in cities are implementing legislation designed to discourage the use of diesel and petrol cars, whilst simultaneously encouraging the use of EVs and hybrids via new charging infrastructure and other perks for their drivers. Perhaps, then, this is the starting point for the transition from the combustion engine to alternative powertrains. Company cars, especially when used in inner-cities and for short commutes, will offer the first insights into these new models and precisely what they can offer consumers.

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