Easing Lockdown Restrictions See Insurance Claims Rise By 30%

Easing Lockdown Restrictions See Insurance Claims Rise By 30%

Easing lockdown restrictions have seen more drivers take to the roads. As a consequence, insurance claims are once again on the rise…

Insurance Claims Rise Following Lockdown Easing 

The easing of lockdown restrictions has seen a surge in the number of car insurance claims being made. LV, an insurance company, claims that the number of cases its been receiving rose by 30% in May when compared to start of 2021; when lockdown restrictions were reintroduced. Back in April NFU Mutual, another insurer, predicted that some 12 million drivers would be taking back to the road network; seeing insurance claims rise by 18%. 

LV itself has claimed that the number of vehicles on the roads has ‘risen exponentially’. In particular, it’s noted that there’s been a significant rise in the number of accidents taking place in car parks and on motorways. In fact, the number of car parking accidents is nearly double what it was back in January; and higher in every month of 2019, barring August. 

Out of Practice 

Martin Milliner, claims director at LV, commented on the rising number of car insurance claims. He said, “in the last few weeks, we’ve seen horrendous weather, more cars on the road and people getting used to driving again; and those three factors have clearly led to more accidents”.

He’s suggested that a lack of driving experience over the last year has been a factor in the rising cases. He explained, “some people are getting back behind the wheel consistently for the first time in a while. So it’s really important drivers take their time getting used to the busier roads; and don’t rush when parking or doing complex manoeuvres”. He added, “it’s also worth giving your car the once over if it’s been sat on the street or drive for a period of time. Just to make sure everything’s working as it should do”. 

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