Driver Back Pain Is Costing The Economy £8.8 Billion A Year

Driver Back Pain Is Costing The Economy £8.8 Billion A Year

According to Volvo, back pain is causing a third of British drivers to take a day off each year; causing a loss of £8.8 billion a year to the economy…

The Cost Of Poor Posture

Volvo has conducted research into the consequences of back pain amongst drivers. It revealed that 12% of British drivers have taken up to two days off due to poor car seats. A further 13% had had to ask for up to four days off from work. More seriously, one in twenty (5%) have had to take a full working week off. Another 5% had asked for seven or more days off in order to recover. If this is a reflection of the driving population in general, Volvo claims it’d be costing the economy nearly £9 billion a year in lost productivity. In addition, a third of drivers who experience back pain use NHS-related services. Collectively, these cost £191.94 million to administer.

Kristian Elvefors, Volvo Car UK’s managing director, stressed that back pain is a bigger problem than many of us may realise. He said,  “back pain from poor quality car seats is a bigger problem than many think. He added, “not only is it costing the UK economy billions in lost productivity as employees take sick leave, but poor quality car seats are also placing an unnecessary burden on the NHS, costing hospitals and GP surgeries hundreds of millions a year.

Gender Discrepancies 

Curiously enough, men are more likely to suffer from driving-related back pain than women. 15% of them claim that their cars seats cause them discomfort and half of them admitted to taking a day off because of it; that’s compared to just 25% of women. Men are also more likely to visit a doctor, with 40% of them doing so compared to just one in five women. That said, men drive significantly more than women. With the average male driver clocking up 60 miles compared to the 30 miles of female motorists.

Better Seating 

As far as Volvo is concerned, the problem lies with the quality of seating in cars. The company is taking a broad approach to improving the quality of its own. Tommy Apell, senior attribute leader for seat comfort at Volvo Cars, spoke of the improvements being made. He said,  “at Volvo, we specifically opt to use softer foam compounds for our seats to ensure the fit is comfortable across all body shapes and sizes. We also specially tune our seat springs for improved comfort, with the ergonomics team working alongside designers to ensure things like seat stitching don’t create pressure points for drivers and passengers”. 

The Swedish automakers emphasis makes business sense. 63% of drivers consider seating quality to be a ‘key priority.’ Nearly one in five of us has swapped a model for something more comfortable. More than one in ten of us has also had a passenger refuse to use our vehicles because of low-quality seating. When asked about desired improvements, most of us called for better lumbar support. Others wanted better ways to adapt seating to our own frames. 

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