Directors Don’t Understand Their Grey Fleet Responsibilities

Directors Don't Understand Their Grey Fleet Responsibilities

A new survey has revealed a disturbing lack of awareness around grey fleet responsibilities amongst executive directors; exposing ignorance around risks and how to effectively deal with them…

‘Worrying’ Lack Of Awareness  

Grey fleet encompasses a vast and large area of mobility for most businesses. Despite this, a recent survey has revealed a worrying lack of awareness among directors concerning their responsibilities. Conducted by Driving for Better Business, over 250 executive directors were quizzed on their grey fleet obligations. A staggering 60% said they didn’t know whether their business had a grey fleet or, if they did, how big it might be. Perhaps even more alarmingly, 53% of the surveyed directors believed that their company had no responsibility for employee-owned vehicles. This is despite the fact that drivers of ‘grey’ vehicles come with all of the legal and moral obligations of company car drivers. Recent estimates put the vehicles at around 14 million; that represents an enormous amount of legal obligations not being met.

It’s not all negative news though. The survey also revealed that 85% of directors had reviewed their Driving for Work policies; most had, in fact, done so over the last 12 months. Unusually, the age of directors seems to determine how likely they are to check their policies. Nine out of ten directors aged under 55 had checked their policies. However, this fell to six out of ten for directors aged over 55. But the survey also included answers from grey fleet drivers themselves. It was discovered that a staggering 33% of them didn’t have insurance cover for business driving; meaning millions of drivers are effectively driving without insurance.

Duty of Care Towards Grey Fleet Drivers

The management of ‘grey’ vehicles is exceptionally important in demonstrating duty of care. This is a business’ obligation towards its employees and the general public. Employers are expected to ensure that their employees are fit and legal to drive and that associated risks are mitigated or eliminated entirely. From a practical perspective, this means checking driving licenses for legality and penalty points. It also means drug spot tests, ensuring drivers are fully insured and even checking their vehicles are well-maintained and regularly serviced. All of these checks need to be made regardless of whether the vehicle is owned by the business or not; if it’s used for work, it’s your responsibility.

As you might expect, duty of care is a minefield and can be exceptionally time-consuming. But ignoring it can also entail fines and legal repercussions large enough to fell an entire business; it needs to be addressed. Fortunately, Autoserve is able to offer a comprehensive duty of care service, ensuring all of your obligations are met via one effective and affordable package.

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