‘Demystifying’ Electric Cars Could Drive Up Demand

'Demystifying' Electric Cars Could Drive Up Demand

Both uncertainty and confusion surrounding electric cars are causing drivers to delay making the transition to zero-emission motoring, according to new research…

Demystifying Electric Cars

Why aren’t more drivers and businesses adopting EVs? According to new research by Regit, a car marketplace, education might have something to do with it. A survey of 1,000 drivers revealed that nearly eight out of ten (77%) of respondents felt that manufacturers and dealers should do more in educating their customers. The research also revealed widespread concerns over the likes of pricing, charging infrastructure, performance and reliability. Price is the largest barrier to EV adoption, being cited by 33% of drivers. This was followed by range (13%) and charging infrastructure (10%). Some 82% of drivers believe the government should be doing more to popularise zero-emission motoring. In fact, 51% are totally unaware of any existing government incentives or programmes. 

Despite the survey’s results, a significant amount of drivers are planning on getting an EV. Just shy of half of them (48%) are considering making their next car one. Factors behind their decision included running costs (23%), reducing environmental impact (17%), grants (4%) and savings on excise duty (3%). For business and company car drivers, these figures will almost certainly be higher; largely thanks to new 0% Benefit in Kind rates; not to mention savings on running costs and the decline f of diesel. 

Surging Interest 

Chris Green, founder and CRO of Regit, believes that access to information is vital in encouraging people to go zero-emission when it comes to their cars. He said, “during the lockdown, we have seen a huge spike in motorists researching electric cars on our site; and we know they are desperate for help, advice and support to make the right choice. This lack of knowledge and uncertainty is undoubtedly a contributing factor to the low market-share for battery electric vehicles, which reached just 1.6% in 2019, while hybrid electric vehicles enjoyed a 4.2% share. At the other end of the spectrum, petrol had a market share of 64.8%, while diesel’s share was 25.2%”.

He continued, “there remains the perception that electric vehicles are expensive to purchase, compared to conventional vehicles and that choice is still very limited. Manufacturers and advertisers need to build consumer confidence and educate them about what electric vehicles are available and how they will benefit from switching from combustion, to electric or hybrid vehicles. Those manufacturers who take a lead on educating motorists will be the winners in the electric vehicle race.”

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