Fleet Operators: The Challenges Of EV Adoption

The Challenges Of EV Adoption

Fleets need more than environmental concern in order to pursue EV adoption in earnest. There are all sorts of challenges to overcome. Here are some of the most immediate obstacles…

Home Chargers

Home chargers will be essential for most EV drivers. Whilst employers can stipulate their installation in homes, problems can emerge if the employee changes residence; grants are only available once. Potentially leading to significant and unexpected costs.

Reallocation Woes

Should an employee decide to leave the company, it can be a challenge to find someone else who’s willing to take the vehicle on. There aren’t currently many people able or willing to become early adopters of EVs.

Lead Times

EV adoption is often hampered by significant lead times. Some fleets have faced lead times between six to twelve months; which is prohibitive for many.

Equal Opportunities

Whilst some drivers will have access charging locations and shorter commutes, others won’t. This means the needs of each driver need to be carefully assessed to determine viability. In addition, it’s necessary for fleets to offer drivers a means of access to ensure equal opportunities regarding EV adoption.

Stubborn Mindsets

Many drivers are still unconvinced or even nervous about electric vehicles. Handling, performance and range-anxiety are all hindering EV adoption. The best way around this is to provide employees with first hand experiences. However, this can be a logistical challenge.

Payload Restrictions

For vans, EVs are still lagging behind the capabilities of diesels. There aren’t currently any options for HGV operators, either. As a result, fleets are still dependent on Euro6 Diesel models.

EV Maintenance Confusion

There’s still widespread confusion and ignorance concerning the maintenance of electric vehicles. This is causing anxiety amongst fleets and drivers. Fears concern repair costs, finding suitable specialist garages and the implications of an insurance write-off.

Brand Perception

Rightly or wrongly, fleet operators are concerned about how the practicalities of EV adoption might affect their brands. They’re concerned about causing obstructions whilst charging at the roadside. This is especially problematic at this stage where the sight of electric vehicles is still a relatively rare occurrence.

Of course, these are just some of the roadblocks companies face in embracing EVs; there are no doubt many more. But the benefits are becoming easier to discern with the passage of time and the development of technology. Whether early adopters will see significant benefits over their competition, however, remains to be seen.

A Third Of Councils Are ‘Failing’ To Install EV Charging Points: https://www.autoservefleet.co.uk/latest-news/councils-failing-charging-points/ 

Tesla Is Now Selling A Model 3 For The Equivalent Of £26,400: http://autoserve.co.uk/motoring-news/tesla-is-now-selling-a-model-3-for-the-equivalent-of-26400/

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