Businesses Axing Fleet Managers Are Leaving Themselves Exposed

Businesses Axing Fleet Managers Are Leaving Themselves Exposed

Businesses that are laying off their fleet managers are leaving themselves vulnerable at a ‘critical’ time. That’s according to FleetLocum, a fleet management company.

Businesses Are Exposing Themselves 

The fleet industry is facing an unprecedented amount of changes. Whether they concern Brexit, duty of care or the rise of telematics, there’s an exceptional amount to tackle and consider. Why, then, a number of businesses are laying off their fleet managers is a mystery. Tony Donnelly, chief executive of Goodwood Corporate Mobility, parent company of FleetLocum, believes lay offs are a big mistake. He said, “while employers have been very quick to axe the job of fleet manager and outsource management, they may consider that in a time of unprecedented industry change that in-house knowledge and experience is critical.” “The myriad of legislation and how it impacts on fleet strategy and policies should be top of corporate agendas”, he continued.

Duty Of Care

He cites the fact that many businesses are struggling to implement a vehicle policy and procedure because of a lack of experience and knowledge. Duty of care in particular has become a source of anxiety. Donnelly said, “the current lack of clarity around benefit-in-kind tax and WLTP means that some employees are giving up their company car and switching to a cash alternative, which then triggers a raft of duty of care compliance issues for employers that must be taken seriously.” The size of the nation’s grey fleet already stands at some 13 million vehicles and is growing still. This poses all sorts of challenges for employers in providing safety to their employees and ensuring they remain effective.

Brexit Uncertainty 

In addition to duty of care, the looming prospect of a ‘no deal’ Brexit also presents businesses and fleets with fresh challenges. “Additionally, as we await the final Brexit agreement, there is the reality that a ‘no-deal’ will mean additional documentation is required for employees driving in Europe and hiring vehicles on the continent.” Donnelly believes that all of this means that businesses need to invest in fleet management. He said, “Amid all that change it is, I believe, vital that an experienced fleet decision-maker is driving organisations’ vehicle operations.”

Investment, Not Layoffs 

With the current state of the fleet industry being particularly chaotic, it’s arguably the worst possible time for businesses to lay off their fleet managers. Instead, they should be taking fleet and vehicle considerations seriously and investing money in the long-term. The consequences of not doing so are worse than the level funds that need to be invested. 

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