BMW and Daimler Invest £1bn On Joint Mobility Solutions

BMW and Daimler Invest £1bn On Joint Mobility Solutions

What does it take to bring two rival auto-giants together? In BMW’s and Daimler’s case, it’s a shared mobility solutions project called ‘Share Now’. 

Getting Together 

German automakers BMW and Daimler are jointly investing the equivalent of £1 billion in a joint global mobility solutions scheme. It represents an attempt to undermine and challenge the likes of Uber, Lyft and Google that already have a significant lead over car manufacturers. Both will, however, remain rivals in the manufacturing space. The move is based on the logic of “stronger together than separately” in the mobility solutions sector. As it stands, the companies collectively have 60 million mobility customers. Share Now is just one of five services involved in the joint venture, along with ReachNow, ParkNow, FreeNow and ChargeNow.

Fleet Live

Delegates to this year’s Fleet Live event will be able to learn more about the joint venture and the involved mobility solutions. Tony Douglas, BMW Group Mobility Services head of brand marketing and communications, will explain the rationale between the collaboration. He’ll also offer insights into the sorts of solutions being made available to consumers, including those in the UK. Douglas said, “I’ll be giving an overview of the industry dynamics on mobility as a service (MaaS) and will explain why we’re so interested in this. We’ll look at the journey we’ve been on, where we’re heading to and why we’re now working with Daimler on this joint mobility venture.”

Mobility solutions are regarded by many analysts as the future of mobility; especially as younger consumers turn away from car-ownership and governments face stringent emissions targets. Despite enormous investments and new technologies, they remain relatively niche in most markets. Even the likes of Uber and Lyft have struggled to reach anything akin to profitability. That said, legacy automakers are clearly of the opinion that mobility solutions are inevitable and that there’s money to be made. In order to play catch up, they’re opting to work with rivals in order to challenge more established competitors.

Regardless of collaboration, BMW and Daimler have an uphill struggle ahead of them. Surveys and research have revealed that many drivers have a bias towards their own company vehicles and grey fleet options. Until they perceive real convenience and affordability, things are unlikely to change by a wide margin.

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