Almost Half of Motor Penalties are Overturned

It has been reported that almost half of penalties used to fine motorists for parking offences and driving in bus lanes were overturned on appeal. From recent figures, it is shown that four in ten appeals over parking in bus lanes were successful, and eighty-four councils accepted more than half of the appeals that they had received.

The RAC stated that these figures show that many motorists may be wrongly fined and the council should do something to prevent this from constantly happening. It is thought that many motorists who had been wrongly fined would have payed due to the mistakes of the council.

Places such as Basingstoke and Deane overturned 90 percent of their appeals, and Aberdeenshire, 70 percent, making that the highest proportion in Scotland.

An RAC spokesman added to the matter, saying that a high number of drivers have been right in their appeal, and that the council should ‘learn from this’. However, Martin Tett, a spokesman for the Local government said that people who want to challenge their parking fines have access to an ‘effective’ appeals process.

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