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Audi A4 1.4 TFSi Saloon


Those who know their TFSi’s from their TDi’s will be instantly wondering why a petrol engine vehicle is being reviewed on a website predominantly devoted to the Fleet market.  Welcome to the Future……..


How so?  In the wake of “Wolfsgate” or whatever you want to call it, the Government and consumers might just (finally) be waking up to what Engineers have been aware of all along.  Namely, that while Diesel engine cars may be good for saving the planet with CO2 friendly emissions, they may just be killing its inhabitants in the process, with greater NOx outputs.

We will see in due course if legislation (and taxation!) will ease us away from disease-ills, but here is a look at a modern petrol engine vehicle.  Food for thought….

Audis new platform is over 100kg lighter than the outgoing model even though it is larger, while the drag coefficient is also improved.  This helps mitigate the power unit reduction in size from the old 1.8 petrol to 1.4 litres now.  It is a pleasantly swift and frugal car to drive, with a combined economy of 53 MPG.  Ride and handling has taken a distinct step towards the comfort end of the scale compared to the old car.  A good thing given how uncompromisingly hard the ride has been on many recent Audis.  Transmissions are manual only on the entry models for the time being, and drivers bought up on the low revs growling slug of torque in diesels, may have to find themselves using more of the upper end of the rev counter than they have been used to.  You know what? This is a very pleasurable experience!  Heaven forbid, some may even start to enjoy their driving again.  Those of us old enough to remember diesel engines only coming in trucks will not be surprised to hear this.

The cabin is spacious, that larger exterior paying dividends here and beautifully finished as we have come to expect from Audi.  It is well specified and reasonably priced.

So, is it time to ditch that “Dirty Derv”?  On the basis of this car, that day may be closer than you think.  Putting my money where my mouth is, I ordered a new car last weekend – With a Petrol engine………




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