5 Ways Fleets Can Improve Driver Retention Rates

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Drivers are in short supply, with many vacancies going unfilled. In addition, many are leaving their positions between six to twelve months. Here’s five ways fleets can improve their driver retention rates…

Approachable Leadership 

Despite drivers being in high demand, many fleets and businesses still treat them differently to other members of staff. Why? Well, they may rarely be in the office and don’t have as many opportunities to integrate themselves into the wider business. Management should always make themselves available to the company’s drivers and proactively engage with them; seeking updates and feedback. Make it easy for drivers to voice concerns and to make suggestions.

Employment Benefits 

Offering a fair wage is no longer enough to stand out in the industry; most of your competitors are offering agreeable salaries. You’ll need to be more creative. Certainly, if you can offer competitive pay packages you should do so. But you’ll also need to consider annual leave, working hours and even the quality of your fleet’s vehicles. If your drivers are well-paid, have comfortable and modern vehicles to drive and a host of other tantalising goodies to look forward to, why wouldn’t they stick around?

Invest In Your Drivers

Fleets are their drivers and drivers are the fleet. Many drivers complain of lacking the opportunities of their peers elsewhere in the business; so you need to provide them with a means of progression. Provide them with regular opportunities for formal training and personal improvement. If a driver expresses an interest in another role within the business, give them serious consideration and demonstrate your flexibility as an employer.

Thorough Communication

Effective communication with your drivers is absolutely vital; the fleet should practically run off of the back of it. Regular team meetings, as well as one-to-ones, means your drivers will also be kept in the loop. This means any changes to company policy, targets or general updates. More importantly, it’ll present them with frequent and formal channels through which to raise anything that might be affecting them. Don’t leave your drivers with any excuse for feeling neglected or out of the loop.

Reward Performance 

Effective leadership involves rewarding loyalty and performance and encouraging those who haven’t quite reached them. Drivers who demonstrate safe and economical driving, stay with you and meet their targets should be demonstrably rewarded; even if it’s only with a day’s extra holiday or a gift voucher. Incentivise success. As for drivers who aren’t performing, try to work with them to create a plan to turn things around. Listen to their perspective and try to reach a workable compromise. A lagging driver could, with a bit of encouragement, become a very good one in time.

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