Hyundai Anticipates Sales Growth For Hydrogen Cars

If you haven’t heard much about hydrogen cars lately, that’s because there aren’t many of them around. But that’s something

Jaguar Land Rover Boss Says Brexit Stockpiling ‘Not An Option’

The CEO of Jaguar Land Rover has shot down suggestions that automakers can stockpile in preparation for a no-deal Brexit.

Fleets Are Happy To Use Toll Roads In Order To Beat Congestion

Over half of the nation’s fleets are happy for their drivers to use toll roads and then reclaim costs; providing

Could Vauxhall Really ‘Benefit’ From A Hard Brexit?

For most automakers, the prospect of a hard Brexit is a persistent spectre; something that could destroy their profitability. But

60% Of Employees “Ready To Quit” If They Lose Company Cars

A staggering six out of ten company car drivers would give up their jobs if they lost the employee benefit.

London’s Getting A Blanket 20 Mph Speed Limit

Transport for London has announced that the city will be getting a 20 mph speed limit. Being applied to the

Will Mobility As A Service Put An End To Company Cars?

According to some industry analysts, we’re on the verge of a ‘mobility revolution’. At the heart of this is the

Autonomous Cars Will Face A ‘Digital MOT’, According To Government Plans

Autonomous cars are still nowhere near reaching consumers, but that isn’t stopping the government from preparing for them. New Department

Smart Motorways: Over Half Of Us Avoid Open Hard Shoulders

New research has revealed widespread ignorance of smart motorways and how they’re used. Over half of drivers don’t use hard

Eurotunnel Has Made A ‘Brexit Promise’ To Drivers

Eurotunnel has issued reassurances to drivers that travel via the service won’t be disrupted by Brexit; at least in the

What Happens When Electric Vehicles Breakdown?

Electric vehicles are slowly but surely entering the mainstream. But whilst they pose fresh considerations for drivers, they also demand

A Complete Phone Ban Is ‘Enforceable’, According To License Bureau

The License Bureau believes that a complete phone ban is both overdue and enforceable; largely thanks to modern policing technologies.  

Tesla’s Eyes Are On Germany For European Gigafactory

Tesla has been scouting locations for a European Gigafactory for some time. But recent reports suggest the company has its

MPs Want You To Ditch Your Car In Order To Meet Climate Change Targets

If you thought you could save the planet by driving a hybrid or EV, think again. MPs are convinced you

Company Cars Are The ‘Cleanest’ On The Road According To New Figures

Company cars remain the least-polluting on the roads, according to new figures. The news comes in spite of the fact

Company Cars: Fleets Of The Future Will Use A Mix Of Mobility Solutions

In the future, business transport will consist of a mix between company cars and various mobility solutions. That’s according new

5 Ways Fleets Can Improve Driver Retention Rates

Drivers are in short supply, with many vacancies going unfilled. In addition, many are leaving their positions between six to

Directors Don’t Understand Their Grey Fleet Responsibilities

A new survey has revealed a disturbing lack of awareness around grey fleet responsibilities amongst executive directors; exposing ignorance around

Investment In Britain’s Car Industry Is ‘Pitiful’

Investment in Britain’s car industry has been described as ‘pitiful.’ Just £90 million has been invested this year, down from

Jaguar Has Asked The Oxford Dictionary To Redefine ‘Car’

Jaguar doesn’t agree with the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of ‘car’. So it’s decided to submit a formal application to

MPs Are Calling For A Hands-Free Phone Ban

Drivers in England and Wales could be subjected to a hands-free phone ban, according to a group of MPs. They

Charge Points To Receive £2.5 Million Boost From The Government

The Government will be allocating £2.5 million to fund over 1,000 new electric vehicle charge points. It’s hoped that the

Highways England Is Experimenting With Rubber Motorways

Highways England is experimenting with a new asphalt compound containing rubber. Sourced from disused tyres, it’s already covering a stretch

Older Drivers Are More Likely To Be Distracted By In-Car Tech

In-car technology is becoming increasingly common and evermore sophisticated. Whether it’s heated seats, self-parking or precision satellite navigation, there’s always

Drivers’ Lottery Introduced To Improve Fleet Performance

Fleet drivers can now receive cash prizes in return for safe and ‘green’ driving. That’s thanks to a new lottery

Aston Martin Woes Reveal Even Low-Volume Automakers Aren’t Safe

Aston Martin is in trouble. It’s losing money and quickly; not to mention the confidence of its investors. Crucially though,

Mobile Phones Have Caused Millions Of Drivers To Crash

Everyone knows the dangers of driving whilst using a mobile phone. But, despite the risks being obvious, a significant amount

Think Tank: Make All Of London Car-Free By 2030

A think tank has called for London to become completely car-free from 2030. Instead of private vehicles, it calls for

Diesel Continues To Decline Despite Cleaner Technologies

The popularity of diesel has declined so dramatically that even new, cleaner technologies don’t seem to be helping it recover…

Tesla: Is It Possible To Turn A Profit On A Mass-Market EV?

Tesla is losing money. In of itself, this wouldn’t constitute news; it’s been losing money since it was founded. What’s

The Nightmarish Prospect Of Preparing For Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are coming, it’s an indisputable fact. Automakers and tech giants are pouring billions into, what they perceive to

Vauxhall Boss Confirms Ellesmere Port Brexit Risk

Production could be pulled from Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port factory, according to its Chief Executive. The announcement comes as the current

Britain’s Road Deaths Unchanged Since 2012

The number of people dying on Britain’s roads has remained the same since 2012, according to new government data. It’s

HMRC: Company Cars Appear To Be Declining Rapidly

According to new figures released by HMRC, company cars are experiencing a drastic decline. But is all as it seems? 

Going Green: How To Reduce Your Fleet’s Impact On The Environment

It’s probably not the the priority for most fleets, but ‘going green’ entails benefits beyond a sense of moral superiority.

Positive Ways You Can Change Driver Behaviour

Driver behaviour can have an extraordinary affect on the effectiveness of a fleet; regardless of its size. But encouraging drivers

The Ghost Markings That Threaten Driverless Cars

There are many reasons why driverless cars are taking so long to reach our roads. But the weirdest has to

Penalty Points: 80,000 Drivers Are On The Edge

A staggering 80,000 drivers have nine penalty points on their driving licenses; putting them at risk of being disqualified. It

Government Approves £500m Loan To JRL For EV Manufacturing

The government appears committed to its electrification plans, as Theresa May approves £500m loan guarantee to Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).

UK Drivers At Risk Of Falling Victim To High-Tech French Speed Cameras

UK Drivers operating in France are being warned of high-tech speed cameras being rolled out across the country. In addition

These Are The Top Five Innovative Car Features of 2019

In-car technology is developing at an alarming rate. An endless range of gadgets and gizmos are slowly rendering our vehicles

Government Calls For Brake And Tyre Pollution Clampdown

The Government is urging the automotive industry to tackle pollution caused by tyres and braking systems. It follows a report

Fleet Mobile Phone Policies Are Putting Drivers At Risk

Employers are needlessly putting their drivers at risk by expecting them to always answer their mobile phone. That’s according to

Company Car Drivers Can Pay 10 Times Less Tax In 2020

The government has finally offered Benefit in Kind (BiK) taxation clarity. Company car drivers will be able to pay up

Britain’s Biggest Energy Suppliers Will Electrify Their Fleets By 2030

Britain’s largest energy suppliers are planning to turn their backs on petrol and diesel; pledging to electrify their fleets by

Road Cuts Could Have Repaired 8 Million Potholes

Earlier this month, Members of Parliament claimed that the country was suffering from a ‘plague of potholes’. Now new figures

Jaguar Land Rover Pledges £1 Billion To UK Car Industry

Jaguar Land Rover has pledged to invest £1 billion in the UK’s automotive industry. The money will be used to

Plans To Make London’s Buses Sound Like Spaceships Criticised

Transport for London has been criticised for its plans to make make electrified buses sound like ‘spaceships.’ The controversy comes

Tesla’s Model 3 Has Set A New Safety Benchmark

It’s been a good year for the Model 3 thus far. It’s the most popular lease car in the UK,

Practically No One Wants A Mobility Solution Over A Company Car

More and more businesses are investing in so-called mobility solutions; alternatives to conventional ways of getting to and from work.

The Values Of Used Cars Are Consistently Dropping

If you’re looking to sell your vehicle, you’d best get a move on. According to new data, the value of

Technology Isn’t Enough To Improve Poor Driving, Says IAM RoadSmart

Fleets are missing out on opportunities to improve driver safety, all because they’re relying too much on technology… Training Beats

Hydrogen Fuel: Is It A Safe Option For Your Fleet?

Hydrogen is often cited as a potential replacement for petrol and diesel powertrains; despite lagging severely behind EVs. But a

The Advance Of EV Technology Is Stunting Fleet Adoption

Why aren’t there more electric vehicles in the fleet industry? All sorts of explanations have been provided, from range-anxiety to

Embassies Owe The UK £111 Million In Driving Fines

Foreign embassies and diplomats are responsible for the vast majority of unpaid driving fines, according to research. They collectively owe

Fleet Driver Safety: Everything You Should Be Doing

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), road accidents will be the 5th global cause of deaths by 2030. This,

The Government’s Road To Zero Plan Is Already Failing To Reach Targets

In 2018, the government unveiled Road to Zero. It details ambitious plans to tackle emissions caused by motor vehicles. But

Mayor Of London Wants National Diesel Scrappage Scheme

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, is calling on motorists to lobby for a national diesel scrappage scheme; citing poorer

Government Unveils New Hedgehog Road Signs

Fleet drivers will soon have to familiarise themselves with a new road sign. But it’s not warning them off adverse

The Toyota Way: The ‘Philosophy’ Behind The World’s Largest Automaker

What makes a good car company? You could say it’s innovative design, clever marketing and technological acumen. For Japanese Toyota,

The Man Behind China’s Booming EV Industry Now Looks To Hydrogen

Last year, more electric vehicles were sold in China than the rest of the world combined. This is, at least

Tesla Model 3 Already Most Popular EV To Lease In The UK

In just one week, Tesla’s Model 3 has become the most popular EV to lease in the UK; that’s according

Headlights Causing ‘Dangerous’ Amount Of Glare, Claims RAC

There’s mounting concern around headlight glare, according the RAC; with most drivers believing the problem to be getting worse… Dazzled

Government Warned Against Pavement Parking Ban

The Government has been warned against introducing a nation-wide pavement parking ban; which could leave thousands of homeowners without a

Petrolgate: Is The Next Great Automotive Scandal About To Emerge?

Dieselgate is arguably one of the automotive industry’s greatest scandals of all time. It’s cost automakers billions and effectively demonised

Everything Small Businesses Need To Know About Fleet Management

Most businesses will have a fleet of some kind; whether they know it or not. If your company owns a

Fleet Vehicles Could Soon Be Using Airless Tyres

Michelin, the French tyre giant, has announced a new airless tyre deal with General Motors (GM). It represents the next

A Fifth Of Company Car Drivers Want An EV

One in five company car drivers are ready to make a transition to pure electric vehicles. That’s according to a

There Are Now More EV Charging Locations Than Petrol Stations

Still struggling to find a charging point? You shouldn’t be, as they now outnumber petrol stations for the first time;

The UK’s Car Production Is Down 45% Due To Brexit Shutdowns

Temporary shutdowns of the UK’s automotive factories nearly slashed car production by a half. They were scheduled to deal with

London’s Square Mile Will Soon Be 15mph, As Part Of New Transport Strategy

Drivers in London’s Square Mile will soon be driving a bit slower, as a lower speed limit is introduced. The

Highways England Accused Of ‘Unlawful’ Inaction Over Emissions

Highways England has been accused of ‘unlawful’ inaction over rising emission levels. Environmental lawyers from ClientEarth claims it’s failed to

Company Cars: Demand Will ‘Spike’ In 2020

The demand for company cars will rapidly increase in 2020. This will follow lower benefit-in-kind (BiK) rates for plug-in hybrids,

Van Drivers Are Causing Ten Injuries A WEEK By Tailgating

Tailgating van drivers are causing a staggering ten injuries a week; making it one of the most common causes of van

Parking Giant NCP Makes Millions On Overpaid Parking Tickets

National Car Parks (NCP) has lost a court case in which it tried to avoid tax on money raised via

Good News For Drivers: Driverless Ride Hailing Won’t Be Profitable, According To Study

It’s good news for commercial drivers and awful news for the likes of Uber and Lyft. A new study has

Number Of Banned Drivers Rising At “Alarming” Rate

The number of banned drivers is rising at an “alarming” rate, according to License Check. Figures released by the Driver

‘Four Figure Fines’ Pitched For Engine-Idling Fleets

Westminster City Council is calling for large fines for drivers of company vehicles that leave their engines idling. The call

British Van Traffic Has DOUBLED Since The 1990s…

Van traffic volumes have doubled since the 90s, according to the latest government data. It means there’s now a record

Company Cars That Cost Less Than £100 A Month

Company cars can be incredibly powerful employee benefits. Unfortunately, rising Benefit in Kind rates can render them more of a

RAC Takes The Fight To Range Anxiety With Mobile Chargers

The RAC is looking to help tackle ‘range anxiety’ with its new mobile chargers. They’ll utilise the UK’s first lightweight

The Public Sector ‘Should Ban’ Grey Fleets In Wales

The Urban Mobility Partnership (UMP) has called on the public sector to introduce a general ban on grey fleets in

Meet ID3, Volkswagen’s First Model In The ID series

Volkswagen has revealed the first model in its upcoming ‘ID’ series, the ID3. The company has claimed that it’ll prove

A Shocking Amount Of People Drive Whilst Ill And Injured

A shocking amount of motorists are taking to the roads whilst ill or injured, according to new research. It raises

Volvo: Parents To Receive Six Months’ Paid Leave

Volvo is known for pioneering automotive safety. But now the company is trying to win a reputation for the progressive

Smoking In A Vehicle? You’re Potentially Throwing Away £2,000

Smoking’s an expensive habit and is probably one of the worst things you can do to your health. If you

May Day Traffic Expected To Be ‘Worst In Three Years’

Are you going on a May Day holiday? You may want to look away now. According to the RAC, traffic

Penalty Points: 11,000 Drivers Still On The Road Have 12-Plus

A charity is urging both the DVLA and courts to take action against drivers accumulating excessive penalty points. Recent figures

Seven Safety Features Soon To Be Mandatory For Your Vehicle

From 2022 the European Union will introduce a variety of safety features in new vehicles. Brexit won’t stop the UK

Google Maps Has Launched A Real-Time EV Charge Point Function

Google Maps has released a new feature allowing users to track EV charge points in real-time. Rolled out in the

The Driver Shortage: Five Ways To Get Around It…

The UK is facing a chronic driver shortage. Whether it’s for HGVs or vans, companies and fleets are struggling to

Government Urged To Ban Diesel HGVs By 2040

A report has urged the government to ban the sale of diesel HGVs by 2040. But critics have described the

Company Cars: Five Reasons Your Company Should Offer Them

Company cars are under fire. Rising BiK costs, the demonisation of diesel and alternative means of transport have eaten away

Tyre Management: A Fundamental Part Of Duty Of Care

Tyre management is a fundamental aspect of an effective duty of care policy; regardless of how big or small a

Van Drivers: ‘We Want Our Own Parking Spaces’

It’s not easy being a van driver. Long hours, tight deadlines and poorly maintained roads all take their toll. But

New Approach To Roadworks Promises To Cut Disruption

Roadworks can be nightmarish for drivers, especially on motorways. They seem to go on forever and significantly increase our travel

SMMT: Brexit Extension Must Put An End To ‘No Deal’

The Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT) has stated that the Brexit extension must be used to eliminate a ‘no deal’

Fleet Operators: The Challenges Of EV Adoption

Fleets need more than environmental concern in order to pursue EV adoption in earnest. There are all sorts of challenges

One In Three London Commuters Can’t Afford ULEZ Charges

London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone, or ULEZ, came into effect yesterday. The Zone will see drivers of vehicles with the worst

EU Claims BMW, VW and Daimler ‘Colluded’ To Stifle Emission Technology

The European Commission has informed some of Europe’s largest automakers that it believes they colluded to stifle the development of

Van Drivers Facing Back Pain Cost The Economy £21 BILLION A Year

There are over four million vans in the UK and many more van drivers; the number is always growing. A

The RAC Has Issued A ‘Double Wave’ Easter Traffic Warning

The RAC has issued an Easter traffic warning. It comes as a staggering 14 million motorists are expected to take

New ‘Electric Flex’ Offer Aims To Make EVs Accessible

EVs are the future, but no one’s quite sure how far away that ‘future’ really is. All sorts of obstacles,

Car Allowances Are Clashing With Government’s Green Agenda

Car allowances are becoming increasingly popular. As more workers opt for them over company cars, the government’s ‘green agenda’ is

These Are The Best Small Vans Of 2019

Small vans are the workhouses are innumerable fleets. Accessible, relatively easy to drive and suitable for all sorts of environments,

Nissan Culture Said To Have ‘Deified’ Carlos Ghosn

Nissan has denounced the corporate culture that led to the ‘deification’ of Carlos Ghosn. The blistering attack comes at a

Tesla Model 3 Dominates The European Market

The Tesla Model 3 arrived in Europe this January, to much fanfare. It’s still not available in some markets, which

Autoserve Fleet: Big Fleet Deals For Small Fleets

Fleet managers have so much to contend with that they’re rarely left with any time to manage. Autoserve Fleet wants

A Fifth Of All Driver Vacancies In Europe Are Unfilled

Europe is facing a chronic driver shortage. That’s according to a new report by the International Road Transport Union (IRU).

Why You Should NEVER Wear Lanyards Whilst Driving

Lanyards are a fact of life for all sorts of workers and professionals; both in the public and private sectors.

Would You Admit To Denting A Car? Millions Wouldn’t

Denting a car is easily done, especially on increasingly outdated car parks; too small for the latest models. But if

Ford Cutbacks Will Mean Job Losses In The UK

Ford has announced cutbacks throughout Europe, including in the UK. The announcement comes at a time when the company is

A Third Of Councils Are ‘Failing’ To Install EV Charging Points

A third of councils currently have no plans to install more electric vehicle charging points. That’s according to a Freedom

The Tesla Model Y Has Been Unveiled, And It’s Coming Next Year

The Model Y has been unveiled to much fanfare by Tesla. Shown to a select audience in California earlier today,

One In Two Van Drivers Are Using Their Phones At The Wheel

Van drivers are putting their livelihoods at risk by using phones at the wheel. A recent survey, conducted by Volkswagen

Jaguar Has A New Diesel Engine And It’s One Of The Cleanest Ever Built

Jaguar has a new diesel engine, and it’s already Euro 6d compliant. Available in its revised XE and the XF,

Nearly A Quarter Of Motorists Are Ignoring ‘X’ Signs On Smart Motorways

Nearly a quarter of drivers (23%) are ignoring ‘x’ signs on smart motorways. That’s according to a new survey conducted

Government Commits £2.8 Million To Electric Car Charging Contract

Highways England has awarded a £2.8 million contract to improve electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The contract, which has been awarded

Garages Expect Brexit Price Jumps And Parts Shortages

Brexit will cause labour costs to rise and reduce the availability of parts, according to most garages. That’s the finding

20 Effective Ways To Slash Your Fleet’s Running Costs

A Fleet’s running costs can easy skyrocket if they’re not properly managed. Whether it’s vehicle maintenance, fuel or accidents, there

Volvo Will Be Limiting Its Cars To 112 Miles Per Hour

Volvo is known for emphasising safety. Dozens of awards serve as a testament to the brand’s reliability in keeping road-users

How Would A ‘No Deal’ Brexit Affect Lorry Drivers?

Unless there’s a sudden change in direction, Britain will leave the European Union on the 29th of March. Should Theresa

Five Fleet Management Challenges And Their Solutions

Fleet management is hard work. There’s an innumerable amount of challenges and responsibilities with which to contend. Some, however, are

Former Automotive Rivals Are Teaming Up. But Why?

A number of prominent and typically competing automotive rivals are joining forces. But what’s prompting the sudden change and what

The Government Is Considering A Ban On Old Tyres

Old tyres could soon face a nationwide ban following a new government consultation. Those aged over ten years would cease

Tailgating Is The Biggest Source Of Fear For Drivers

New research has revealed that motorists fear being tailgated more than anything else. Originally thought to just be considered a

Most Dealers Think 2032 Is ‘Too Soon’ To Ban Petrols And Diesels

Two-thirds (66%) of British dealers believe that 2032 would be too early to ban the sale of new petrol and

Electric Vehicles: What Will It Take For A Transition?

Despite all of the promotion, investment and (at times) hysteria directed at the combustion engine, electric vehicles remain elusive in

Driverless Cars: Automakers Might Have To Foot The Bill After An Accident

Driverless car technology is causing engineers and scientists all over the world a real headache. It turns out that creating

Five Ways Your Fleet Can Reduce Its Fuel Costs

Fuel costs for fleets can be exponential, regardless of the number of vehicles it uses. After vehicle depreciation, fuel costs

Smart Motorways Pose Compliance ‘Risk’ For Fleets

Smart motorways are becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the UK. They rely on advanced traffic management (ATM) cameras to catch speeding

Five Ways To Keep Your Fleet Drivers Motivated

Keeping fleet drivers motivated can be a challenge. The demands and ever-changing dynamics of the industry can create a tough

Automotive Roundup: The Best Small Company Cars Of 2019

A company car is a fantastic employee benefit. It still plays a vital role in attracting, and retaining, top talent

Businesses Axing Fleet Managers Are Leaving Themselves Exposed

Businesses that are laying off their fleet managers are leaving themselves vulnerable at a ‘critical’ time. That’s according to FleetLocum,

Congestion Costs The UK Billions. Is The Solution A Road Charge?

Who would dispute that British roads were suffering from extensive congestion? Usually we’d be tempted to attribute it to a

We’ve Still Got It: These Are Britain’s Best-Selling Cars (Globally)

Despite Brexit uncertainty, job losses and declining investment, Britain is still manufacturing best-selling cars; with demand all over the globe.

Price Of Used Cars At ‘Record High’

The average price of used cars (petrol and diesel) reached a record high in Q4 2018 according to Aston Barclay.

Electric Vehicles ‘Good Enough’ For Fleet Managers In 2 – 5 Years

The majority of fleet managers believe that electric vehicles (EVs) will be suitable for fleet use between two to five

How To Get The Most Out Of The Defleeting Process

Defleeting is the natural end of the fleet cycle. It’s the process of ‘remarketing’ vehicles that are no longer required

Young Drivers Face Drowsy Driving Risk

Young drivers are the most likely to face drowsy driving, according to new research. The so-called ‘gig economy’, which sees

Fleet Drivers Fined Over £15 Million In 2018

The number of fleet drivers being issued fines for parking and driving misdemeanours is on the rise. According to Lex

Nissan: We Won’t Build New X-Trail In The UK

Nissan has announced that it has abandoned plans to build its new X-Trail model at its Sunderland-based plant. It’s the

Number Of Company Car Drivers Not Reporting Damage Doubles

The number of company car drivers not reporting ‘minor’ damage to their vehicles has doubled according to a new survey.

What Strategy Should Fleets Use In Vehicle Procurement?

What’s a fleet without its vehicles? Procuring the right vehicles for your fleet is anything but straightforward. You need the

Fleet Drivers Warned After MP Is Convicted For Speeding

Fleet drivers have been warned not to lie after being issued a Penalty Charge Notice. The warning comes after Peterborough

Grey Fleet Challenges Are Becoming ‘Epidemic.’

Grey fleet challenges have reached ‘epidemic proportions’ according to the Licence Bureau. Difficulties are worsening as more and more drivers

Fleet Industry Prepares For ‘No Deal’ Brexit Scenario

Fleets of all sizes are having to plan for the implications of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, as negotiations falter. The

Business Mileage To Fall 25% Over Five Years

New research has revealed that business mileage and travel is due to decline by 25% over the next 5 years.

Clean Air Zones Will Have A ‘Minimal’ Impact On Fleets

As a number of cities have begun introducing ‘clean air zones’, experts have debated the long-term implications for the fleet

Councils Are Prioritising Only The ‘Most Dangerous’ Potholes

Councils have decided to prioritise only the ‘most dangerous’ potholes in the face of extensive cuts to their funding. The

‘Vast Majority’ Of PCH Deals Don’t Include Maintenance

Research has revealed the majority of personal contract hire (PCH) providers aren’t including inclusive maintenance. Fleet managers are already facing

UK No Longer In Top Five Countries Most Prepared For Electric Cars

New research by LeasePlan has demonstrated that the UK is lagging behind its European neighbours in preparing for Electric Vehicles

Tracking And Telematics: How To Convince Your Drivers

Telematics are playing an increasingly vital role in the fleet industry. The data it’s able to record and breakdown can

Automotive Industry Faces ‘Catastrophic’ Future In Event Of No Deal Brexit

Fears of a ‘No Deal’ reached new heights yesterday, sending the automotive industry into a state of panic. Theresa May’s

Five Things That Make A Good Company Car

Company cars are big business. In 2017 the amount of motorists in company cars reached a five year high, with

Ford And Volkswagen Are Working Towards An Alliance

What’s bigger than two global automotive powerhouses? An alliance between them, that’s what. Ford and Volkswagen are expected to announce

Jaguar Land Rover Is Cutting 5,000 Jobs

Jaguar Land Rover is planning to slash 5,000 jobs as a part of a cost-cutting exercise, according to unconfirmed reports.

The Worst Fleet Management Mistakes

It’s not easy being a fleet manager. There are a whole host of considerations for them to contend with, whether

Waymo CEO: Truly Driverless Cars Will Never Exist

If your job depends on taking to the wheel there may be some good news; driverless cars are apparently impossible.

Dirty Number Plates Are Landing Drivers With £1,000 Fines

We all forget to clean ours cars from time to time. Whether we’re busy with other commitments or simply don’t

Don’t Look For Scratches And Dents On Your Car, Have a Robot Do It Instead

We’ve all witnessed the somewhat comic scene on forecourts where staff busily crouch down and run full-circle around a car,

The Best-Selling Used Cars Of 2018

Whilst the automotive industry is stagnating in light of Brexit uncertainty, the used car market is thriving. Over two million

‘Major Misconceptions’ Are Preventing Drivers From Going Electric

Electric cars are the talk of the automotive industry, with manufacturers and governments scrambling to usher in a post-combustion engine

Preparing Your Fleet Drivers For Winter Conditions

Whilst winter is a challenging time for drivers, it can be even more demanding for fleet drivers. Larger, heavier vehicles

Plug-In Hybrids To Face London Congestion Charge

If you purchased a plug-in hybrid in order to contribute towards protecting the environment or for financial incentives, it hasn’t

Driverless Cars Are Now Delivering Groceries

As driverless cars become less of an abstraction and more of a reality, it’s natural for analysts to talk about

The EU ‘Illegally’ Relaxed Diesel Emission Limits

The war against fleets’ favourite fuel has intensified as courts find EU’s ‘relaxing’ of diesel emission limits was illegal. As

Hyundai Commits To Hydrogen By Boosting Fuel Cell Production

Behind all the hype and interest in electric vehicles lies another contender for replacing petrol and diesel; hydrogen. First unveiled

Birmingham’s New Clean Air Zone Charges: What You’ll Be Paying

Cities up and down the country are weighing up how to combat the rising menace of emissions. Claiming dozens of

UK Car Industry Could Lose £9 Billion A Year In ‘No-Deal’ Brexit Scenario

The UK’s automotive industry could be set to lose £9 billion a year in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit

Driving Assistance Technologies Could Be ‘Disengaging’ Drivers

Car manufacturers of all shapes and sizes are in pursuit of the holy grail of all things automotive; a truly driverless

How Fleets Can Clamp Down On Drink And Drug Driving

With recent research suggesting that one in ten fleet drivers are regularly drink and drug driving, it’s more important than

Fiat Panda Becomes Second Car Ever To Earn ZERO Safety Stars

Whilst the Fiat Panda is hardly the car of choice for fleet drivers, it’s hopes of ever becoming a popular

Drivers Are Confused By Daytime Running Lights

Daytime running lights are poorly understood and are confusing motorists in the UK, according to to new research conducted by

One In Ten Fleet Drivers Are Regularly On Drink And Drugs

Safety is a priority for any fleet manager or decision-maker. Duty-of-care, especially in light of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate

Tesco’s Set To Install 2,400 Electric Vehicle Chargers At Its Stores

Tesco is working with Volkswagen and Pod Point to launch what it claims will be the country’s largest Retail-based charging

New Uber Competitor Promises Rides In Golden Supercars And £5 Fares

How would you go about challenging an international ride-hailing giant that practically defined an entire industry like Uber? We don’t

The Vast Majority Of Vehicle Fleets Will Be Electric Within A Decade

Nine out of ten fleets intend to make a transition to electric vehicles (EVs) within a decade, according to new

Volkswagen Recalls 75,000 Vehicles Due To ‘Potentially Lethal’ Fault

Volkswagen has found itself at the centre of a fresh controversy following its announcement that 75,000 vehicles sold in Britain

Everything You Need To Know About London’s ‘Hackney Carriages’

What could be more iconic in London than the black cabs, or ‘Hackney Carriages’, that dominate its streets? Like blood

Uber Wants To Electrify Its London Fleet By 2025

Uber, the ride-hailing giant, will be working to ensure all of the vehicles used via its app in London are

Car Cloning Has Risen By A Staggering 50% In One Year

Car Cloning incidents have risen by a shocking 50% in the nation’s capital according to new data, with fears that

Dashcam Usage Has Increased 20-Fold In Five Years

More and more drivers believe that dashcams should come as standard in cars, according to new research. Conducted by GoCompare

How Do You Encourage Good Driving? Pies And Gift Cards, According To This Tech Company

How do your encourage motorists to drive safely and appropriately? It’s a challenging question which the government, the police and

The Majority Of Fleets Don’t Have A Vulnerable Road User Policy

New research has revealed that the majority of fleets don’t have a vulnerable road user policy, with just one in

Grey Fleet And Duty Of Care

Almost every company has a ‘grey fleet’, whether it knows it or not. It consists of vehicles owned privately by

What Makes A Great Fleet Manager?

At the heart of every successful fleet is a successful fleet manager. There’s a lot of debate and discussion lately

The Best Company Cars Of 2018

You might not know it, but 55% of new car models registered in the UK end up with fleets. That

The Vans Most Likely To Fail Their MOT

Any fleet vehicle is a significant investment, regardless of its role within overall operations. Therefore, a vehicle’s reliability is paramount

Plug-In Hybrid Drivers Are ‘Ridiculous’ For Not Charging Them

Research conducted by The Miles Consultancy, a Cheshire-based fuel management company, has revealed that plug-in hybrids are achieving 90 miles

Fleet Car Sales Have Decreased By Nearly 100,000

New cars being registered to fleets are down by nearly 8% year-on-year, according to figures released by the Society of Motor

Preparing Your Fleet For The Winter

Winter weather poses challenges for all drivers, but fleets in particular face significant obstacles in keeping their operations running smoothly.

New Car Tech Aims To Reduce Pollution Inside Of Vehicles

When we think of pollution, we tend to think about how it might affect us going about our business in

Britain’s About To Get A Lot More Charge Points For Electric Cars

In a recent review in the Sunday Times, Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the Hyundai Kona Electric; an all-electric SUV. He praised

New Diesel Cars Are Already ‘Outperforming’ Tougher Emissions Tests

If fleet managers and decision-makers have felt under by pressure by what some are calling ‘anti-diesel hysteria’, there’s some good

These Are The Van Drivers Most Likely To Cause An Accident

Do certain types of drivers opt for certain types of vans? Quite possibly. Extensive research by MoneySuperMarket has revealed the

Driverless Cars Could Make Traffic WORSE

The advocates of autonomous cars are largely in agreement that the vehicles will play a crucial role in reducing the

Soaring Taxes On Company Cars Have Become ‘Punitive’

Drivers of company cars are paying 105% more Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax than they were ten years ago, despite

The Government Is Setting Aside £29 Billion For Britain’s Biggest Roads

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond, is expected to announce a £29 billion cash-injection for some of the nation’s

What Is WLTP And Why Is It Important?

The Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) was introduced on September 1, 2018 and replaces the now outdated New

Five Ways To Motivate Your Fleet Drivers

All fleet managers and decision-makers need to contend with the issue of driver retention. This is the prized art of

The UK Is Facing An HGV Driver Crisis

The UK is facing an HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) ‘crisis’ as the demand for drivers skyrockets and the number of

Britain Needs Three Million Electric Vehicle Charging Points By 2040

The UK will need three million EV charging points by 2040 in order to keep up with the transition towards

MPs Want Diesel And Petrol Vehicle Sales Banned By 2032

A select committee from the House of Commons has petitioned the government to introduce an earlier target for banning the

Confronting Congestion: What Your Fleet Can Do

One thing that unites private, commercial  and company car drivers is their dislike of traffic and congestion. After all, what

Minimising The Environmental Impact Of Your Fleet

Arval UK, a leasing and contract hire company, has released a new guide concerning best practice for reducing the environmental

Record Attendance At 2018’s Fleet Live

Fleet Live is a leading event for the fleet industry in the UK. The event aspires to provide decision-makers from

Telematics Law May Be Introduced After Fatal Bus Crash

Telematics and driver behaviour monitoring could be enshrined in law following a fatal bus crash. Kailash Chander, now aged eighty,

Fleet Technology: Everything You Should Be Aware Of

A recent study by Shell has revealed that around a third of fleet decision-makers are finding it hard to keep

The Fleet Industry Is Changing And Fleet Managers Are Struggling To Keep Up

Shell as recently released its ‘The Future of Fleet’ report, in which it hopes to piece together all of the

Why You Need A Fleet Disposal Strategy

If the fleet management process is a life-cycle, disposal represents its natural conclusion. A vehicle has either ceased to be

New Study Reveals The Most Congested Places In The UK

Much in the same way that veins play a vital role in transporting blood around the body, our roads are

Five Ways To Keep On Top Of Your Commercial Fleet’s Maintenance

As a fleet decision-maker, you no doubt have a whole host of considerations to contend with on a day-to-day basis.

How To Select The Right Drivers For Your Fleet

For fleets of all sizes, good drivers mean good business. Whether it’s through increased efficiency or saved costs through improved

Fleets Are Failing To Prepare For ‘Clean Air Zones’

New research has revealed that up to a third of fleets have ‘no plans’ through which to deal with more

Fleets Should Focus On Fuel Management, Not Fuel Prices

Fleet managers and decision-makers should be focused on fuel management and efficiency rather than prices at the pump, according to

What Are The Challenges Of Fleet Electrification?

Fleet200 members recently met to discuss the advantages and challenges of fleet electrification. Whilst many fleet decision-makers now see a

Older Fleet Managers ‘Less Likely’ To Monitor Driving Behaviour

For fleet managers, there’s an almost inexhaustible list of metrics and variables that need to be consistently monitored. Whether it’s

Case Study: The Ethics And Practicalities Of An All-Electric Fleet

Fleet managers and decision-makers are weighing up the pros and cons of all-electric vehicles. A clamp down of diesel and

The Best Vans For Your Fleet

Vans are many a fleet’s bread and butter. Veritable workhorses, they’re essential for a wide variety of industries and companies

EVs And Hybrids ‘Increasingly Suitable’ For Commuting

Fleet Evolution believes that electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids are becoming ‘increasingly suitable’ for commuters. The claim is based on

Diesel Prices Could ‘Significantly’ Rise Next Year

Diesel, despite the immense and often unmitigated criticisms it now often receives, remains the most popular choice for fleets of

‘No-Deal’ Brexit Could Increase Van Prices By £1,500

As negotiations with Brussels struggle to gain momentum, increased talk of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit has emerged. In this event, the

Zero Tolerance On Speeding ‘Not Achievable’

Recently, West Mercia Chief Constable Anthony Bangham has suggested that the current informal speeding buffer of a 10% plus 2

A ‘Huge’ Gap Exists Between Fleet Eco Buying Intentions And Sales

Numerous surveys have discovered that a variety of fleets intend to purchase electric vehicles (EVs) in the near future for their

Cutting Down On Grey Fleet Mileage: A Case Study

Nearly every company or business will have a ‘grey fleet’, made up of employee-owned vehicles that are used for business-related

BP Fuelcard Coverage Extends To Esso Tesco Alliance Stations

BP’s Fuelcard customers are set to benefit from a interdependent agreement between the energy giant and Esso. The two will

How To Safely Improve Delivery And Arrival Times for Your Fleet

One of the primary metrics of your fleet is the time it takes to get vehicles and goods from point

The Majority of SMEs Are ‘Confident’ Despite Brexit

Small and medium fleets face a number of challenging obstacles at present. Whether it’s keeping up with government environmental policy,

Reducing Your Grey Fleet Risks

Your ‘grey fleet’ is simply all of the vehicles that you company or business doesn’t own, but are nevertheless used

E-Cargo Bikes – Beating The ‘Last-Mile Conundrum’ Through Government Grant

The government is offering fleets a £2 million funding pot through which to encourage the adoption of e-Cargo bikes. It

Some Of The UK’s Largest Fleets Are Planning To Scrap Diesel Vehicles

16 of the UK’s largest and most established fleets have agreed to take on 2,400 electric vehicles by the year

Making Your Fleet Eco-Friendly

Company cars are excellent incentives for your employees and can prove essential in allowing them to carry out their duties

Fleets Targeted By Fake Vehicle Deals On Social Media

Car fraud is becoming a major problem in the UK. Taking a whole host of shapes and forms, it costs

Driver Turnover: How To Keep Your Fleet Intact

The turnover of fleet drivers has, at least for some companies, reached unbearably high levels. It causes wanton disruption to

What Does Mobility As A Service (MaaS) Mean For Fleet Managers?

Mobility as a service (Maas) is expected to become the new norm within twenty years, according to leading fleet figures.

Four Overlooked Fleet Metrics You Should Be Monitoring

Talk of metrics may sound like business spin or jargon, but they’re real and have a significant affect on a

Beating The European Average: One In Three British Fleets Use Telematics

Technology is fundamentally changing the nature of fleet management. Slowly but surely it’s injected itself into most of a fleet

Company Cars And Accidents: What You Need To Know

  When someone’s had a car accident, the chances are they’ll understand the general routine. They’ll make sure that everyone

Fleet Safety: Keeping Your Drivers Safe

It’s sometimes hard to admit, but driving is one of the most dangerous tasks we carry out on a day-to-day

AA Releases New ‘Car Genie’ Breakdown App For Fleets

The AA’s new breakdown app, ‘Car Genie’ is due to be released to businesses and fleet managers later this year.

6 Ways To Effectively Manage Your Grey Fleet

A variety of business are failing to effectively manage their grey fleets. This is because, for many businesses, the grey

Understanding Benefit In Kind Tax – What It Means For Your Fleet

The government defines a ‘Benefit in Kind’ (BiK) as benefits received by an employee or director that are not included

British Fleets Are Replacing Vehicles Earlier Than European Average

British fleets are potentially wasting tens of thousands of pounds by replacing their vehicles prematurely, new research has found. Conducted

The Best Budget Company Cars of 2018

Company cars are big business in the United Kingdom, with 55% of new models going to fleets. In addition, survey

What Is The Government’s ‘Road To Zero’ Initiative?

In July, the Government released details concerning its new ‘Road to Zero’ (RtZ)  initiative. The plan is to reach a

Five Ways To Cut Your Fleet’s Costs

The most successful fleet managers are financially fastidious, always striving towards continuous improvement. This means utilising modern telematics in order

New Emission-Based Parking Charges To Be Introduced In London’s Square Mile

New emissions-based parking charges are to be introduced in the City of London on the 20th of August, 2018. The

How Telematics Can Break Your Drivers’ Bad Habits

Your fleet is only as good as its drivers. They are, after all, its lifeblood. Knowing how your drivers are

Choosing The Right Fuel For Your Fleet

In terms of fuel and powertrains, fleet managers now have more choice than ever before; a product of government pressure

Mileage Fraud: How To Clamp Down

In the UK, surveys have shown that up to 90% of fleet drivers have confessed to mileage fraud, with 63%

Driver Fatigue: How Your Fleet Can Beat It

Driver fatigue is a major obstacle for fleet operators. Not only does it seriously impact on your business’ overall performance,

Fleet Drivers’ Well-Being: Are You Doing Enough?

Fleet operators have a plethora of considerations with which to contend, one of which is the safety and well-being of

Businesses Aren’t Ready To Give Up On the Company Car

New research by Arval has revealed that half of UK businesses are interested in new mobility solutions. When questioned, 48%

Tips For Successful Fleet Operators, Save Time and Money

Effectively managing a fleet, regardless of its size and composition, is no easy feat. There are a vast array of

Belgians Offered ‘Mobility Budget’ To Avoid Company Cars

The Belgian government is unveiling a new scheme to encourage commuters to move away from company cars. Under a new

Fleet Demand for Electric Vehicles Could Triple

New research conducted by the Corporate Vehicle Observatory (CVO) has suggested that the number of electric vehicles in UK fleets

The End of the MOT?

The MOT test has been a staple of British driving since its inception in 1960. Every year, tens of millions

The Most Dangerous Roads in the UK Revealed

As well as minimising vehicle downtime and ensuring deliveries are made punctually, safety is always a number one priority for

BP Acquires UK’s Largest Car Charging Company

The oil giant BP has purchased the UK’s largest electric car charging company, Chargemaster, for a reported 130 million. Plans

Diesel’s Not Dead? Fleets Advised to Avoid ‘Blanket’ Anti-Diesel Approach

Fleets and decision-makers are being advised to avoid adopting a blanket anti-diesel strategy. Recent leasing statistics have demonstrated a shift

Surprising Things that Your Car Insurance Won’t Cover

There are a number of ways your car insurance can be invalidated, which means that your insurer won’t pay out

Almost Half of Motor Penalties are Overturned

It has been reported that almost half of penalties used to fine motorists for parking offences and driving in bus

Car Sickness: How to Prevent It

 Most people get car sick, especially children, but its nothing to worry about! Car sickness is caused by mixed signals

How You Can Get Fined £2,500 for Driving With a Dog in Your Vehicle

 Most pet owners enjoy having their companion besides them as they are driving. However, if your pet isn’t properly restrained

What do I do about post warranty faults?

Once the warranty for your car has expired, the manufacturer has no obligations to help with the repairs, so what

You Can Be Fined For Moving Out of The Way Of An Ambulance

When any kind of emergency vehicle is catching up to you, most drivers feel as though they have to move

Tip Of The Day

Fuel Economy is essential and a few basics make a big difference: Add a little TLC with a thorough tune

Thought For The Day

Is the diesel vehicle dead or will buyers vote with their cheque book. Diesel vehicles have better mileage and engine

Tip Of The Year

Seven is a lucky number so 2017 can be a great year, all we need to do is go for

Tip of the Day

Christmas 2016  According the Clarkson, this is the best Aston ever and he is not always wrong. The DB5 ,

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Beware the Electric vehicle – On lots of grounds Lithium is not at all green or sustainable. The processing, transportation

Thought for the Day

  Henry Ford said you can have any colour you like so long as it is black and on this

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Uk motorists are being taken for a ride when it comes to vehicle maintenance due to lack of knowledge and

Tip of the Day

The new DB11 is a fabulous car but because Aston’s don’t have the money to properly de bug the car

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Grey fleet drivers could well be in for a shock shortly when the Chancellor is likely to change the rules

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  Vehicle Rental can be very tricky when it comes to damage because it is seem as a profit centre.

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Tyres are a real pain, we think they don’t need attention but they do. Tyres need air on a regular

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You know its right – next to the white. Good tip if you are driving in Europe, always drive with

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  Why Not Chill Out when driving- Plan your journey better and allow enough time – unthinkable – actually turn

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If you look after your vehicle it will look after you. Using pro firms like Autoserve helps with a no

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The Blame Game How observant are you ? Most of us never spot these signs or choose to ignore them

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Who understands Horsepower never mind Torque . Strangely Horsepower was calculated originally by a horse drawing coal from a mine

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Like most of us no doubt you have forgotten where your car is parked in the multi storage particularly when

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The Dangers of Topless Motoring If the summer does eventually arrive we will all be so delighted that our soft

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The 12,000 Mile test When considering a new vehicle the diesel / petrol question comes up. Although petrol engines are

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Fail to Plan for the Road Trip – Plan to Fail. It is essential to check all levels and tyres

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Driving like a Valkyrie is not the answer. loud music pumps up the blood but cranking up the music slows

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Tip Of The Day JULY 11, 2016 Diesel Particulate Filters can be a seriously expensive item if a replacement is

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Diesel Particulate Filters can be a seriously expensive item if a replacement is needed. Incorrect engine oil can be a

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  Go With Your Mobile Sat Nav Why are car sat navs so poor and mobiles much better. Simple, mobiles

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Don’t risk a £1000.00 fine for letting your photocard driving licence run out of date when a £14.00 fee will

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A Little TLC Please. A little TLC for your motor vehicle is not out of the way and will pay

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Don’t Drive Till You Drop ! It is very tempting to push on when you are driving, to have a

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Buying Cars Online is a Cut Price Revolution Car buying online is now a massive business because customers are saved

The Accelerator is a Fuel Pump

It is possible to reduce fuel consumption by 30% if you change your driving habits. Since the accelerator is a

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When hiring a vehicle in the UK or abroad there are precautions that are well worth taking. The cost of

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A recent survey by the Society of Motor Manufacturers finds that UK motorists spend £700.00 a year maintaining their vehicle.

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Do You Have A Spare Wheel ? If you do not have a spare, trouble awaits ! Many vehicles now

Audi Develop New Turbo

“Audi also revealed that the new SQ5, which is expected in 2017, will use a 48V electric system powering an

Yet another SUV

Not another SUV I hear everyone say………..  Well yes, actually.  As the desire for this style of vehicle shows no

Bentley Bentaygo

The new Bentley Bentaygo is rated as a five star vehicle by Giles Smith in the Sunday Times. No doubt

Welcome to the Future of Motoring

Audi A4 1.4 TFSi Saloon   Those who know their TFSi’s from their TDi’s will be instantly wondering why a

Tyre Safety Month

Since October is Tyre Safety Month, it is as well to remember the value we place on tyres. With correctly

Clueless about maintenance

9 out of 10 drivers when asked did not understand the terminology, wheel brace, jump cable, battery charger or tyre

When is a Discovery not a Discovery ?

When is a Discovery not a Discovery? Answer: When it’s a Sport that used to be a Freelander………… Sort of.

Don’t Scrimp on Vehicle Maintenance

It is very tempting to avoid vehicle maintenance either because of cost or sheer forgetfulness, however when you have made

Diesel falls 5p a litre in July as retailers pass on wholesale price savings

The average price of diesel at the pumps fell 5p a litre as retailers passed on the savings in the

Changing a wheel isn’t hard – if you know how

How many people are capable of changing a wheel these days? Here is how to do it –

What we think of the Jaguar XE…….

    Well it’s here at last….. One of the most awaited new cars of recent times. Jaguar was last

Registrations rising Month on Month

March saw an 11.6 per cent rise in new car sales this year. More cars were registered in March than

Powerful New Honda CR-V

The new Honda 2015 CR-V has been introduced with a 1.6 diesel engine replacing the 2.2 version but producing more

Free Fleet Review

  Autoserve are offering Free Fleet Reviews on whole life running costs to smaller fleets that perhaps do not have

Jaguar F-Type Road Review

The Jaguar F-type bridges the gap between the Boxster and 911 on price, but can it offer the best of

Mercedes-Benz Citan Panel

Mercedes’ first-ever compact van is the sister of the Renault Kangoo, but the Citan offers considerable brand appeal The Citan

Audi A3 Saloon 2.0 TDI Sport

The only diesel engine to accompany the A3 saloon at its launch is smooth, refined, and of worthy consideration One

2013 Hyundai ix35 – First Drive Review

A mild refresh ensures the Hyundai ix35 remains a strong option among the soft-roader frontrunners The Hyundai ix35 has established

Land Rover Range Rover Sport TDV6

Ten Point Test Auto Trader Ten Point Test rating: 79% The Land Rover Range Rover Sport is one of the