Tax Uncertainty Is Harming Fleet Uptake Of Electric Vehicles

Leading fleet organisations are calling on the government to provide clarity on vehicle tax. They claim uncertainty is harming EV

Most Motorists Support Road Pricing Concept

According to a new survey, most motorists support the idea of introducing road pricing to make up for lost fuel

Running Costs For Electric Vans May Rise This Winter

The Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) has warned fleets to monitor their running costs concerning electric vans over the course of

Digital Tech Could Save UK Transport 9.3m Tonnes Of CO2 A Year

By adopting a series of digital technologies, including telematics, the UK’s transport sector could reduce its CO2 output by 9.3

Almost 40% of UK Fleet Vehicles Could Already Go Electric

New research suggests that nearly 40% of the UK’s fleet vehicles could be effectively switched to electric models today… 40%

Electrification Is Leading To A Company Car Renaissance

The electrification of the automotive industry is creating a company car renaissance, as more people seek to take advantage of

Charge Points To Be Switched Off For Nine Hours A Day

New charge points, installed in public places and new homes, will be pre-programmed to switch off for nine hours a

Volvo Manages To Boost Range Of Hybrid Models

Volvo has managed to boot the range of various hybrid models, allowing them to deliver a zero-emission range of up

Shell Targets 50,000 On-Street EV Chargers By 2025

Energy giant Shell is aiming to install 50,000 on-street EV chargers throughout the UK by 2025, supporting local councils and

Drones Are Being Deployed In Order To Spot Potholes

The UK’s roads are, unfortunately, riddled with potholes. But a new initiative, using drones, hopes to spot them much more

Grey Fleet: How To Reduce Risk For Your Business

Every business is likely to have a grey fleet, regardless of its size. But keeping it small, and managing it

New AI Technology Assesses A Vehicle’s Condition In Minutes

A new app, powered by artificial intelligence, is able to determine a vehicle’s external condition in just minutes… AI Technology 

All Police Forces To Participate In National Speeds Day

All of the nation’s police forces will be participating in the upcoming National Speeds Day, in an effort to clamp

DfT Is Considering Approving 48-Tonne Trucks For UK Roads

The Department for Transport (DfT) is considering allowing longer, 48-tonne trucks to use British roads from as early as next

Drivers Are Risking Their Safety By Relying On Faulty Systems

New research suggests that drivers are putting their safety at risk by being overly-reliant on what are, essentially, faulty systems…

Registrations for Electric Vehicles Achieve Record Market Share in Europe

Registrations for BEVs and hybrids have reached a record market share in Europe, according to the latest industry sales figures…

Shortages Lead To Worst Car Production Figures Since 1956

The ongoing semiconductor shortage has led to the worst car production figures in the UK since 1956, new data has

More Than A Quarter Of Fleet Managers Don’t Understand EVs

New research suggests that a significant number of fleet managers and decision-makers don’t properly understand electric vehicles (EVs)… Fleet Managers

Doctors Oppose Rushed Driving Licence Medical Tests

Doctors have voiced their concerns over the possibility of rushing driving licence medical tests, especially in light of the HGV

SME Fleets Are Struggling To Manage Increasing Amounts Of Data

Fleet managers and decision-makers within SMEs are struggling to contend with an increasing amount of data, according to new research…

Raw Materials Shortage Threatens ‘Price And Supply’ Of New Vehicles

Shortages in semiconductors and raw materials threaten both the price and supply of new vehicles, according to new research… Raw

Fleets Urged To Be Vigilant When Managing Drug And Alcohol Impairment

Fleet decision-makers are being urged to be ‘vigiliant’ when managing their fleet’s drug and alcohol impairment issues… Drug and Alcohol

Prepare Your Drivers For Speed Limiters, Says FleetCheck

The fleet industry is being advised to prepare their drivers for speed limiters, as vehicles will be fitted with them

ATS Euromaster Has Warned Of Vehicle Downtime Due To MOT Demand

A massive rise in demand for MOTs and servicing could see fleets facing significant vehicle downtime, according to ATS Euromaster…

Business Travel: New DfT Survey Reveals Impact Of Pandemic

A new survey, conducted by the Department for Transport (DfT), has revealed how the coronavirus pandemic has affected business travel

Grey Fleet Issues Continue To Get Worse, According To Report

A new report has suggested that grey fleet issues and complications continue to worsen, putting businesses and drivers at risk…

Government Urged To Provide Company Car Tax Clarity Beyond 2025

The government is being urged by fleet decision-makers to announce its long-term plans for company car tax beyond 2024/5… The

Four In Ten British Drivers Would Rather Purchase A Zero-Emission Car

A recent survey has revealed that four in ten British drivers would rather their next car purchase be zero-emission… Rising

Drivers Are Adding 16 Miles To Journeys To Avoid Narrow Roads

New research has revealed that three-in-ten British motorists are adding 16 miles to their journeys in order to avoid the

The Semiconductor Shortage Will ‘Outlast’ The Coronavirus Pandemic

Warnings are being issued to fleet decision-makers that the global semiconductor shortage will outlast the coronavirus pandemic… Semiconductor Woes To

The Price Of Diesel Has Now Reached A Seven-Year High

Unfortunately for fleets, new figures from the RAC have confirmed that the price of diesel has now reached a seven-year

Apply CAZ Restrictions To Major Roads, Says Manchester Mayor

Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, wants CAZ restrictions to apply to major roads that are controlled by Highways

Drivers Want Motorway Speed Limits Reduced In Wet Weather

A significant majority of drivers want motorway speed limits reduced during wet weather, new research has revealed… Reduced Speeds in

Zero-Emission HGVs To Receive £20 Million In Government Funding

The Department for Transport will be spending a considerable £20 million promoting electric and hydrogen-powered HGVs and trucks… Funding for

Grey Fleet: Pan-European Research Reveals Significant Risks

Research conducted throughout Europe has shed light on the dangers and risks associated with grey fleet vehicles… Grey Fleet Risks 

Asda Has Announced That It Wants An All-Electric Car Fleet By 2025

In a first for a British supermarket, Asda has announced plans to convert its car fleet to all-electric vehicles by

Transport for London Rolls Out New Smart Cameras

Transport for London (TfL) has rolled out new smart cameras in order to enforce traffic rules throughout the city… TfL

Shell Will Install 800 EV Chargers At Waitrose By 2025

Shell, the multinational energy company, will be installing 800 EV chargers at Waitrose stores by 2025. Increasing its UK total

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Plan To Be All-Electric By 2030

Mercedes-Benz has produced a new plan, outlining how it intends to become an all-electric brand by the end of the

Transport Committee Questions DLVA On Application Delays

The Transport Committee has questioned the DVLA concerning ongoing and critical delays in processing driving license applications… Transport Committee to

People Want Tougher Policies To Meet 2050 Decarbonisation Target

A new survey has revealed that a significant majority of people favour tougher policies in meeting the government’s 2050 decarbonisation

Tesla Is Opening Its Supercharger Network To Other Brands

Tesla has officially announced that it’ll be opening up its vast supercharger network to other EV brands later this year…

Shocking Speeding Figures During First Lockdown Revealed In New Stats

More than half of all British drivers exceeded speed limits in 2020, with many taking advantage of near-deserted roads… ‘Shocking’

Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone Trial Has Been Postponed

Oxford’s upcoming zero emission zone trial has been indefinitely delayed, with “unforeseen technical issues” being to blame… Oxford’s Zero Emission

Local Authorities Want More Powers To Decarbonise Transport

Local authorities throughout the country want additional powers that would make it easier for them to decarbonise transportation options… Powers

The New Car Market Will Face ‘Significant’ Challenges

If the semiconductor shortage wasn’t enough, the new car market is due to experience ‘significant’ challenges. That’s according to Cox

Electric Car Ranges Need To Be More Accurate, Says Fleet Evolution

According to Fleet Evolution, the stated ranges of electric cars need to be become more accurate so that company car

Vauxhall: Saved Ellesmere Port Will Make Electric Vans

Vauxhall has announced that it’ll be converting its Ellesmere Port facility to become an electric van production plant… Ellesmere Port

Thrifty Is Installing EV Chargers At All Of Its British Sites

Thrifty Car & Van Rental has started to roll out charging infrastructure at its UK locations, in response to increased demand

Highway Code Advice On Motorways Is ‘Long Overdue’

GEM Motoring Assist, a road safety and breakdown company, has welcomed new advice from the Highway Code concerning motorways –

Manchester Fleets To Receive £120 Million In Support

Greater Manchester will be setting aside £120 million to support fleets preparing themselves for the city’s upcoming clean air zone

Petrol Prices Nearly Reach Highest Level In Eight Years

Petrol prices have risen to what is nearly an eight-year high, following a series of consecutive monthly increases… Petrol Prices

SMMT: How To Prepare The UK’s Car Industry For Electric Vehicles

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has proposed 12 policies that, it believes, will prepare the UK’s car industry

Police Lorries Expose Bizarre And Dangerous Driver Behaviours

Police are taking the roads in unmarked HGVs in order to catch unsuspecting motorists committing driving offences – some of

Think Tank Wants Early Ban For Fleet ICE Vehicles

A think tank is calling on the government to introduce a significantly earlier ban for ICE fleet vehicles, including cars

UK Only Has 15% Of Chargers Required For Net Zero Targets

The UK only has 15% of the electric car chargers required to meet net zero targets, according to a new

Semiconductor Shortage Has Cut UK Car Production By 50%

The ongoing semiconductor shortage continues to ravage the automotive industry. In the UK, car production has declined by a staggering

Half Of All British Drivers Picked Up ‘Dangerous’ Habits Over Lockdown

Nearly half of all British drivers have potentially picked up ‘dangerous’ driving habits over the course of national lockdowns… Dangerous

Audi Will Launch New All-Electric Models From 2026

Audi has announced that all of its new cars will be all-electric from 2026, as its diesels and petrols are

Driver Training Linked To Improved Range In Electric Cars

A new driver training programme has managed to increase the overall range of fleet plug-in vehicles by an impressive 20%…

Government Decarbonisation Plan Delayed For Lacking ‘Ambition’

A long awaited plan to decarbonise the UK’s transport sector has been delayed by the government for lacking ‘ambition’… Decarbonisation

Councils Will Be Able To Issue Traffic Fines From December

Councils across the country will soon receive significant new powers, allowing them to issue traffic fines from December… New Powers

Semiconductor Shortage Continues To Shutdown Production Lines

The ongoing semiconductor shortage is continuing to disrupt the automotive industry, with more manufacturers having to cut production… Semiconductor Shortage

A Staggering Four Million Brits Have Fallen Asleep At The Wheel

New research has determined that a shocking four million British drivers have fallen at the wheel at some point… Asleep

Renault Zoe Capable of 475 Miles On A Single Charge When Hypermiling

The Renault Zoe E-Tech can cover a staggering 475 miles on a single charge, as demonstrated by a recent hypermiling

EV Demand Has Now Surpassed Diesel In Leasing Sector

The demand for electric vehicles has now surpassed that of diesels in the leasing sector, according to new industry figures…

The AA Is Warning Drivers To Protect Their Children And Pets This Summer

According to the AA, 500 children and pets were locked in cars last summer; putting them at substantial risk. It’s

The UK’s Energy Suppliers Have Pledged To Electrify Their Fleets By 2030

Britain’s largest energy suppliers are planning to turn their backs on petrol and diesel; pledging to electrify their fleets by

A Quarter Of British Fleets Are Operating More Vehicles Post-Pandemic

One in four British fleets are running more vehicles than they did prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic…

The UK Is Facing A ‘Catastrophic’ Lorry Driver Shortage

The UK’s trucking industry has warned the government that driver shortages have now reached crisis levels and is requesting immediate

Autonomous Cars Will Need To Face A ‘Digital MOT’

Autonomous cars are still nowhere near reaching consumers, but that isn’t stopping the government from preparing for them. New Department

Easing Lockdown Restrictions See Insurance Claims Rise By 30%

Easing lockdown restrictions have seen more drivers take to the roads. As a consequence, insurance claims are once again on

Transport for London To Receive £1 Billion For Significant Reforms

Transport for London is due to receive £1.08bn additional funding in order to carry out far-reaching, post-Covid reforms… Transport for

Fleets Are Facing Their “Worst Ever” Vehicle Delays

Fleets all across the UK are facing some of the longest vehicle delays ever, according to software specialist FleetCheck… Worst

Toyota Is Launching A ‘Ground-breaking’ 10-Year Warranty

Toyota is launching what it hopes to be an industry-leading, 10-year warranty programme for new and used vehicles… Toyota’s 10-Year

A Third Of Drivers Had A Collision Or Near-Miss In 2019

A third of British adults were involved in a collision or near-miss over the course of 2019; according to research.

Electric Cars: A Single Charge Will Cover Weekly Travel For Most

New research suggests that most drivers could cover their weekly travel via a single charge of an electric vehicle… One

A Third Of Fleets Are Breaking Health And Safety Laws

A third of British fleet decision-makers have yet to introduce a company vehicle policy. As a result, they’re breaking the

Average Age Of British Cars Reaches Record High

According to new figures, the average age of a British car now sits at 8.4-years-old. That’s the highest figure since

EVs May Herald Road-Use Charges To Replace Lost Fuel Tax Revenue

The government has been advised that it will need to tax electric vehicles for road use. This, it’s claimed, will

11,000 Drivers Still On The Road Have 12 Penalty Points Or More

A charity is urging both the DVLA and courts to take action against drivers accumulating excessive penalty points. Recent figures

New Department for Transport Figures Highlight Grey Fleet Growth

New figures released by the Department for Transport (DfT) have highlighted the decline of business driving and the growth of

Electric Cars Account For The Vast Majority Of Salary Sacrifice Vehicles

Almost nine out of ten salary sacrifice cars are now electric, according to new figures. This represents a massive increase

Driver Safety: Training Beats Technology, According To Road Charity

Fleets are missing out on opportunities to improve driver safety, all because they’re relying too much on technology… Training Beats

Fleets Unlikely To Receive Notice Concerning Future Plug-In Grant Cuts

The government has stated that it’s unlikely fleets will receive prior notice concerning future cuts to the plug-in car grant…

Mobile Phones Have Caused Millions Of Crashes In The UK

Everyone knows the dangers of driving whilst using a mobile phone. But, despite the risks being obvious, a significant amount

Here’s Why Your Fleet Drivers Shouldn’t Be Smoking In Their Vehicles

Smoking’s an expensive habit and is probably one of the worst things you can do to your health. If you

Four in Ten Fleets Are Planning A ‘Rapid’ Uptake of BEVs

Four in ten fleets are planning a ‘rapid’ uptake of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), according to the Arval Mobility Observatory…

Most Drivers Wouldn’t Admit To Denting Another Car

Denting a car is easily done, especially on increasingly outdated car parks; too small for the latest models. But if

Tailgating Is Causing Up To Ten Fleet Accidents A Week

Tailgating van drivers are causing a staggering ten injuries a week; making it one of the most common causes of van

Half Of All Van Drivers Are Using Their Phones At The Wheel

Van drivers are putting their livelihoods at risk by using phones at the wheel. It raises severe duty of care

Is The Car Industry Overlooking Brake And Tyre Pollution?

The Government is urging the automotive industry to tackle pollution caused by tyres and braking systems. It follows a report

Car Manufacturers Want Diesel And Petrol Ban To Start From 2035

Car manufacturers are lobbying the government to push back the planned fuel ban from 2030 to the more ‘realistic’ date

Fleets Warned Of Global Semiconductor Shortage Impact

Fleets are being warned of the impact of the global semiconductor shortage, especially concerning the availability of certain car and

Will Hydrogen Ever Be A Safe Option For British Fleets?

Hydrogen is often cited as a potential replacement for petrol and diesel powertrains; despite lagging severely behind EVs. But a

Here’s How Ghost Markings Could Derail Driverless Car Plans

There are many reasons why driverless cars are taking so long to reach our roads. But the weirdest has to

Drivetrain Components Cause Majority Of SMR Disputes

The are all sorts of reasons as to why SMR disputes might arise but, according to new data, drivetrain components

A Fifth Of Vehicles Are Yet To Be Retested After MOT Extension

New figures have revealed that one-in-five vehicles have yet to be retested following the end of the MOT extension… One

Advanced Enforcement Cameras Catch 100,000 Drivers On Their Phones

New camera technology that can specifically target drivers who use their phones are being permanently installed in Australia. Over a

Charles Hurst Group To Spend £3.5 Million On EVs

The Charles Hurst Group is spending a massive £3.5 million on the electrification of its fleet vehicles and an extensive

Are Grey Fleet Drivers Behind Latest Emissions Drop?

Average CO2 emissions for fleets have recently declined, but could grey fleet drivers ultimately be responsible for the drop? Are

Rightmileaging Will Be Key For Post-Covid Fleet Success

Rightmileaging, or accurately predicting future mileage in company car leases, will become increasingly important post-covid… Rightmileaging Post-Covid  FleetCheck, a telematics

Average Emissions Of Leased Vehicles Fall Below 100g/km

The average CO2 emissions for new car registrations in the UK have fallen below 100g/km for the first time for

New AI System Claims It Can Prevent 90% Of Car Crashes

A new behavioural AI system can, according to its manufactures, prevent up to 90% of all car crashes in the

Duty of Care: Is Your Fleet Taking Tyre Management Seriously?

Tyre management is a fundamental aspect of an effective duty of care policy; regardless of how big or small a

Is Driver Back Pain Costing Your Business Money?

There are roughly four million vans in the UK, with there being many more van drivers. Now research has revealed

Driverless Cars Won’t Have Significant Impact On Accidents, Study Claims

Autonomous vehicles promise to revolutionise the automotive industry. But new research has cast doubts on how much safer they’ll make

Pothole Damage Equated To £1.3 Billion Repair Bill In 12 Months

New research has shed light on the damage caused by the nation’s pothole pandemic. It equated to a £1.3 billion

British Fleets Are The Best Placed For Electrification, Claims Study

Fleets operating in the UK are the best placed to pursue a policy of electrification, transitioning their cars and vans

Engine-Idling Fleets Could Face Massive Fines In London

Westminster City Council is calling for large fines for drivers of company vehicles that leave their engines idling. The call

Could London One Day Become A ‘Car-Free’ City?

A think tank has called for London to become completely car-free from 2030. Instead of private vehicles, it calls for

Parliament Group Wants Mandatory Alcolocks ASAP

The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) is calling for the introduction of mandatory alcolocks for convicted drink-drivers… Mandatory

Heading To London? Your Next Taxi Could Be Powered By Hydrogen

An increasing number of fleets, including taxi services, are now using a variety of hydrogen powered vehicles in London… Putting

Car Battery Failures Up By A Third Over Lockdown

New data has revealed that car battery failures have risen by a third over the course of the nation’s lockdown.

EV Technology Is Advancing So Quickly It’s Stunting Fleet Adoption

Why aren’t there more electric vehicles in the fleet industry? All sorts of explanations have been provided, from range-anxiety to

In-Car Tech Found To Be More Distracting For Older Drivers

In-car technology is becoming increasingly common and evermore sophisticated. Whether it’s heated seats, self-parking or precision satellite navigation, there’s always

Would You Ditch Your Car To Fight Climate Change?

If you thought you could save the planet by driving a hybrid or EV, think again. MPs are convinced you

Netflix, But For Cars: The Rise Of Car Subscription Services

Owning a car is expensive business. Whether it’s fuel, insurance or the price of the vehicle itself, few things are

We Need To Rethink The Range Figures For Electric Cars

Range Anxiety is said to be one of the biggest obstacles to the mass-adoption of electric vehicles. But now, it’s

Company Cars Are The Least-Polluting On The Roads

Company cars remain the least-polluting on the roads, according to new figures. The news comes in spite of the fact

Here’s Why Your Bus Service Will Probably Be Zero-Emission By 2025

Your pollution-emitting bus could soon be getting considerably cleaner. The Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) wants to go zero emission

Self-Driving Cars: Everything The Government Needs To Prepare For

Self-driving cars are coming, it’s an indisputable fact. Automakers and tech giants are pouring billions into, what they perceive to

Driver Safety: Here’s Everything Your Fleet Needs To Be Doing

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), road accidents will be the 5th global cause of deaths by 2030. This,

Does Mobility As A Service Really Pose A Threat To Company Cars?

According to some industry analysts, we’re on the verge of a ‘mobility revolution’. At the heart of this is the

Air Quality: Do The Nation’s Congestion Zones Really Work?

Nearly 18 years ago, the Congestion Charge was introduced in London. Since then, a range of initiatives have been introduced

Road Signs Could Be A Thing Of The Past By 2027

A report has suggested that, as a result of increased vehicle road connectivity, road signs and signals will be rendered

Fleet Drivers Disinterested In Using A Mobility Solution

More and more businesses are investing in so-called mobility solutions; alternatives to conventional ways of getting to and from work.

Is Your Fleet’s Mobile Phone Policy Putting Drivers At Risk?

Employers are needlessly putting their drivers at risk by expecting them to always answer their mobile phone. That’s according to

Driverless Vehicles: British Drivers Still Sceptical Of Autonomous Tech

Driverless vehicles are the marmite of the automotive industry, dividing industry experts and consumers alike. But a new report has

Back Pain In Drivers Is Costing Fleets An Absolute Fortune…

According to Volvo, back pain is causing a third of British drivers to take a day off each year; causing

Do Van Drivers Need Their Own Dedicated Parking Spaces?

It’s not easy being a van driver. Long hours, tight deadlines and poorly maintained roads all take their toll. But

E10 Petrol To Officially Launch In The UK In September

E10 petrol, which can reduce CO2 emissions thanks to its ethanol content, is due to become available at UK fuel

Supreme Court: Uber Drivers Are Officially Workers

The Supreme Court has ruled that Uber must classify its drivers as workers, and not simply as being ‘self-employed’. The

What Does The Future Hold For Company Cars And Mobility Solutions?

In the future, business transport will consist of a mix between company cars and various mobility solutions. That’s according new

Majority Of Fleets Are Tactically Using Toll Roads

Over half of the nation’s fleets are happy for their drivers to use toll roads and then reclaim costs; providing

Company Cars: Would Your Employees Quit Without Them?

A staggering six out of ten company car drivers would give up their jobs if they lost the employee benefit.

Fleet Drivers Cite Stress As A Major Cause Of Accidents

New research has revealed that one in ten drivers feel that work-related stress is the biggest cause of accidents… The

These Are The Most Stolen And Recovered Cars Of 2020

New data has shed light on which cars are the most stolen, and recovered, in the UK. Not to mention

Driver Shortage: How Fleets Can Remain Competitive

The UK is facing a chronic driver shortage. Whether it’s for HGVs or vans, companies and fleets are struggling to

Britain’s EV Charging Network Isn’t Keeping Up With Demand

The UK’s charging network is, whilst growing, failing to keep up with consumer demand. That’s according to a new study

Drink Driving Deaths Reach Highest Levels In A Decade

New statistics released by the government have revealed that deaths caused by drink driving are at their highest levels in

Driver Behaviour: How To Promote Responsible Driving

Driver behaviour can have an extraordinary affect on the effectiveness of a fleet; regardless of its size. But encouraging drivers

Here’s Why Your Business Should Be Offering Company Cars

Company cars are amongst some of the most-cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly ways for your employees to travel. Here’s

Automatic Cars Outsell Manual Equivalents For The First Time

The market for automatic cars has grown so quickly that, for the first time, sales have exceeded those of their

London Congestion Charge Fines Far Outweigh Payments

Revenue from fines issued as a part of the London Congestion Charge far outweigh that of regular payments, according to

Driving Whilst Unwell: A Serious Duty Of Care Risk For Fleets

A shocking amount of motorists are taking to the roads whilst ill or injured, raising serious duty of care considerations

Fleet Running Costs: Ten Ways To Cut Them Back

A Fleet’s running costs can easy skyrocket if they’re not properly managed. Whether it’s vehicle maintenance, fuel or accidents, there

Breaking Down In Electric Vehicles: What You Need To Know

The sales figures for electric vehicles are at an all time high in the UK. But what happens when they

Fleets Responsible For Two-Thirds Of All EV Orders

Registrations for pure electric vehicles in the UK are up by a massive 185%, and two-thirds of them have been

Majority Of Drivers Opposed To Removing Hard Shoulder

The majority of British drivers feel that removing the hard shoulder on motorways is dangerous. That’s according to a survey

Hydrogen HGVs: Major Players Agree To Collaborate On New Tech

Some of Europe’s largest truck manufacturers have agreed to collaborate on the production of mass-market hydrogen-powered HGVs… Mass-Market Hydrogen HGVs? 

Over 80,000 Drivers Have Nine Penalty Points On Their Licenses

Data from the DLVA has revealed that a whopping 80,000 drivers have nine penalty points on their licenses. It means

EV Adoption: Eight Challenges Fleet Decision-Makers Face

Fleets need more than a ‘green’ agenda in order to pursue EV adoption in earnest. There are all sorts of

Eight Ways You Can Slash Your Fleet’s Impact On The Environment

It’s probably not the the priority for most fleets, but ‘going green’ entails benefits beyond a sense of moral superiority.

Drivers ‘Support’ Smart Motorways, But Are Unsure Of The Rules

Most drivers welcome smart motorways and the advantages they offer in terms of congestion and emissions. However, many are unsure

Being Hit Whilst Parked Was The Most Common Car Accident In 2020

New figures have revealed that being hit whilst parked was the most common type of car accident in 2020, accounting

Everything SMEs Need To Know About Fleet Management

Almost every business will have a fleet of some description, grey or otherwise. But is yours being properly managed and

Driver Retention: Everything Your Fleet Should Be Doing

Drivers are in short supply, with many vacancies going unfilled. In addition, many are leaving their positions between six to

Fleet Drivers Are At A ‘Higher Risk’ Than Other Motorists

The risks faced by company car drivers, whether in a car or van, are higher than those faced by regular

Self-Driving Vehicles To Bring ‘Considerable Economic Benefits’ to UK

The UK’s early investments in self-driving and connected vehicles will yield significant economic benefits, according to a new report… ‘Considerable

Company Cars Are No Longer ‘Status Symbols’, Claims BVRLA

The future of company cars isn’t as clear as it once was. According to BVRLA, it has something to do

Motorway Live Lanes: Nearly 20,000 Drivers Have Been Stranded

Nearly 20,000 motorists have broken down in motorway live lines over the last two years alone. It raises questions as

Electrification: Skill And Vehicle Shortages Could Hold Fleets Back

Fleets are being warned that a combination of skill and vehicle shortages could hold them back from the electrification of

Looking Beyond Lockdown: Fleets Should Prepare, According To Epyx

Fleets of all sizes are being advised to consider ‘life beyond lockdown’, preparing for a return to regular operations once

Norway: Electric Cars Now Represent 54% Of The Car Market

Norway has become the first country in the world where the sales of electric cars have outperformed those that rely

EV Sales Have Doubled Year-On-Year, And it’s Largely Thanks To Fleets

EV sales have doubled year-on-year in the UK, and it’s largely thanks to fleets taking advantage of new company car

Lockdown: MOT Centres Will Remain Open For Tests

The government has confirmed that MOT centres across the country will remain open over the course of the third national

Brexit: Supply Of Cars and Vans Could Be Disrupted

Despite avoiding tariffs, gaps in Westminster’s Brexit deal could cause the supply of vans and cars in the UK to

ICE Ban: A Third Of Fleets Lack Confidence In 2030 Deadline

New research has revealed that a third of British fleets lack confidence in the government’s plan to ban the sale

AdBlue: Call Outs Are Declining, But Fleets Still Need To Do More

According to the AA, the number of AdBlue related call outs are declining. However, fleet decision-makers still need to do

Business Drivers: Accident Rate Remains Unchanged For A Decade

The accident rate for business drivers has remained unchanged for a decade. Industry analysts are calling on fleets to do

Targeted Approach ‘Best Way’ Of Addressing Pavement Parking

A road safety charity believes that a targeted approach, rather than a blanket ban, is the best way to address

Roadworks Are Being Cleared In Anticipation Of Christmas Traffic

The government is suspending nearly 800 miles of roadworks across the country, in anticipation of significant traffic over the Christmas

Honda: Production Pauses In UK Due To Parts Shortage

Honda has announced that it’ll be pausing production of its cars in the UK this week due to Brexit-related parts

Incorrect Tyres Contribute To Unnecessary Fleet Costs

Fleets are facing unnecessary expenses and running costs due to vehicles being fitted with incorrect and inappropriate tyres… Incorrect Tyres

Second Lockdown Causes Car Registrations To Decline By 27.4%

The second national lockdown caused car registrations to decline by 27.4%, according to new figures published by the SMMT… Second

Number Of Public Charge Points Is Up 18%, Confirms DfT

The Department for Transport has announced that the number of public charge points has risen by 18% in the past

M6: UK’s Most Expensive Toll To Be Increased To £6.90

If you regularly pass the M6 toll, we’ve got bad news. The country’s most expensive road toll has been increased

The Majority Of Drivers In The UK Aren’t Using The Dutch Reach Technique

Despite an increasing emphasis from the government, the majority of drivers in the UK are unfamiliar with the Dutch reach

Number Of Breath Tests Is Due To Double In December

The police are due to double the number of breath tests they make in December. It’s part of a clampdown

Rear-End Shunts Remain ‘Most Common’ Car Accident

Rear-end shunts remain the most common type of car accident in the UK. That’s despite a nationwide clampdown on tailgating…

How To Prepare Fleet Drivers For Winter Conditions

Winter can pose challenges for drivers regardless of their skills and experience. Which is why it’s crucial that fleet decision-makers

It’s Official, Parking Spaces Are Now Too Small For Our Cars

New research has proven that, as the sizes of our cars have grown so considerably, parking spaces (and infrastructure) are

Why Low-Emission Fleet Vehicles Are Good For Business

New research suggests that a rising awareness of climate change has led to consumers developing a more favourable view of

Driver Error Remains Main Cause Of Road Accidents, Research Suggests

New research has revealed the main causes of road accidents. Whilst there are various factors at play, driver error remains

Decision-Makers Don’t Understand Grey Fleet Implications

New research has revealed that there’s widespread ignorance amongst fleet decision-makers when it comes to the implications of grey fleets…

Highways England Workers Urged To Report Abuse

Highways England is urging its workers to report instances of abuse. Cases have risen over the course of lockdown, despite

Hybrid Cars To Remain On Sale Until 2035, Despite Fuel Ban

The government has confirmed that, despite a 2030 fuel ban, hybrid cars will remain on sale until 2035. Here’s what

Here’s What The Fleet Industry Makes Of The 2030 Fuel Ban

The government has confirmed that a fuel ban will be introduced in 2030, affecting petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles. Here’s

Seat Has Struck Its Biggest Ever Fleet Deal In The UK

Spanish car manufacturer Seat has managed to secure its biggest ever fleet deal in the UK, opening up a new

UK Fuels Network Expands To 300 Sainsbury’s Sites

UK Fuels is set to expand its fuel card network to three hundred Sainsbury’s sites across the country. The expansion

Hitachi Believes Fleets Should Be ‘Confident’ About Electrification

Hitachi Capital Vehicles Solutions, which specialises in vehicle leasing, has urged fleets of all sizes to be confident when it

Driver Retention: How Fleets Can Keep Their Top Talent

Good drivers, fleet or otherwise, are in short supply. Which is why keeping the top performing drivers in your fleet

UK’s Used Car Market Has Finally Bounced Back In Q3

The UK’s used car market has ‘bounced back’ in Q3, according to new sales figures. The recovery follows two consecutive

UK Trucks To Become Longer And Greener Under New Rules

The government has launched a consultation to officially end the longer semi-trailer (LST) trial. It means longer, ‘greener’ HGVs and

Home Office To Launch Crackdown On Illegal Number Plates

The Home Office is planning to launch a crackdown on illegal number plates. Criminals use them to ‘clone’ vehicles and

MOT Bookings Surge, Despite Garages Remaining Open Over Lockdown

Garages across the country have been inundated with MOT bookings, as drivers panic in the face of the second national

Vehicle Downtime: How Fleets Can Take Action Against Lost Time

All fleets face costly vehicle downtime and, every day they’re off the road, money is wasted. Here’s how to keep

The £15 London Congestion Charge Will Continue, TfL Confirms

Transport for London has confirmed that the ‘temporary’ increase of the cost of the Congestion Charge to £15 will continue…

Brake Replacements Most Common Fleet Maintenance Issue

Fleet vehicles are most likely to visit a garage for brake pad and disk replacements, according to a new analysis

Britain’s EV Charging Infrastructure Called ‘Not Fit-For-Purpose’

Britain’s EV charging infrastructure has been branded as ‘not fit-for-purpose’ by one of Britain’s leading car leasing voices… Inadequate Charging

Police Urged To Change Speed Camera Enforcement Strategy

Police forces are being urged to adopt a new speed camera enforcement strategy in order to reduce road deaths and

Leeds Says Clean Air Zone Is ‘No Longer Required’

Leeds City Council has claimed that a clean air zone is no longer required. It claims fleets have switched to

Private Parking Companies Want To Clamping Powers Back

Private parking companies are lobbying the government to restore powers that would allow them to clamp and tow on private

Pavement Parking: Drivers Could Face Tougher Penalties

Pavement parking motorists could soon face tougher penalties. Councils are due to receive new powers in a move to ‘put

Drivers Are Sending Dash Cam Footage To Police In ‘Record Numbers’

More drivers are submitting dash cam footage to police forces than ever before, with a 78% rise over the last

Killer Drivers: Two-Thirds Of Motorists Want Tougher Sentences

New research has revealed that broad support exists amongst the public for issuing tougher sentences for killer drivers… Tougher Sentences

Ford Kuga ‘Fire Risk’ Means Company May Miss Emission Targets

Ford is frantically looking to share excess CO2 emission credits. The stalled launch of its Kuga PHEV model means it

Peugeot Launches A Restoration Service For Heritage Cars

Peugeot is officially launching a restoration service for its heritage vehicles. It’s due to be available to the public sometime

For Large Fleets, Coronavirus Will Increase Company Car Demand

New research suggests that the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic will actually increase demand for company cars among large

Drug Driving Charges Have Risen Dramatically By 125%

Since new laws were introduced, the number of motorists caught and charged with drug driving has dramatically increased… Drug Driving

Police Scotland Are Installing 1,000 Charge Points To Aid Electrification

Police Scotland has partnered with BP Chargemaster to install 1,000 charge points. It’s the largest deal of its kind in

Homeworking And Why It’s Giving Fleets A Headache

Homeworking is giving fleets a headache, as they struggle to deal with new classifications of employee journeys… Homeworking And Fleets 

Driving Bans: Job Losses Now Considered To Be ‘Inevitable Consequence’

New guidelines will see speeding drivers issued with driving bans, regardless of whether they cost them their employment… Job Losses

75% Of The UK’s Air Quality Zones Still Have Illegal Levels Of Pollution

According to various climate lawyers, a staggering 75% of the UK’s air quality zones remain in breach of legal air

British Fleet Industry Pledges To Have 400,000 Electric Vehicles By 2025

The British fleet industry is embracing electrification, having pledged to purchase 400,000 electric vehicles annually by 2025… 400,000 Fleet Vehicles

Uber Rival Ola Refused License To Operate In London

The ride-hailing firm Ola, and up-and-coming rival of Uber, has been denied a license to operate in London due to

Company Cars: Most Government Subsidies Fund Polluting Models

The UK and the EU collectively subsidise businesses with £29 billion a year towards new vehicles. But research has revealed

New Car Sales: Industry Faces Worst September In Two Decades

The British automotive industry has experienced its worst September in two decades – despite the arrival of a plate-change… September

Company Cars: New Figures Reveal Massive Decline Of 30,000

The number of people paying company car tax has fallen by 30,000, according to new figures from the HMRC… Massive

SMMT Launches New Scheme To Protect Automotive Jobs

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) is launching a new scheme designed to protect jobs in the automotive

‘Major’ Defleeting Expected In Light Of The Coronavirus

Coronavirus and Brexit are making it “almost impossible” for the remarketing sector to make long-term plans. In addition, ‘major’ defleeting

Uber Granted London License Despite “Historic Failings”

Ride-hailing giant Uber has been granted an 18-month license to operate in London after winning an appeal in court… An

Chancellor’s Plans Welcomed By The Fleet Industry

The Chancellor’s plans to protect jobs over the course of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic have been welcomed

The Five Ways Coronavirus Has Changed The Fleet Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the fleet industry and its long-term trajectory. Here’s five ways it’s being transformed… Clean Air

£1.2 Billion Investment Could Fix Britain’s Most Dangerous Roads

A new report suggests that a £1.2 billion investment in the nation’s most dangerous roads could help prevent 8,000 injuries…

Travel Patterns: Two Thirds Of Brits Have Yet To Return To Normal

New research has revealed that two-thirds of Brits have yet to return to their regular travel patterns due to the

Fleet Managers Receiving Penalty Points For Employee Driving Offences

Fleet managers are at risk of receiving penalty points for employee driver offences, under little-known legislation…  Penalty Points For Fleet

Petrol And Diesel Car Ban Set For 2030, According To Reports

The government is bringing forward the ban on new diesel and petrol car sales to 2030, according to reports… A

Kia Plans To Offer Seven Electric Car Models By 2027

Kia is accelerating its electrification plans and intends to offer seven electric car models by 2027. With the first arriving

Infotainment Systems: Dealers Need To Do More To Educate Customers

A road-safety charity is calling on car dealerships to better educate their customers in how to safely use the latest

The UK Is To Become A Hydrogen World Leader Under New Plans

The British government is producing a series of new plans under which the UK is to become a world-leading hydrogen

Renault Has Launched An Anti-Idling Campaign To Improve Air-Quality

Renault has officially launched its ‘Be Mindful, Don’t Idle’ anti-idling campaign. It wants to improve air-quality around schools and public

Fleet Operators Divided Over Whether To ‘Advance’ Or ‘Consolidate’

Two schools of thought have emerged amongst fleet operators under the coronavirus pandemic, with some looking to advance and others

Diesel And Petrol Cars Could Cost An Extra £1,500 Under New Proposals

Up to £1,500 could be added to the price of new petrol and diesel cars in order to fund the

World EV Day: Government Promises More Charge Points

Wednesday was World EV Day, a day to celebrate electric car-ownership. To mark the day, the government pledged to roll

Uber Has Pledged To Have An All-Electric Fleet By 2040

Uber has pledged to have an all-electric fleet by 2040, with its vehicles being electric models in American, Canadian and

Mitsubishi To Provide Two-Year Vehicle Stock Guarantee

Mitsubishi has stated that it has enough stock for its key models to remain on sale for two years, before

The Fleet Industry Is Bracing For A Company Car Cull

The fleet industry is bracing itself for a widespread company car cull, as job losses continue in the aftermath of

Driving Licenses Have Been Extended By 11 Months

Motorists with a driving license, or entitlement to drive, due to expire between February 1 and December 31, 2020 have

The UK Has 5% Of The Electric Car Chargers It’ll Need By 2030

According to new research, the UK has just 5% of the chargers it’ll need if it’s to meet its electric

Pavement Parking: The Government Is Weighing-Up A Ban

The government is weighing-up the pros and cons of banning pavement parking, which it believes is an “inherent danger for

Used Electric Car Values Are Still Struggling To Hold Firm

Used electric cars are still struggling to retain the value, despite strong performances from used petrol and diesel models in

UK Car Production Fell By 20.8% In July, New Figures Reveal

Car production in the UK continued to decline in July, both for the home market and for export, according to

Air Pollution: Here’s How Drivers Can Protect Themselves

For fleets, air pollution is usually discussed in terms of clean air zones and the expenses they entail. But they

Van Drivers: These Are Their Top 10 Biggest Annoyances

There are around 3.3 million van drivers in the UK, with many of them playing a vital role in our

Tesla: A Hatchback Model Is Planned To Tackle Volkswagen’s ID.3

Tesla is progressively expanding its range to include SUVs, saloons and, yes, a ‘Cybertruck’. Now, however, it’s looking to offer

Salary Sacrifice Schemes Could Solve Post-Lockdown Grey Fleet Issues

Businesses can use salary sacrifice schemes to address post-lockdown grey fleet woes, according to a fleet management company… Grey Fleet

Mobility As A Service: A Few Unanswered Questions

Mobility as a service, or ‘Maas’, is the next big thing in the world of transport. But a few unanswered

Leeds: Clean Air Zone Has Been Put On Hold (Again)

Leeds has put its plans for a clean air zone indefinitely on hold, following a reduction in air pollution post-lockdown…

Just 13% Of Drivers Stick To 20mph Speed Limits

New research has revealed that a paltry 13% of British drivers obey 20mph speed limits, putting other road-users at risk…

Jaguar Land Rover Wants Hydrogen Models By 2030

Whilst other automakers are zealously pursuing electrification, Jaguar Land Rover’s ‘Project Zeus’ is looking to create a number hydrogen models

Campaigners Want A 15% EV Quota Imposed On Car Manufacturers

Campaigners are calling on the government to impose a 15% EV quota on car manufacturers, claiming they’re now suitable for

Fleet Vehicle Sales Failed To Recover Over The Course Of July

Fleet vehicle sales failed to recover in July, according to new figures. This is despite growing demand amongst private motorists…

Engine Idling Can Contribute To Slower Covid-19 Recoveries

A new campaign in London is looking to raise awareness of engine idling and the effect it can have on

London ULEZ: Transport for London Prepares For Expansion

Transport for London is preparing for the future expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to the North and

Manic Mondays: When People Are Most Likely To Buy A Car

New research has revealed that, post-coronavirus, people are most likely to buy a car online at midday on Mondays. With

82% Of Drivers Want Diesel And Petrol Ban Brought Forward

A new survey suggests that the majority of drivers want an earlier ban on the sale of new diesel and

Grey Fleet Represents ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Post-Lockdown

Changes in how we work post-lockdown could turn grey fleet considerations into a ‘ticking time bomb’, according to Venson… ‘A

Parking Sensors De-Skill Drivers, Claim Fleet Decision-Makers

Parking sensors are meant to make cars safer. However, an increasing number of fleets are expressing concerns that they may

Hybrid Cars: A Third Of Drivers Don’t Know What They Are

A new survey has revealed that a third of British drivers aren’t aware of what hybrid cars are. Not to

The DVSA Is Urging Drivers To Book Their MOTs ASAP

The DVSA is urging drivers to get their cars booked in for MOTs at the earliest possible date. It’s concerned

One In Three Company Car And Van Orders Are Now Electric

A third of all company car and van orders are now for electric models, according to new figures. It means

Ex-Renault Boss To Lead Jaguar Land Rover Recovery

Tata Motors, owners of Jaguar Land Rover, has appointed the former Renault boss to lead the company into a financial

Treasury Loses £2.4 Billion In Fuel Duty Because Of Lockdown

The Treasury has lost out on £2.4 billion in fuel duty because of lockdown. As a consequence, talk of road

Could The Motorway Speed Limit Be Raised To 80mph?

Last year, the Transport Secretary toyed with the idea of raising the motorway speed limit. But could it be done

Half Of Fleets Expect To Be Affected By Clean Air Zones

Nearly half of British fleets believe they’ll be affected by London’s ULEZ and the introduction of Clean Air Zones, according

Grey Fleet Use Poses ‘New Normal’ Risks For Businesses

The management of grey fleet issues is due to become even more important for businesses post-lockdown. With more people using

Ineos Automotive Considers Abandoning Welsh Factory Plans

It’s not been a good year for South Wales. Ineos Automotive is reportedly reconsidering its plans to produce its upcoming

Fleets Are Being Warned Of Drug-Driving Risks Post-Lockdown

Fleets are being warned to be vigilant after the number of drug-driving cases has spiked in the aftermath of the

Used Cars: Public Transport Fears Drive Up Demand

Lingering fear around the use of public transport is causing demand for used cars to accelerate in the UK, as

Duty Of Care: Meeting Your Grey Fleet Obligations

Almost every company has a ‘grey fleet’, whether it knows it or not. It consists of vehicles owned privately by

Driverless Cars: A £1 Million Research Project Is Preparing Motorways

A new £1 million research project is being used to prepare the nation’s motorways for the advent of completely driverless

2030 Diesel And Petrol Ban Is Achievable, Claim Fleets

A coalition of major British fleets has claimed that the government’s plan to ban the sale of new diesel and

Commercial Fleet Activity In The UK Has Recovered By 84%

Good news has been rare in the fleet and automotive industrial lately. Fortunately, commercial fleet activity has recovered by 84%…

The Split Between Car And Van Management Will Increase

Everyone in the fleet industry knows that there’s a big difference in the management of cars and vans. That difference,

Fleet Warning: Private Parking Tickets Are Up By 25%

Fleets are being warned of the financial risks posed by private parking tickets. Firms issued nearly a quarter more (24%)

The Chancellor’s Financial Statement Has ‘Disappointed’ Fleets

The summer economic plan revealed by the Chancellor involves numerous initiatives to help the UK’s economy recover post-coronavirus. But fleets

Britain Has The Second Safest Roads In All Of Europe

New figures released by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) suggest that Britain has the second safest road network in

British Gas Has Made The UK’s Largest Electric Van Order

British Gas has ordered 1,000 all-electric vans from Vauxhall. It represents the largest EV order yet made by a commercial

Electric Cars: Falling Company Car Mileages May Boost Uptake

Falling company car mileages, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, may render electric cars increasingly viable for business drivers in the

Significant MOT Delays Are Expected During Autumn

Drivers may face extensive MOT delays this autumn due to an enormous back-log that’s emerged over the course of the

Drink-Driving Incidents Could Spike After Pubs Reopen

There are fears that incidents of drink-driving could essentially spike after pubs are reopened this Saturday. As a consequence, fleets

London Mayor Stresses Importance of ULEZ in Fighting Climate Change

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has stressed the importance of London’s ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) in decisively fighting climate

Company Cars Are Still ‘Transport Choice’ For Employers

New research has revealed that company cars remain the ‘transport choice’ for employees, despite a wide variety of alterantives becoming

Fleet Management: Don’t Make These Classic Mistakes

Fleet management is a constantly evolving field, with new legislation, technology and infrastructural challenges emerging all of the time. It’s

CO2 Emissions For New Cars Have Increased Three Years Running

The average amount of CO2 emissions produced by new cars has risen for three years consecutively, despite the industry setting

Car-Sharing Will Be ‘A Thing Of The Past’ For Many After Covid

One in three drivers say that they intend to permanently stop car-sharing in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, according

The London Congestion Charge Has Risen To £15 A Day

Transport for London has announced that the price of the Congestion Charge will now sit, indefinitely, at £15 a day.

Hydrogen Fuel To Become “Essential” For HGVs, Claims Ford Boss

Electric is becoming an increasingly important powertrain within the automotive industry. According to one Ford boss, however, it’ll be hydrogen

How To Keep Your Company Drivers Properly Motivated

Fleet drivers are regularly subjected to tough working conditions and new challenges. It’s vital, then, that company’s work to keep

How To Win Your Drivers Over To Telematics Technology

Telematics have become a staple of fleet industry. But convincing drivers to embrace the technology can be a challenge. Here’s

All That Things That Make A Good Company Car

There are nearly a million company cars on the nation’s roads. Generally, they’re the safest and most modern. But what

Company Car Journey Approvals Could Be The Future

In the future, using a ‘journey approval’ system to provide company car drivers with authorisation for select trips may become

Volvo Has Announced That It’s Cutting 4,100 Jobs

Volvo is the latest car manufacturer to announce that it’ll be cutting jobs, with plans to remove some 4,100 people

Jaguar Land Rover Is Cutting 1,100 British Jobs Due To Coronavirus

Jaguar Land Rover has announced that it will be cutting 1,100 UK-based jobs due to the coronavirus. The announcement follows

Fleets Are Being Urged Not To ‘Check-Up’ On Drivers

The License Bureau has urged fleets to avoid constantly checking up on their drivers, trusting them instead to make the

Here’s How You Can Keep Your Fleet’s Fuel Costs Down

The amount of money even small fleets spend on fuel can be astronomical. Usually, it’s the second largest source of

Utility Companies Are Considering Hydrogen Vehicles

A number of British utility companies are considering using hydrogen vehicles in order to slash their fleet CO2 emissions and

British Fleets Are Committing To Electrification By 2030

A further five businesses have signed up to the Climate Group’s global electric vehicle (EV) initiative ‘EV100’. It means they

Cycle Lanes: Councils Can Now Use Cameras For Enforcement

The government has granted councils the power to use cameras to catch, and fine, drivers who misuse cycle lanes. Meaning

The Government Is Considering A £6,000 Scrappage Scheme

The government is considering offering drivers of petrol and diesel cars a £6,000 scrappage scheme in order to promote electric

Nissan’s Sunderland Plant Is “Not Sustainable” Without EU Deal

Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta has reemphasised the importance of a UK-EU free trade deal in order to secure a future

More Traffic Officers Are Needed To Cut Road Deaths