UK Car Production Rises For First Time In Nearly A Year

For the first time in eleven months, car production has finally risen in the UK after a sharp decline in

Electric Company Cars Could Ease Cost-of-Living Crisis

A leasing company has suggested that the availability of EV company cars could go some way in easing the cost-of-living

Rising Fuel Costs Have Led To Safer Driving Habits

According to new research, there’s one positive of soaring fuel prices. It’s seemingly caused drivers to adopt safer driving habits…

London’s Road Deaths Were At A Record Low In 2021

New figures have revealed that road deaths throughout London reached a record low over the course of 2021… London Road

Here’s Why Your Fleet Should Go Electric

The electrification of the automotive industry is now inevitable. But there are still benefits for fleets that make the change

Petrol Prices Could Finally Be Reaching A Turning Point

Petrol and diesel prices continue to rise in the UK. But there are some signs that things may soon improve

EV Infrastructure In The UK Faces £1.5 Billion Shortfall

A public charge point operator for EVs has raised concerns that charging infrastructure in the UK faces a funding shortfall

UK Businesses Adapting To Homeworking Faster Than EU Businesses

New research suggests that British businesses are adapting their travel policies around homeworking at a faster rate than their EU

EV Fleet Drivers Need Home Charging Training

The Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) has said that many fleet drivers aren’t aware of how to properly use home

Rapid Chargers: How Many Does Your City Have?

New figures compiled by Zap-Map have revealed which cities in the UK have the most rapid chargers for electric vehicles…

Fleets And Fuel: How To Reduce Your Costs

Fuel represents a major source of expenditure for any fleet. But a few simple steps can entail significant savings… Monitor

Could Green Fleets Actually Save Lives?

Green fleets, making extensive use of electric vehicles, could actually help to save lives by improving air-quality… Can Green Fleets

The Government May Relax Its EV Target For Trucks

The Government is considering the possibility of relaxing its electrification target for the nation’s trucks… Relaxing the EV Truck Target

The Government Has Scrapped The Plug-In Car Grant

The Government has officially scrapped the plug-in car grant, which was worth up to £1,500 off an electric vehicle… Plug-In

The AA Is Calling For Another Cut To Fuel Duty

In response to soaring fuel costs in the UK, the AA is calling on the Government to introduce a further

Van Drivers Are Turning Down Jobs Due To Fuel Costs

New research suggests that a significant amount of van drivers are having to turn down work due to rising fuel

Fuel Prices Are Now Approaching The £2 A Litre Mark

Fuel prices are soaring in the UK, so much so that they’ve nearly reached £2 a litre in some parts

Transport Scotland Pledges £30 Million To Supporting EVs

Transport Scotland has announced that it’ll be dedicating £30 million in supporting the adoption of electric vehicles in the country…

Most Plug-In Cars Are Registered To Businesses

Over half of all plug-in cars in the UK are registered to businesses, a likely product of generous incentives… Plug-Ins

There Are Nearly Half A Million Electric Cars In The UK

The UK has very nearly reached the milestone of half a million registered electric cars on its road network… A

Road Fatalities In The UK Rose By 7% In 2021

New research suggests that road deaths rose over the course of 2021, prompting calls for the Government to do more

Demand For Used EVs Continues To Rise In The UK

According to a new report, demand for used EVs continues to rise in the UK as a result of falling

Van Operators Put Off EVs Due To A Lack Of Charge Points

New research has revealed that van operators are being put off electrification because of a lack of charging infrastructure… Van

One In Four Fleets Have Been Affected By The Semiconductor Shortage

New research suggests that the impact of the semiconductor shortage on British fleets has been relatively limited… 1 in 4

EV ‘Out Of Charge’ Breakdowns Have Halved In Two Years

New figures, compiled by the AA, have revealed that the number of EVs breaking down due to insufficient charge has

British Businesses Responsible For Potholes Will Soon Face Penalties

The Government has announced that it intends to introduce penalties for businesses that create potholes on the nation’s road network…

Over A Quarter Of British Fleets Expect To Grow Over Next Three Years

A new study suggests that over a quarter of the nation’s fleets expect to increase the number of their vehicles

Car Club Membership Has Doubled In The UK

A new report has revealed that the number of people using car clubs in the UK has doubled in just

Motorists With Medical Conditions Face Massive Driving Licence Backlog

The number of drivers with medical conditions that are waiting for their driver licences has increased by 65% in one

Smart Motorways Are ‘Safest’ Roads In The UK

According to National Highways, smart motorways are the safest roads in the UK in terms of both serious and fatal

Government Spends 15 Times More On Private Chargers Than Public Chargers

New figures have revealed that the government is spending 15 times more on private EV chargers than on public chargers…

Zero Emission Zones Need ‘Realistic’ Timeframes

Venson, a car leasing company, has claimed that it’s crucial that zero emission zones should be implemented via ‘realistic’ timeframes…

Drivers Could Soon Be Sharing The Roads With E-Scooters

Prince Charles’ speech at the opening of Parliament may hint at e-scooters being legalised on public roads in the future…

Secondhand EV Sales In The UK Have Doubled In A Year

The sales of secondhand electric vehicles have grown dramatically in the UK, having doubled over the last year alone… Secondhand

Recent Increase In ‘EV-Ready’ Technicians Is Insufficient

According to the IMI, the rate at which automotive technicians are becoming ‘EV-ready’ remains insufficient in dealing with the nation’s

Fleets Are Prioritising Reducing Their Emissions Over Cost Savings

New research suggests that an increasing number of fleets regard cutting their emissions as more important than reducing costs… Cutting

Fleet Drivers: Five Ways You Can Help To Keep Them Safe

Fleets have a responsibility to keep their fleet drivers safe. Here’s five ways businesses can foster a culture of safety…

Four In Ten Fleets Will Switch To EVs Over The next Two Years

A new study has found that four in ten British fleets believe that they’ll transition to EVs over the next

British Commercial Vehicle Production Output Continues To Improve

The number of commercial vehicles being manufactured in the UK has now exceeded pre-pandemic levels, according to new figures… Commercial

Noise Cameras To Target ‘Rowdy Drivers’ In The UK

Noise cameras are due to be trialled in the UK, with their ability to target ‘rowdy drivers’ being put to

Proposed MOT Changes Criticised By The AA

Proposals to change the frequency of the MOT test, to help ease the cost of living, have been met with

Breakdown Costs Nearly Three Times Higher For EVs

New research suggests that breakdown costs are, on average, nearly three times higher for electric vehicles… Breakdown Costs Higher for

One In Five UK Cars Sales Are Now Battery Electric

The electrification of the UK’s car industry has reached a new milestone, with one in five car sales now being

Duty Of Care: What Your Fleet Needs To Do

All businesses have a responsibility to deliver duty of care. But fleets have additional challenges. Here’s what they need to

The Ford Transit Was The Most Stolen Van In 2021

If you’ve got a Ford Transit, you may want to keep an eye on it. It was the most stolen

Roadside Facilities for HGV Drivers To Receive £20M Upgrade

Roadside facilities for HGV drivers will receive £20 million in an overhaul designed to improve welfare standards… Better Facilities for

Car Market May Never Return To Pre-Pandemic Levels

The global car market may never return to its pre-pandemic state, due to a transformed landscape and ongoing obstacles… Car

Two-Thirds Of EV Drivers Regularly Use Public Chargers

According to new figures, the vast majority of EV drivers in the UK use public chargers and many use them

Drivers Willing To Pay More For Sustainable Tyres

Kwik Fit has found that drivers are willing to pay more for tyres made via sustainable manufacturing processes… Sustainable Tyres

Fleets Now Have Longer Replacement Cycles For Their Vehicles

Fleets have adopted longer replacement cycles for their cars and vans because of ongoing supply shortages… Longer Replacement Cycles Fleet

Most Drivers Believe Hierarchy Of Road-Users Will Cause Conflict

A majority of drivers believe the new hierarchy of road-users will lead to more conflict on the nation’s roads… Conflict

2030 ICE Ban: What Fleets Need To Know

The sale of diesel and petrol vehicles is due to end with a ban in 2030. But how will it

Hundreds Of Rapid Charge Points Installed In The UK

Hundreds of new rapid charge points have been installed during the first quarter of the year, new data shows… New

Council Powers Could Lead To Drivers Facing An ‘Avalanche’ Of Fines

New powers granted to local authorities concerning yellow box junctions could lead to an avalanche of fines… An Avalanche of

Nearly A Third Of Vans Fail Their MOTs Due To Brake Faults

Near research suggests that nearly a third of vans in the UK are failing the MOT test because of brake

Jaguar Land Rover To Cut Emissions Significantly By 2030

Jaguar Land Rover has shed light on a new plan to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030… Jaguar

Fleet Vehicles: How To Make The Right Choice

Choosing the right vehicles for your fleet is critical. Here are the key things to consider before making a purchase…

Education Sector To Install 50,000 EV Chargers

The education sector has announced plans to install 50,000 EV chargers at the likes of schools, colleges and universities… Chargers

Fleet Insurance: Three Ways To Save Money In 2022

Fleets costs, as with most expenses, are through the roof. Here’s three ways you can save money on your fleet

UK Car Industry Sees Weakest February Since 2009

Car production fell by a considerable 41.3% in February to just 61,657 units making it the worst February since 2009…

Road Collisions Are Causing More Deaths And Serious Injuries

New research suggests that the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by road collisions is rising… Road Collisions Causing

Non-Exhaust Emissions: Here’s What You Need To Know

Not all of the emissions produced from cars, van and HGVs stem from their exhausts. Here’s what you need to

Van Drivers In London Lose Two Days A Year Searching For Parking

Van drivers in London are losing up to two days a year simply searching for an appropriate place to park

Renault Has Resumed Car Production In Russia

Bucking the trend of the world’s major car manufacturers, Renault has decided to resume car production in Russia… Renault Resumes

UK Needs Ten Times As Many Charge Points By 2030

In order to facilitate the planned 2030 ban on ICE vehicles, the UK will need to increase its charge points

Cold Weather Can Reduce EV Range By 20%, Research Suggests

New research suggests that cold weather can actually reduce the total range of an electric vehicle by up to 20%…

Charity Wants Parking Spaces At New Housing Developments Capped

Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK ), a mobility solutions charity, has suggested that new housing should have a cap on parking

10 Ways To Decisively Reduce Your Fleet’s Emissions

Reducing your fleet’s emissions won’t just improve air quality and protect the environment, it’ll entail significant financial benefits. Here’s how

Volkswagen Group’s Profits Grow Despite Sales Declining

The Volkswagen Group’s profits grew throughout 2021, despite the automotive giant selling 2.3 million vehicles less than in 2019… Rising

Transport for London’s Drivers Caught Out By New Speed Limits

Transport for London’s (TfL) own drivers are being caught out by new speed limits throughout the capital, forcing to the

Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Could See Rise In Vehicle Repair Costs

Concerns have been raised that the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine could lead to increased vehicle repair costs in the

Education Needed To Make The Most Out Of Driverless Cars, Says Charity

IAM RoadSmart has stated that education will play a vital role in getting the most out of driverless cars in

Five Ways Fleets Can Reduce Their Fuel Costs

Fuel prices are at a record high in the UK, and may even reach £2 a litre. Here’s five ways

Top Tips For Managing Your Company’s Grey Fleet

Grey fleet vehicles can cause serious problems for any business. But there are steps you can take to keep things

Opposition To Manchester Clean Air Zone Continues To Grow

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is being urged to scrap plans for a Clean Air Zone in Manchester due to

Headlights: A Significant Majority Of Drivers Think They’re Too Bright

A new survey has revealed that a significant majority of British motorists believe headlights are simply too bright… Headlights too

Fuel Prices Reach New Record Following Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

Fuel prices are breaking record after record in the UK, with the latest being a product of Russia’s invasion of

Number of Charge Points “Not Reflective” Of UK’s Readiness For EVs

A number of industry voices have claimed that fixating on the number of public chargepoints is a poor way of

Tailgating: National Highways Launches New Campaign

National Highways has launched a new campaign aimed at raising awareness concerning the dangers of tailgating… Tackling Tailgating  National Highways

Government Issues TfL £200 Million In Emergency Funding

The government will issue Transport for London (TfL) £200 million in emergency funding, the fourth emergency package since March 2020…

British Car Manufacturing Now At Lowest Level In A Decade

British car manufacturing faced its worst start to the year in January since 2009, according to new figures from the

Five Ways Fleets Can Effectively Transition To EVs

With the 2030 ban on the sale of new ICE vehicles, the transition to EVs is inevitable. Here’s how fleets

Fleet SMR Budgets Are Being ‘Severely Stretched’

The short supply of new vehicles has forced fleets to ‘severely’ stretch their SMR budgets, as their vehicles are run

AA Wants Tax Breaks For EV Drivers Without Off-Street Parking

The AA has called on the government to introduce tax breaks for EV drivers who don’t have access to off-street

Aston Martin’s ‘Ultimate SUV’ To Create 100 Jobs

Aston Martin’s upcoming ‘ultimate SUV’, the DBX707, will create around 100 new jobs at the firm’s Welsh factory… New Jobs

CAZ: A Third Of Commercial Fleet Vehicles Aren’t Compliant

Up to a third of the UK’s commercial vehicles may not be compliant with Clean Air Zones (CAZ), according to

SMMT Wants An Independent Charge Point Regulator

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) is calling for the creation of an independent charge point regulator… SMMT

Car Industry ‘Confident’ Semiconductor Shortage Is Nearly Over

According to leading figures within the car industry, the semiconductor shortage should be resolved by the end of the year…

The UK’s First Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) Will Soon Go Live

Oxford will soon possess the nation’s first Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ), charging ICE and hybrid vehicles to enter… UK To

TfL Will Introduce Lower Speed Limits Throughout The Capital

Transport for London (TfL) will soon being rolling out significantly reduced speed limits throughout the nation’s capital… TfL Lowers Speed

TfL Data Suggests People Are Returning To Public Transport

The number of people using public transport dwindled during the coronavirus pandemic, but new data suggests the sector is recovering…

EV Chargers: More Investment Needed To Win Over Fleets

Much more needs to be done in making EV chargers accessible if the nation’s fleets are to be won over

Fleet Safety: Are Your Doing Enough To Protect Your Drivers?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), road accidents will be the 5th global cause of deaths by 2030. This,

No Alternative To Pay-Per-Mile Charging System, Claim MPs

The electrification of the automotive industry means that the UK needs a pay-per-mile road charging system, according to a number

Launch Of Manchester Clean Air Zone Delayed

The launch of the Manchester clean air zone has officially been delayed, as a ‘fairer’ solution needs to be identified…

Tyre Management: Is Your Fleet Getting it Right?

Tyre management is a fundamental aspect of an effective duty of care policy; regardless of how big or small a

Lockdown: Millions of Drivers Picked Up Bad Habits

Nearly half of all British drivers have potentially picked up ‘dangerous’ driving habits over the course of national lockdowns… Dangerous

Drivers Urged To Use Home Charge Point Grant Before It’s Scrapped

Drivers in the UK are being urged to make use of the home charge point grant before it’s scrapped later

More Than Half Of British Drivers May Be At Risk Of £1,000 Fine

New research suggests that more than half of British drivers are potentially at risk of receiving an eye-watering £1,000 fine…

Keyless Car Thefts Are At An All-Time High

New figures have revealed that keyless car thefts have risen to an all-time high, prompting major concerns within the fleet

Drivers Think Highway Code Changes Are Dangerous

New research suggests that a significant amount of drivers believe that proposed changes to the Highway Code could makes roads

Drivers Could Eliminate 70% Of Their Fuel Costs By Going Electric

New research suggests that British drivers could save up to 70% on their fuel costs by switching to electric vehicles…

Council Makes £442,000 In Fines From One Bus Lane

A council in London has managed to rake in £442,000 in fines thanks to a single bus lane, prompting outrage

Camera Systems Reduce Accidents For 59% Of Fleets

A new survey has revealed that vehicle-mounted cameras can help reduce accidents for a majority of fleets… Cameras Reduce Fleet

EV Charge Points Need To Be Made More Accessible, Claims AA

The AA has claimed that charge points for electric vehicles need to be made more accessible for disabled people… Making

Motorists In London Could Be Charged For Every Journey From 2024

From 2024, drivers in London could be charged for every single journey they make as authorities seek to clamp down

Clean Air Zones Drive Fleets Towards Public Transport

The rising number of Clean Air Zones (CAZs) is encouraging fleets to increasingly use public transport options… CAZs and Public

Nearly Half Of Fixed Speed Cameras Aren’t Operational

A new Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed that nearly half of the nation’s fixed speed cameras aren’t operational…

Electric Cars: Knowledge Gap Still Holding Fleets Back

A persistent knowledge gap, coupled with common misconceptions, is holding fleets back from the transition to electric vehicles… EV Knowledge

The Government Is Being Sued Over Its Net-Zero Strategy

Environmentalist groups are taking legal action against the government, claiming that its net-zero strategy is ‘inadequate’… An ‘Inadequate’ Net-Zero Strategy? 

Van Safety Continued to Improve Throughout 2021

A rising number of fleets are maintaining the highest standards of safety when it comes to their vans, according to

Leicester City Council Reveals Parking Levy Details

Leicester City Council intends to introduce a parking levy which, it claims, will generate up to £95 million over ten

TfL is Increasing Fines for Red Route Contraventions

Transport for London (TfL) will be increasing fines for red route contraventions in London, hoping to improve safety and reduce

Drivers of Petrol Cars were Overcharged by £156m in December

New data from the RAC has shed light on how much drivers are being overcharged when it comes to fuelling

More than 60% of British Fleets Have Formalised Sustainability Targets

New research has revealed that over 60% of British fleets have put formalised sustainability targets in place… Fleets Pursuing Sustainability 

Two-thirds of Drivers Don’t Know About Highway Code Changes

According to a new survey, the majority of British drivers aren’t aware of impending changes to the Highway Code… Drivers

Road Safety Charity Recommends ‘None For The Road’ Resolution

A road safety charity is urging drivers to adopt a ‘none for the road’ New Year’s resolution concerning alcohol… None

Operator Has Its Licence Revoked After Blaming Drivers For Offences

A fleet operator has had its licence revoked after attempting to blame its drivers for a series of offences… Operator

Forward Planning Needed To Beat Vehicle And Parts Shortages

Fleets are being urged to adopt forward planning strategies in order to beat vehicle and parts shortages in the UK…

Transport Minister Wants To Move Away From Car Ownership Culture

One of the government’s transport ministers has spoken of her desire to move the nation away from a culture of

Roadside Breath Tests Are At A Record Low

Despite drink-driving being on the rise, the number of roadside breath tests being carried out is at a record low…

Fuel Pumps: Drivers Are Being Urged To Wear Gloves

Business drivers have been advised to wear gloves when using fuel pumps, due to the rapid spread of the omicron

Business Drivers At Heightened Risk Of Seasonal Stress

New research suggests that business drivers are at a heightened risk of seasonal stress during the winter months… Business Drivers

Value Of Used Vehicles May Never Return To Pre-Pandemic Levels

The values of  the nation’s used vehicles may never return to their pre-pandemic levels, according to Cox Automotive… Used Vehicle

Sadiq Khan Urged To Scrap Greater London Vehicle Charge

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, is being urged to scrap plans for a Greater London Vehicle charge by MPs

Fleets Are Proactively Preparing For A Renewed Covid Threat

Fleets across the UK are proactively preparing for another wave of Covid and the disruption it entails, according to FleetCheck…

Police Begin Clampdown On Drink And Drug Driving

Police forces throughout the country are starting to clampdown on drink and drug driving over the Christmas period… Police Clampdown

Drivers Are Neglecting Their Eyesight, According To Research

New research suggests that drivers are neglecting their eyesight, potentially putting themselves and other road-users at risk… Drivers Neglect Their

Portsmouth Has Launched Its Clean Air Zone

Portsmouth has just introduced its own Clean Air Zone, the third of its kind to launch outside of London… Portsmouth’s

The Ratio of Public Chargepoints To Electric Vehicles Has Fallen

The ratio of chargepoints to electric vehicles has declined in the UK, making it harder to charge up an EV…

Work On The UK’s Largest EV Charging Hub Has Begun

Redbridge Park & Ride, located near Oxford, will soon be home to the UK’s largest public charging hub for electric

Volvo Managed Growth Of £2 Billion In First Nine Months Of 2021

Whilst the car industry deals with various crises, Volvo has managed to bag £2 billion in growth over the first

Hammersmith and Fulham Will Have 1,000 EV Chargepoints By Christmas

Hammersmith and Fulham, London, will have a considerable 1,000 EV chargepoints by Christmas, nearly doubling its total… 1,000 Chargepoints by

Government’s EV Home Charger Plan Faces Criticism

The government’s plan to mandate that all new homes and workplaces are fitted with EV chargers has been criticised as

UK Used Car Sales Reach Six-Year Low

Soaring prices and strained supplies have caused used car sales in the UK to reach their lowest levels since 2015…

Fuel Prices: Nearly Half Of All Drivers Forced To Cut Household Spending

New research has revealed that nearly half of the nation’s drivers are having to cut household spending due to record fuel

Nearly Half Of Large Vans Are Failing Their MOTs

New research has revealed that nearly half of all large vans and around a third of LCVs are failing their

Fuel Retailers Are Being Urged To ‘Play Fair’ And To Cut Prices

Fuel retailers across the country are being urged to lower their prices, following a significant dip in the wholesale price

Volta Trucks To Start Production In The UK

Volta Trucks has confirmed that it’s started to produce its first road-worthy prototype at its facility in Coventry… Volta Trucks

Are ‘Sceptics’ Slowing Down Electric Van Adoption?

Electric van ‘sceptics’ are clinging to their ICE vehicles at any cost, slowing down the electrification of the fleet sector…

UK Could Face A Chronic Van Driver Shortage In 2022

According to new research, the UK could be facing a chronic shortage of van drivers throughout 2022, causing significant disruption

Climate Crisis: How Can Fleets Make A Difference?

The transport sector is a major contributor to carbon emissions. For fleets, then, it’s crucial that steps are taken to

A Third Of Fleets Now Give Staff The Option To Go Electric

Just over a third of the nation’s fleets now provide their sales and managerial staff with the option to use

Westminster Commercial Charge Point Trial Expanded

Westminster City Council has announced that it’ll be expanding its trial of commercial charge point infrastructure… Westminster City Council Expands

Government Announces That HGVs Must Be Zero-Emission By 2040

The Government has announced that all new HGVs sold after 2040 will have to be zero-emission, following similar bans for

Uber Is Falling Behind On Its European Electrification Pledge

Uber is struggling to live up to its pledge to electrify 50% of its rides in major European cities, according

The Best Ways To Keep Your Fleet Drivers Motivated

A fleet is only as good as its drivers, and so keeping them properly motivated is crucial. Here’s a few

Here’s How You Can Reduce Your Fleet’s Fuel Costs

Fuel is a major source of expense for any fleet, regardless of its size. Here’s a few simple ways you

Fleet Safety: Simple Tips To Help Keep Your Drivers Safe

A business is fundamentally responsible for the safety of its fleet drivers and how their driving affects the public. Here’s

Fleets Urged To Help Reduce Global Road Risk

Businesses and fleets in the UK are being urged to participate in a new global road risk initiative led by

MPs Call For All Smart Motorway Projects To Be Paused

MPs are calling for all smart motorway projects to be paused until a number of safety concerns have been addressed…

Rural Car Dependency Worsens Emissions Crisis

New research suggests that rural car dependency requires more attention if emissions are to be effectively tackled… Rural Car Dependency 

Budget 2021: The Chancellor Has Axed A Fuel Duty Rise

In his latest Budget, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has axed a fuel duty rise in 2022/23 saving fleets and drivers a

New Strategy Will Force Car Manufacturers To Sell EVs

A new net-zero strategy being pursued by the government will force car manufacturers to ensure that a certain proportion of

Mid-Sized EVs Are ‘More Affordable’ Than ICE Vehicles

According to new figures, mid-sized and compact EVs are now more affordable than ICE alternatives in the UK… Mid-Sized EVs

The UK Needs 50 New Charging Points A Day To Hit Targets

A new report on electric cars has shed light on the urgency of the UK’s looming shortage of charging points…

The Feared MOT Rush Has Failed To Materialise

Fears that a significant backlog would create an MOT rush have seemingly failed to materialise, according to new figures… MOT

The Tesla Model Y Is Now Available In The UK

Tesla’s popular all-electric SUV, the Model Y, is now available for purchase in the UK – with deliveries starting in

Fleets Are Neglecting Their Fuel Policies Due To Shortages

According to FleetCheck, a significant amount of fleets have neglected their fuel policies due to ongoing shortages… Fleets Neglect Fuel

Citroen Hybrid Will Remind Drivers To Charge Their Vehicles

Drivers of Citroen’s C5 Aircross SUV hybrid will soon receive notifications telling them to regularly charge their vehicles… Charge Your

Birmingham Council To Vote On Through Traffic Ban

Birmingham City Council is due to vote on whether to close through traffic in the city centre, introducing zero-emission buses

Funds For Repairing Potholes Slashed By £400 Million

Funding for pothole repairs fell by 22% in 2021/22, leaving local councils down by around £400 million and leaving ten

Majority Of Fleets Are Now Influenced By Sustainability

According to new research, a significant majority of fleets are now being influenced by a variety of company sustainability agendas…

New Five-Point Plan Promises To Increase Fleet Fuel Efficiency

A new, and perhaps timely, five-point plan has been produced by FleetCheck that aims to improve fleet fuel efficiency… A

The Semiconductor Shortage Is Masking True Demand For EVs

The true extent of the public’s interest in EVs has been masked by the ongoing, global semiconductor shortage… Semiconductor Shortage

Fleet Sales Were Down By 43% In ‘Desperately Disappointing’ September

Fleet sales collapsed over the course of September, falling by a whopping 43% as the semiconductor shortage continues to ravage

Fleets Told To Consider Mental Health of Drivers Over Christmas

Fleets are being urged to consider the mental health of their drivers, especially over the coming Christmas period… Driver Mental

New Technology from Coventry University Could Prevent Aquaplaning

A new device, produced by Coventry University, may prevent vehicles from losing traction in poor weather and aquaplaning… Dealing with

Most Ecommerce SMEs Deliver Goods Via Their Own Drivers

Due to a combination of supply-chain issues, driver shortages and Covid, most SMEs are using their own drivers to deliver

Government Says The Fuel Crisis Is Now ‘Stabilising’

According to the government, there are now ‘tentative’ signs that the fuel crisis has begun to stabilise – with deliveries

Fleets Are Being Urged To Buy Fuel As They Normally Would

The Association of Fleet Operators has called on fleets and drivers to buy fuel as they normally would and to

One In Four Van Drivers Have Been Targeted By Thieves

A new study has revealed that just over a quarter of British van drivers have had their vehicles targeted by

Volvo Has Announced That It’ll Ditch Leather Interiors By 2030

Volvo is committing itself to a variety of environmentally-friendly initiatives, the latest of which includes moving away from leather upholstery

Tax Uncertainty Is Harming Fleet Uptake Of Electric Vehicles

Leading fleet organisations are calling on the government to provide clarity on vehicle tax. They claim uncertainty is harming EV

Most Motorists Support Road Pricing Concept

According to a new survey, most motorists support the idea of introducing road pricing to make up for lost fuel

Running Costs For Electric Vans May Rise This Winter

The Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) has warned fleets to monitor their running costs concerning electric vans over the course of

Digital Tech Could Save UK Transport 9.3m Tonnes Of CO2 A Year

By adopting a series of digital technologies, including telematics, the UK’s transport sector could reduce its CO2 output by 9.3

Almost 40% of UK Fleet Vehicles Could Already Go Electric

New research suggests that nearly 40% of the UK’s fleet vehicles could be effectively switched to electric models today… 40%

Electrification Is Leading To A Company Car Renaissance

The electrification of the automotive industry is creating a company car renaissance, as more people seek to take advantage of

Charge Points To Be Switched Off For Nine Hours A Day

New charge points, installed in public places and new homes, will be pre-programmed to switch off for nine hours a

Volvo Manages To Boost Range Of Hybrid Models

Volvo has managed to boot the range of various hybrid models, allowing them to deliver a zero-emission range of up

Shell Targets 50,000 On-Street EV Chargers By 2025

Energy giant Shell is aiming to install 50,000 on-street EV chargers throughout the UK by 2025, supporting local councils and

Drones Are Being Deployed In Order To Spot Potholes

The UK’s roads are, unfortunately, riddled with potholes. But a new initiative, using drones, hopes to spot them much more

Grey Fleet: How To Reduce Risk For Your Business

Every business is likely to have a grey fleet, regardless of its size. But keeping it small, and managing it

New AI Technology Assesses A Vehicle’s Condition In Minutes

A new app, powered by artificial intelligence, is able to determine a vehicle’s external condition in just minutes… AI Technology 

All Police Forces To Participate In National Speeds Day

All of the nation’s police forces will be participating in the upcoming National Speeds Day, in an effort to clamp

DfT Is Considering Approving 48-Tonne Trucks For UK Roads

The Department for Transport (DfT) is considering allowing longer, 48-tonne trucks to use British roads from as early as next

Drivers Are Risking Their Safety By Relying On Faulty Systems

New research suggests that drivers are putting their safety at risk by being overly-reliant on what are, essentially, faulty systems…

Registrations for Electric Vehicles Achieve Record Market Share in Europe

Registrations for BEVs and hybrids have reached a record market share in Europe, according to the latest industry sales figures…

Shortages Lead To Worst Car Production Figures Since 1956

The ongoing semiconductor shortage has led to the worst car production figures in the UK since 1956, new data has

More Than A Quarter Of Fleet Managers Don’t Understand EVs

New research suggests that a significant number of fleet managers and decision-makers don’t properly understand electric vehicles (EVs)… Fleet Managers

Doctors Oppose Rushed Driving Licence Medical Tests

Doctors have voiced their concerns over the possibility of rushing driving licence medical tests, especially in light of the HGV

SME Fleets Are Struggling To Manage Increasing Amounts Of Data

Fleet managers and decision-makers within SMEs are struggling to contend with an increasing amount of data, according to new research…

Raw Materials Shortage Threatens ‘Price And Supply’ Of New Vehicles

Shortages in semiconductors and raw materials threaten both the price and supply of new vehicles, according to new research… Raw

Fleets Urged To Be Vigilant When Managing Drug And Alcohol Impairment

Fleet decision-makers are being urged to be ‘vigiliant’ when managing their fleet’s drug and alcohol impairment issues… Drug and Alcohol

Prepare Your Drivers For Speed Limiters, Says FleetCheck

The fleet industry is being advised to prepare their drivers for speed limiters, as vehicles will be fitted with them

ATS Euromaster Has Warned Of Vehicle Downtime Due To MOT Demand

A massive rise in demand for MOTs and servicing could see fleets facing significant vehicle downtime, according to ATS Euromaster…

Business Travel: New DfT Survey Reveals Impact Of Pandemic

A new survey, conducted by the Department for Transport (DfT), has revealed how the coronavirus pandemic has affected business travel

Grey Fleet Issues Continue To Get Worse, According To Report

A new report has suggested that grey fleet issues and complications continue to worsen, putting businesses and drivers at risk…

Government Urged To Provide Company Car Tax Clarity Beyond 2025

The government is being urged by fleet decision-makers to announce its long-term plans for company car tax beyond 2024/5… The

Four In Ten British Drivers Would Rather Purchase A Zero-Emission Car

A recent survey has revealed that four in ten British drivers would rather their next car purchase be zero-emission… Rising

Drivers Are Adding 16 Miles To Journeys To Avoid Narrow Roads

New research has revealed that three-in-ten British motorists are adding 16 miles to their journeys in order to avoid the

The Semiconductor Shortage Will ‘Outlast’ The Coronavirus Pandemic

Warnings are being issued to fleet decision-makers that the global semiconductor shortage will outlast the coronavirus pandemic… Semiconductor Woes To

The Price Of Diesel Has Now Reached A Seven-Year High

Unfortunately for fleets, new figures from the RAC have confirmed that the price of diesel has now reached a seven-year

Apply CAZ Restrictions To Major Roads, Says Manchester Mayor

Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, wants CAZ restrictions to apply to major roads that are controlled by Highways

Drivers Want Motorway Speed Limits Reduced In Wet Weather

A significant majority of drivers want motorway speed limits reduced during wet weather, new research has revealed… Reduced Speeds in

Zero-Emission HGVs To Receive £20 Million In Government Funding

The Department for Transport will be spending a considerable £20 million promoting electric and hydrogen-powered HGVs and trucks… Funding for

Grey Fleet: Pan-European Research Reveals Significant Risks

Research conducted throughout Europe has shed light on the dangers and risks associated with grey fleet vehicles… Grey Fleet Risks 

Asda Has Announced That It Wants An All-Electric Car Fleet By 2025

In a first for a British supermarket, Asda has announced plans to convert its car fleet to all-electric vehicles by

Transport for London Rolls Out New Smart Cameras

Transport for London (TfL) has rolled out new smart cameras in order to enforce traffic rules throughout the city… TfL

Shell Will Install 800 EV Chargers At Waitrose By 2025

Shell, the multinational energy company, will be installing 800 EV chargers at Waitrose stores by 2025. Increasing its UK total

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Plan To Be All-Electric By 2030

Mercedes-Benz has produced a new plan, outlining how it intends to become an all-electric brand by the end of the

Transport Committee Questions DLVA On Application Delays

The Transport Committee has questioned the DVLA concerning ongoing and critical delays in processing driving license applications… Transport Committee to

People Want Tougher Policies To Meet 2050 Decarbonisation Target

A new survey has revealed that a significant majority of people favour tougher policies in meeting the government’s 2050 decarbonisation

Tesla Is Opening Its Supercharger Network To Other Brands

Tesla has officially announced that it’ll be opening up its vast supercharger network to other EV brands later this year…

Shocking Speeding Figures During First Lockdown Revealed In New Stats

More than half of all British drivers exceeded speed limits in 2020, with many taking advantage of near-deserted roads… ‘Shocking’

Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone Trial Has Been Postponed

Oxford’s upcoming zero emission zone trial has been indefinitely delayed, with “unforeseen technical issues” being to blame… Oxford’s Zero Emission

Local Authorities Want More Powers To Decarbonise Transport

Local authorities throughout the country want additional powers that would make it easier for them to decarbonise transportation options… Powers

The New Car Market Will Face ‘Significant’ Challenges

If the semiconductor shortage wasn’t enough, the new car market is due to experience ‘significant’ challenges. That’s according to Cox

Electric Car Ranges Need To Be More Accurate, Says Fleet Evolution

According to Fleet Evolution, the stated ranges of electric cars need to be become more accurate so that company car

Vauxhall: Saved Ellesmere Port Will Make Electric Vans

Vauxhall has announced that it’ll be converting its Ellesmere Port facility to become an electric van production plant… Ellesmere Port

Thrifty Is Installing EV Chargers At All Of Its British Sites

Thrifty Car & Van Rental has started to roll out charging infrastructure at its UK locations, in response to increased demand

Highway Code Advice On Motorways Is ‘Long Overdue’

GEM Motoring Assist, a road safety and breakdown company, has welcomed new advice from the Highway Code concerning motorways –

Manchester Fleets To Receive £120 Million In Support

Greater Manchester will be setting aside £120 million to support fleets preparing themselves for the city’s upcoming clean air zone

Petrol Prices Nearly Reach Highest Level In Eight Years

Petrol prices have risen to what is nearly an eight-year high, following a series of consecutive monthly increases… Petrol Prices

SMMT: How To Prepare The UK’s Car Industry For Electric Vehicles

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has proposed 12 policies that, it believes, will prepare the UK’s car industry

Police Lorries Expose Bizarre And Dangerous Driver Behaviours

Police are taking the roads in unmarked HGVs in order to catch unsuspecting motorists committing driving offences – some of

Think Tank Wants Early Ban For Fleet ICE Vehicles

A think tank is calling on the government to introduce a significantly earlier ban for ICE fleet vehicles, including cars

UK Only Has 15% Of Chargers Required For Net Zero Targets

The UK only has 15% of the electric car chargers required to meet net zero targets, according to a new

Semiconductor Shortage Has Cut UK Car Production By 50%

The ongoing semiconductor shortage continues to ravage the automotive industry. In the UK, car production has declined by a staggering

Audi Will Launch New All-Electric Models From 2026

Audi has announced that all of its new cars will be all-electric from 2026, as its diesels and petrols are

Driver Training Linked To Improved Range In Electric Cars

A new driver training programme has managed to increase the overall range of fleet plug-in vehicles by an impressive 20%…

Government Decarbonisation Plan Delayed For Lacking ‘Ambition’

A long awaited plan to decarbonise the UK’s transport sector has been delayed by the government for lacking ‘ambition’… Decarbonisation

Councils Will Be Able To Issue Traffic Fines From December

Councils across the country will soon receive significant new powers, allowing them to issue traffic fines from December… New Powers

Semiconductor Shortage Continues To Shutdown Production Lines

The ongoing semiconductor shortage is continuing to disrupt the automotive industry, with more manufacturers having to cut production… Semiconductor Shortage

A Staggering Four Million Brits Have Fallen Asleep At The Wheel

New research has determined that a shocking four million British drivers have fallen at the wheel at some point… Asleep

Renault Zoe Capable of 475 Miles On A Single Charge When Hypermiling

The Renault Zoe E-Tech can cover a staggering 475 miles on a single charge, as demonstrated by a recent hypermiling

EV Demand Has Now Surpassed Diesel In Leasing Sector

The demand for electric vehicles has now surpassed that of diesels in the leasing sector, according to new industry figures…

The AA Is Warning Drivers To Protect Their Children And Pets This Summer

According to the AA, 500 children and pets were locked in cars last summer; putting them at substantial risk. It’s

The UK’s Energy Suppliers Have Pledged To Electrify Their Fleets By 2030

Britain’s largest energy suppliers are planning to turn their backs on petrol and diesel; pledging to electrify their fleets by

A Quarter Of British Fleets Are Operating More Vehicles Post-Pandemic

One in four British fleets are running more vehicles than they did prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic…

The UK Is Facing A ‘Catastrophic’ Lorry Driver Shortage

The UK’s trucking industry has warned the government that driver shortages have now reached crisis levels and is requesting immediate

Autonomous Cars Will Need To Face A ‘Digital MOT’

Autonomous cars are still nowhere near reaching consumers, but that isn’t stopping the government from preparing for them. New Department

Easing Lockdown Restrictions See Insurance Claims Rise By 30%

Easing lockdown restrictions have seen more drivers take to the roads. As a consequence, insurance claims are once again on

Transport for London To Receive £1 Billion For Significant Reforms

Transport for London is due to receive £1.08bn additional funding in order to carry out far-reaching, post-Covid reforms… Transport for

Fleets Are Facing Their “Worst Ever” Vehicle Delays

Fleets all across the UK are facing some of the longest vehicle delays ever, according to software specialist FleetCheck… Worst

Toyota Is Launching A ‘Ground-breaking’ 10-Year Warranty

Toyota is launching what it hopes to be an industry-leading, 10-year warranty programme for new and used vehicles… Toyota’s 10-Year

A Third Of Drivers Had A Collision Or Near-Miss In 2019

A third of British adults were involved in a collision or near-miss over the course of 2019; according to research.

Electric Cars: A Single Charge Will Cover Weekly Travel For Most

New research suggests that most drivers could cover their weekly travel via a single charge of an electric vehicle… One

A Third Of Fleets Are Breaking Health And Safety Laws

A third of British fleet decision-makers have yet to introduce a company vehicle policy. As a result, they’re breaking the

Average Age Of British Cars Reaches Record High

According to new figures, the average age of a British car now sits at 8.4-years-old. That’s the highest figure since

EVs May Herald Road-Use Charges To Replace Lost Fuel Tax Revenue

The government has been advised that it will need to tax electric vehicles for road use. This, it’s claimed, will

11,000 Drivers Still On The Road Have 12 Penalty Points Or More

A charity is urging both the DVLA and courts to take action against drivers accumulating excessive penalty points. Recent figures

New Department for Transport Figures Highlight Grey Fleet Growth

New figures released by the Department for Transport (DfT) have highlighted the decline of business driving and the growth of

Electric Cars Account For The Vast Majority Of Salary Sacrifice Vehicles

Almost nine out of ten salary sacrifice cars are now electric, according to new figures. This represents a massive increase

Driver Safety: Training Beats Technology, According To Road Charity

Fleets are missing out on opportunities to improve driver safety, all because they’re relying too much on technology… Training Beats

Fleets Unlikely To Receive Notice Concerning Future Plug-In Grant Cuts

The government has stated that it’s unlikely fleets will receive prior notice concerning future cuts to the plug-in car grant…

Mobile Phones Have Caused Millions Of Crashes In The UK

Everyone knows the dangers of driving whilst using a mobile phone. But, despite the risks being obvious, a significant amount

Here’s Why Your Fleet Drivers Shouldn’t Be Smoking In Their Vehicles

Smoking’s an expensive habit and is probably one of the worst things you can do to your health. If you

Four in Ten Fleets Are Planning A ‘Rapid’ Uptake of BEVs

Four in ten fleets are planning a ‘rapid’ uptake of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), according to the Arval Mobility Observatory…

Most Drivers Wouldn’t Admit To Denting Another Car

Denting a car is easily done, especially on increasingly outdated car parks; too small for the latest models. But if

Tailgating Is Causing Up To Ten Fleet Accidents A Week

Tailgating van drivers are causing a staggering ten injuries a week; making it one of the most common causes of van

Half Of All Van Drivers Are Using Their Phones At The Wheel

Van drivers are putting their livelihoods at risk by using phones at the wheel. It raises severe duty of care

Is The Car Industry Overlooking Brake And Tyre Pollution?

The Government is urging the automotive industry to tackle pollution caused by tyres and braking systems. It follows a report

Car Manufacturers Want Diesel And Petrol Ban To Start From 2035

Car manufacturers are lobbying the government to push back the planned fuel ban from 2030 to the more ‘realistic’ date

Fleets Warned Of Global Semiconductor Shortage Impact

Fleets are being warned of the impact of the global semiconductor shortage, especially concerning the availability of certain car and

Will Hydrogen Ever Be A Safe Option For British Fleets?

Hydrogen is often cited as a potential replacement for petrol and diesel powertrains; despite lagging severely behind EVs. But a

Here’s How Ghost Markings Could Derail Driverless Car Plans

There are many reasons why driverless cars are taking so long to reach our roads. But the weirdest has to

Drivetrain Components Cause Majority Of SMR Disputes

The are all sorts of reasons as to why SMR disputes might arise but, according to new data, drivetrain components

A Fifth Of Vehicles Are Yet To Be Retested After MOT Extension

New figures have revealed that one-in-five vehicles have yet to be retested following the end of the MOT extension… One

Advanced Enforcement Cameras Catch 100,000 Drivers On Their Phones

New camera technology that can specifically target drivers who use their phones are being permanently installed in Australia. Over a

Charles Hurst Group To Spend £3.5 Million On EVs

The Charles Hurst Group is spending a massive £3.5 million on the electrification of its fleet vehicles and an extensive

Are Grey Fleet Drivers Behind Latest Emissions Drop?

Average CO2 emissions for fleets have recently declined, but could grey fleet drivers ultimately be responsible for the drop? Are

Rightmileaging Will Be Key For Post-Covid Fleet Success

Rightmileaging, or accurately predicting future mileage in company car leases, will become increasingly important post-covid… Rightmileaging Post-Covid  FleetCheck, a telematics

Average Emissions Of Leased Vehicles Fall Below 100g/km

The average CO2 emissions for new car registrations in the UK have fallen below 100g/km for the first time for

New AI System Claims It Can Prevent 90% Of Car Crashes

A new behavioural AI system can, according to its manufactures, prevent up to 90% of all car crashes in the

Is Driver Back Pain Costing Your Business Money?

There are roughly four million vans in the UK, with there being many more van drivers. Now research has revealed

Driverless Cars Won’t Have Significant Impact On Accidents, Study Claims

Autonomous vehicles promise to revolutionise the automotive industry. But new research has cast doubts on how much safer they’ll make

Pothole Damage Equated To £1.3 Billion Repair Bill In 12 Months

New research has shed light on the damage caused by the nation’s pothole pandemic. It equated to a £1.3 billion

British Fleets Are The Best Placed For Electrification, Claims Study

Fleets operating in the UK are the best placed to pursue a policy of electrification, transitioning their cars and vans

Engine-Idling Fleets Could Face Massive Fines In London

Westminster City Council is calling for large fines for drivers of company vehicles that leave their engines idling. The call

Could London One Day Become A ‘Car-Free’ City?

A think tank has called for London to become completely car-free from 2030. Instead of private vehicles, it calls for

Parliament Group Wants Mandatory Alcolocks ASAP

The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) is calling for the introduction of mandatory alcolocks for convicted drink-drivers… Mandatory

Heading To London? Your Next Taxi Could Be Powered By Hydrogen

An increasing number of fleets, including taxi services, are now using a variety of hydrogen powered vehicles in London… Putting

Car Battery Failures Up By A Third Over Lockdown

New data has revealed that car battery failures have risen by a third over the course of the nation’s lockdown.

EV Technology Is Advancing So Quickly It’s Stunting Fleet Adoption

Why aren’t there more electric vehicles in the fleet industry? All sorts of explanations have been provided, from range-anxiety to

In-Car Tech Found To Be More Distracting For Older Drivers

In-car technology is becoming increasingly common and evermore sophisticated. Whether it’s heated seats, self-parking or precision satellite navigation, there’s always

Would You Ditch Your Car To Fight Climate Change?

If you thought you could save the planet by driving a hybrid or EV, think again. MPs are convinced you

Netflix, But For Cars: The Rise Of Car Subscription Services

Owning a car is expensive business. Whether it’s fuel, insurance or the price of the vehicle itself, few things are

We Need To Rethink The Range Figures For Electric Cars

Range Anxiety is said to be one of the biggest obstacles to the mass-adoption of electric vehicles. But now, it’s

Company Cars Are The Least-Polluting On The Roads

Company cars remain the least-polluting on the roads, according to new figures. The news comes in spite of the fact

Here’s Why Your Bus Service Will Probably Be Zero-Emission By 2025

Your pollution-emitting bus could soon be getting considerably cleaner. The Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) wants to go zero emission

Self-Driving Cars: Everything The Government Needs To Prepare For

Self-driving cars are coming, it’s an indisputable fact. Automakers and tech giants are pouring billions into, what they perceive to

Does Mobility As A Service Really Pose A Threat To Company Cars?

According to some industry analysts, we’re on the verge of a ‘mobility revolution’. At the heart of this is the

Air Quality: Do The Nation’s Congestion Zones Really Work?

Nearly 18 years ago, the Congestion Charge was introduced in London. Since then, a range of initiatives have been introduced

Road Signs Could Be A Thing Of The Past By 2027

A report has suggested that, as a result of increased vehicle road connectivity, road signs and signals will be rendered

Fleet Drivers Disinterested In Using A Mobility Solution

More and more businesses are investing in so-called mobility solutions; alternatives to conventional ways of getting to and from work.

Is Your Fleet’s Mobile Phone Policy Putting Drivers At Risk?

Employers are needlessly putting their drivers at risk by expecting them to always answer their mobile phone. That’s according to

Driverless Vehicles: British Drivers Still Sceptical Of Autonomous Tech

Driverless vehicles are the marmite of the automotive industry, dividing industry experts and consumers alike. But a new report has

Back Pain In Drivers Is Costing Fleets An Absolute Fortune…

According to Volvo, back pain is causing a third of British drivers to take a day off each year; causing

Do Van Drivers Need Their Own Dedicated Parking Spaces?

It’s not easy being a van driver. Long hours, tight deadlines and poorly maintained roads all take their toll. But

E10 Petrol To Officially Launch In The UK In September

E10 petrol, which can reduce CO2 emissions thanks to its ethanol content, is due to become available at UK fuel