Chancellor’s Plans Welcomed By The Fleet Industry

The Chancellor’s plans to protect jobs over the course of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic have been welcomed

The Five Ways Coronavirus Has Changed The Fleet Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the fleet industry and its long-term trajectory. Here’s five ways it’s being transformed… Clean Air

£1.2 Billion Investment Could Fix Britain’s Most Dangerous Roads

A new report suggests that a £1.2 billion investment in the nation’s most dangerous roads could help prevent 8,000 injuries…

Travel Patterns: Two Thirds Of Brits Have Yet To Return To Normal

New research has revealed that two-thirds of Brits have yet to return to their regular travel patterns due to the

Fleet Managers Receiving Penalty Points For Employee Driving Offences

Fleet managers are at risk of receiving penalty points for employee driver offences, under little-known legislation…  Penalty Points For Fleet

Petrol And Diesel Car Ban Set For 2030, According To Reports

The government is bringing forward the ban on new diesel and petrol car sales to 2030, according to reports… A

Kia Plans To Offer Seven Electric Car Models By 2027

Kia is accelerating its electrification plans and intends to offer seven electric car models by 2027. With the first arriving

Infotainment Systems: Dealers Need To Do More To Educate Customers

A road-safety charity is calling on car dealerships to better educate their customers in how to safely use the latest

The UK Is To Become A Hydrogen World Leader Under New Plans

The British government is producing a series of new plans under which the UK is to become a world-leading hydrogen

Renault Has Launched An Anti-Idling Campaign To Improve Air-Quality

Renault has officially launched its ‘Be Mindful, Don’t Idle’ anti-idling campaign. It wants to improve air-quality around schools and public

Fleet Operators Divided Over Whether To ‘Advance’ Or ‘Consolidate’

Two schools of thought have emerged amongst fleet operators under the coronavirus pandemic, with some looking to advance and others

Diesel And Petrol Cars Could Cost An Extra £1,500 Under New Proposals

Up to £1,500 could be added to the price of new petrol and diesel cars in order to fund the

World EV Day: Government Promises More Charge Points

Wednesday was World EV Day, a day to celebrate electric car-ownership. To mark the day, the government pledged to roll

Uber Has Pledged To Have An All-Electric Fleet By 2040

Uber has pledged to have an all-electric fleet by 2040, with its vehicles being electric models in American, Canadian and

Mitsubishi To Provide Two-Year Vehicle Stock Guarantee

Mitsubishi has stated that it has enough stock for its key models to remain on sale for two years, before

The Fleet Industry Is Bracing For A Company Car Cull

The fleet industry is bracing itself for a widespread company car cull, as job losses continue in the aftermath of

Driving Licenses Have Been Extended By 11 Months

Motorists with a driving license, or entitlement to drive, due to expire between February 1 and December 31, 2020 have

The UK Has 5% Of The Electric Car Chargers It’ll Need By 2030

According to new research, the UK has just 5% of the chargers it’ll need if it’s to meet its electric

Pavement Parking: The Government Is Weighing-Up A Ban

The government is weighing-up the pros and cons of banning pavement parking, which it believes is an “inherent danger for

Used Electric Car Values Are Still Struggling To Hold Firm

Used electric cars are still struggling to retain the value, despite strong performances from used petrol and diesel models in

UK Car Production Fell By 20.8% In July, New Figures Reveal

Car production in the UK continued to decline in July, both for the home market and for export, according to

Air Pollution: Here’s How Drivers Can Protect Themselves

For fleets, air pollution is usually discussed in terms of clean air zones and the expenses they entail. But they

Van Drivers: These Are Their Top 10 Biggest Annoyances

There are around 3.3 million van drivers in the UK, with many of them playing a vital role in our

Tesla: A Hatchback Model Is Planned To Tackle Volkswagen’s ID.3

Tesla is progressively expanding its range to include SUVs, saloons and, yes, a ‘Cybertruck’. Now, however, it’s looking to offer

Salary Sacrifice Schemes Could Solve Post-Lockdown Grey Fleet Issues

Businesses can use salary sacrifice schemes to address post-lockdown grey fleet woes, according to a fleet management company… Grey Fleet

Mobility As A Service: A Few Unanswered Questions

Mobility as a service, or ‘Maas’, is the next big thing in the world of transport. But a few unanswered

Leeds: Clean Air Zone Has Been Put On Hold (Again)

Leeds has put its plans for a clean air zone indefinitely on hold, following a reduction in air pollution post-lockdown…

Just 13% Of Drivers Stick To 20mph Speed Limits

New research has revealed that a paltry 13% of British drivers obey 20mph speed limits, putting other road-users at risk…

Jaguar Land Rover Wants Hydrogen Models By 2030

Whilst other automakers are zealously pursuing electrification, Jaguar Land Rover’s ‘Project Zeus’ is looking to create a number hydrogen models

Campaigners Want A 15% EV Quota Imposed On Car Manufacturers

Campaigners are calling on the government to impose a 15% EV quota on car manufacturers, claiming they’re now suitable for

Fleet Vehicle Sales Failed To Recover Over The Course Of July

Fleet vehicle sales failed to recover in July, according to new figures. This is despite growing demand amongst private motorists…

Engine Idling Can Contribute To Slower Covid-19 Recoveries

A new campaign in London is looking to raise awareness of engine idling and the effect it can have on

London ULEZ: Transport for London Prepares For Expansion

Transport for London is preparing for the future expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to the North and

Manic Mondays: When People Are Most Likely To Buy A Car

New research has revealed that, post-coronavirus, people are most likely to buy a car online at midday on Mondays. With

82% Of Drivers Want Diesel And Petrol Ban Brought Forward

A new survey suggests that the majority of drivers want an earlier ban on the sale of new diesel and

Grey Fleet Represents ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Post-Lockdown

Changes in how we work post-lockdown could turn grey fleet considerations into a ‘ticking time bomb’, according to Venson… ‘A

Parking Sensors De-Skill Drivers, Claim Fleet Decision-Makers

Parking sensors are meant to make cars safer. However, an increasing number of fleets are expressing concerns that they may

Hybrid Cars: A Third Of Drivers Don’t Know What They Are

A new survey has revealed that a third of British drivers aren’t aware of what hybrid cars are. Not to

The DVSA Is Urging Drivers To Book Their MOTs ASAP

The DVSA is urging drivers to get their cars booked in for MOTs at the earliest possible date. It’s concerned

One In Three Company Car And Van Orders Are Now Electric

A third of all company car and van orders are now for electric models, according to new figures. It means

Ex-Renault Boss To Lead Jaguar Land Rover Recovery

Tata Motors, owners of Jaguar Land Rover, has appointed the former Renault boss to lead the company into a financial

Treasury Loses £2.4 Billion In Fuel Duty Because Of Lockdown

The Treasury has lost out on £2.4 billion in fuel duty because of lockdown. As a consequence, talk of road

Could The Motorway Speed Limit Be Raised To 80mph?

Last year, the Transport Secretary toyed with the idea of raising the motorway speed limit. But could it be done

Half Of Fleets Expect To Be Affected By Clean Air Zones

Nearly half of British fleets believe they’ll be affected by London’s ULEZ and the introduction of Clean Air Zones, according

Grey Fleet Use Poses ‘New Normal’ Risks For Businesses

The management of grey fleet issues is due to become even more important for businesses post-lockdown. With more people using

Ineos Automotive Considers Abandoning Welsh Factory Plans

It’s not been a good year for South Wales. Ineos Automotive is reportedly reconsidering its plans to produce its upcoming

Fleets Are Being Warned Of Drug-Driving Risks Post-Lockdown

Fleets are being warned to be vigilant after the number of drug-driving cases has spiked in the aftermath of the

Used Cars: Public Transport Fears Drive Up Demand

Lingering fear around the use of public transport is causing demand for used cars to accelerate in the UK, as

Duty Of Care: Meeting Your Grey Fleet Obligations

Almost every company has a ‘grey fleet’, whether it knows it or not. It consists of vehicles owned privately by

Driverless Cars: A £1 Million Research Project Is Preparing Motorways

A new £1 million research project is being used to prepare the nation’s motorways for the advent of completely driverless

2030 Diesel And Petrol Ban Is Achievable, Claim Fleets

A coalition of major British fleets has claimed that the government’s plan to ban the sale of new diesel and

Commercial Fleet Activity In The UK Has Recovered By 84%

Good news has been rare in the fleet and automotive industrial lately. Fortunately, commercial fleet activity has recovered by 84%…

The Split Between Car And Van Management Will Increase

Everyone in the fleet industry knows that there’s a big difference in the management of cars and vans. That difference,

Fleet Warning: Private Parking Tickets Are Up By 25%

Fleets are being warned of the financial risks posed by private parking tickets. Firms issued nearly a quarter more (24%)

The Chancellor’s Financial Statement Has ‘Disappointed’ Fleets

The summer economic plan revealed by the Chancellor involves numerous initiatives to help the UK’s economy recover post-coronavirus. But fleets

Britain Has The Second Safest Roads In All Of Europe

New figures released by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) suggest that Britain has the second safest road network in

British Gas Has Made The UK’s Largest Electric Van Order

British Gas has ordered 1,000 all-electric vans from Vauxhall. It represents the largest EV order yet made by a commercial

Electric Cars: Falling Company Car Mileages May Boost Uptake

Falling company car mileages, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, may render electric cars increasingly viable for business drivers in the

Significant MOT Delays Are Expected During Autumn

Drivers may face extensive MOT delays this autumn due to an enormous back-log that’s emerged over the course of the

Drink-Driving Incidents Could Spike After Pubs Reopen

There are fears that incidents of drink-driving could essentially spike after pubs are reopened this Saturday. As a consequence, fleets

London Mayor Stresses Importance of ULEZ in Fighting Climate Change

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has stressed the importance of London’s ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) in decisively fighting climate

Company Cars Are Still ‘Transport Choice’ For Employers

New research has revealed that company cars remain the ‘transport choice’ for employees, despite a wide variety of alterantives becoming

Fleet Management: Don’t Make These Classic Mistakes

Fleet management is a constantly evolving field, with new legislation, technology and infrastructural challenges emerging all of the time. It’s

CO2 Emissions For New Cars Have Increased Three Years Running

The average amount of CO2 emissions produced by new cars has risen for three years consecutively, despite the industry setting

Car-Sharing Will Be ‘A Thing Of The Past’ For Many After Covid

One in three drivers say that they intend to permanently stop car-sharing in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, according

The London Congestion Charge Has Risen To £15 A Day

Transport for London has announced that the price of the Congestion Charge will now sit, indefinitely, at £15 a day.

Hydrogen Fuel To Become “Essential” For HGVs, Claims Ford Boss

Electric is becoming an increasingly important powertrain within the automotive industry. According to one Ford boss, however, it’ll be hydrogen

How To Keep Your Company Drivers Properly Motivated

Fleet drivers are regularly subjected to tough working conditions and new challenges. It’s vital, then, that company’s work to keep

How To Win Your Drivers Over To Telematics Technology

Telematics have become a staple of fleet industry. But convincing drivers to embrace the technology can be a challenge. Here’s

All That Things That Make A Good Company Car

There are nearly a million company cars on the nation’s roads. Generally, they’re the safest and most modern. But what

Company Car Journey Approvals Could Be The Future

In the future, using a ‘journey approval’ system to provide company car drivers with authorisation for select trips may become

Volvo Has Announced That It’s Cutting 4,100 Jobs

Volvo is the latest car manufacturer to announce that it’ll be cutting jobs, with plans to remove some 4,100 people

Jaguar Land Rover Is Cutting 1,100 British Jobs Due To Coronavirus

Jaguar Land Rover has announced that it will be cutting 1,100 UK-based jobs due to the coronavirus. The announcement follows

Fleets Are Being Urged Not To ‘Check-Up’ On Drivers

The License Bureau has urged fleets to avoid constantly checking up on their drivers, trusting them instead to make the

Here’s How You Can Keep Your Fleet’s Fuel Costs Down

The amount of money even small fleets spend on fuel can be astronomical. Usually, it’s the second largest source of

Utility Companies Are Considering Hydrogen Vehicles

A number of British utility companies are considering using hydrogen vehicles in order to slash their fleet CO2 emissions and

British Fleets Are Committing To Electrification By 2030

A further five businesses have signed up to the Climate Group’s global electric vehicle (EV) initiative ‘EV100’. It means they

Cycle Lanes: Councils Can Now Use Cameras For Enforcement

The government has granted councils the power to use cameras to catch, and fine, drivers who misuse cycle lanes. Meaning

The Government Is Considering A £6,000 Scrappage Scheme

The government is considering offering drivers of petrol and diesel cars a £6,000 scrappage scheme in order to promote electric

Nissan’s Sunderland Plant Is “Not Sustainable” Without EU Deal

Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta has reemphasised the importance of a UK-EU free trade deal in order to secure a future

More Traffic Officers Are Needed To Cut Road Deaths

Significantly more traffic officers are required in order to substantially reduce the number road deaths in the UK, experts claim…

Coronavirus: Public Transport Is Still ‘Too Risky’ For Workers

Business travellers and commuters continue to avoid public transport, despite lockdown easing. New data shows that they’re still favouring cars

Talks To Move Renault Models To Sunderland Are On Hold

Plans to move the production of two Renault models from plants in Spain to Sunderland have been put on hold,

A Third Of British Drivers Haven’t Purchased Fuel In A Month

New research has shed light on the impact of lockdown measures on fuel consumption in the UK. A third of

Three Million Vans And Cars Have Had Their MoT Extended

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed that more than three million cars and vans have had their MoT

Business Drivers Urged To Be Ready For The Road

Business drivers are being urged to check that they and their vehicles are ready to take back to the road

Volvo: All New Cars Have A Top Speed Of 112Mph

Volvo cars will now be limited to a top speed of 112mph. It’s a part of the Swedish manufacture’s mission

One Million Unroadworthy Vehicles Set To Return To Roads

Over one million unroadworthy vehicles, believed to posses major faults, are due to return to the nation’s roads as lockdown

Spring Bank Holiday Traffic Is Expected To Be Lowest On Record

Traffic levels are expected to be the lowest on record during the upcoming spring bank holiday, as most people plan

Business Drivers: Coronavirus Death Rate ‘Amongst The Highest’

The coronavirus death rate amongst business drivers is one of the highest, according to figures released by the Office for

‘Demystifying’ Electric Cars Could Drive Up Demand

Both uncertainty and confusion surrounding electric cars are causing drivers to delay making the transition to zero-emission motoring, according to

The Industry Expects Strong Demand For Used Cars

The automotive industry is predicting that there will be a surge in interest in used cars as dealers across the

London’s Congestion Charge Is Being Raised To £15

London’s Congestion Charge is to be raised to £15 and enforced seven days a week. The move, according to some

Nissan ‘In Talks’ To Build Renault Models In Sunderland

According to reports, Nissan is looking to shift production of two Renault models from plants in Spain to its vast

Subsidies For Non-Electric Cars Are A Waste, Says Volvo Boss

The head of Volvo, Hakan Samuelsson, has said that pursuing scrappage-like schemes to produce subsidies for non-electric cars would be

Business Drivers Are Facing More Fines And Penalties

The number of business drivers facing fines and penalties is on the rise, according to new figures compiled by Lex

Number Of Diesel Cars Declines For The First Time In 25 Years

New data on licensed and registered vehicles has revealed that diesel cars have declined for the first time in at

MOT and Servicing Network ‘Ready’ For Lockdown Lift

The nation’s MOT and servicing network is already prepared for a comprehensive lockdown lift, according to Fleet Assist… Ready For

Car Battery Failures Have Doubled During Lockdown

Cars don’t like standing idle, so it should come as no surprise that the number of battery failures has doubled

New Cars Sales Collapsed To 1946 Levels In April…

Registrations of new cars practically collapsed in the month of April, with sales falling to levels recorded in 1946. Tesla,

‘Strong Argument’ For Continued MOT Testing For Fleets

FleetCheck has stated that there’s a ‘strong argument’ for fleets to continue with MOT testing; despite the introduction of a

Traffic Levels Rise To Where They Were At The Start Of Lockdown

Traffic levels have risen to where they were when lockdown measures were first introduced, raising fears that drivers are ignoring

Audi To Extend New Car Warranties By Three Months

Audi is offering a three month extension on its new car warranties in order to assist drivers affected by the

Car Production In The UK Was Down By 37.6% In March

The coronavirus has continued to take its toll on car production in the UK. It dropped by 37.6% in March

The Launch Of Pop-Up Chargepoints Could Solve Urban EV Problems

New pop-up chargepoints could make electric cars viable for motorists in urban areas who don’t have driveways or access to

Most Accidents And Collisions Occur On Slower Roads

New research has revealed that the vast majority of accidents and collisions recorded in the UK take place on slower

Fears Of MOT Testing Overload Following Six Month Extension

The UK’S MOT testing system could be overwhelmed with a backlog of tests after the country’s lockdown measures are relaxed…

98% Of Fleets Are Planning To Use Electric Vehicles

If your fleet isn’t thinking about using electric cars, it’s very much in the minority. The vast majority of fleets

Coronavirus: Whiplash Reforms Have Been Delayed

The Ministry of Justice has delayed plans to make it harder for people to make fraudulent whiplash claims against insurance

Vehicle Thefts Have Risen By 21% In Just Three Years

The number of vehicle thefts in the UK has skyrocketed, with reported incidents rising by 21% in the last three

ULEZ: Two-Thirds Of Londoners Put Off Of Their Cars

London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) seems to be working. Two-thirds of Londoners having already changed their usual mode of

10% Of Drivers Are Still Making Non-Essential Trips

New figures have revealed that 10% of drivers are ignoring the government’s advice to avoid making non-essential trips in their

Coronavirus: Drivers Are Obeying Stay At Home Advice

Drivers are following stay at home advice during the coronavirus pandemic. New research suggests that 60% of motorists are using

Government Extends Its Consultation On The Diesel And Petrol Ban

The government has announced that it’ll be extending its consultation on bringing forward its ban on the sale of new

Fleet Drivers Can Use Furlough As An E-Learning Opportunity

Furloughed fleet drivers can make the most of their free time by brushing up on their driver awareness through e-learning,

The BVRLA Is Calling For Vehicle Deliveries To Start

The BVRLA is urging dealerships and delivery agents to resume moving vehicles in order to unclog the automotive supply chain…

The Roll Out Of CAZs Is Being Delayed Until 2021

In light of the global coronavirus pandemic, the government has announced that the introduction of clean air zones (CAZs) will

Coronavirus Is Causing Company Car Drivers To Hand Over Their Keys

Company car drivers are handing back the keys to their wheels in increasing numbers in order to avoid paying tax

Lockdown Takes Its Toll: New Car Sales Dropped By 44% In March

The coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the UK’s automotive industry is becoming clearer. New car sales plummeted by 44% in March…

Car Plant Shutdowns May Cost Industry More Than $100 Billion

Plant closures caused by the coronavirus pandemic could cost the automotive industry more than $100 billion; a figure based on

Carmakers Want The European Commission To Delay Emission Targets

Carmakers have asked the European Commission to delay the introduction of tougher emission targets. The request comes as the industry

Lockdown Prompts Dramatic Fall In UK Air Pollution

Air pollution across the UK has started to decline considerably as a result of the nation going into lockdown, new

COVID-19: The UK’s New Car Market Could Face A 96% Drop

The UK’s new car market could face a devastating 96% drop as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. That’s according

Van Death Prosecution Highlights Importance Of Duty Of Care

The Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) has urged fleets to adopt more thorough driver fatigue and duty of care policies.

Birmingham Wants To Delay Its Clean Air Zone Because Of Coronavirus

Birmingham City Council has formally written to the government in order to delay the roll out of its clean air

New MOT Guidelines Give Motorists And Fleets Six-Month Extension

Drivers are to be given a six-month MOT extension in light of the Coronavirus crisis. This will allow drivers to

The Government Is Scrapping Dynamic Smart Motorways

Dynamic smart motorways, which can temporarily render the hard shoulder a live lane, are to be scrapped under new government

A Lack Of EV-Trained Mechanics Could Increase Fleet Downtime

A lack of EV-trained mechanics and technicians could see fleets facing significantly increased periods of vehicle downtime…  A Lack Of

London’s Road Charges Have Been Suspended Due To Coronavirus

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that road charges in London will be suspended to help critical workers move around

Technology Trials Are Being Held To Cut Congestion For Fleets

Government-sponsored technology trials are being held to develop new ways of reducing congestion for fleets and their drivers… GovTech Catalyst 

Car Dependency Is Being Fuelled By Public Transport ‘Failures’

One in three drivers now claim to be more dependent on their cars than they were a year ago. And

Just 41% Of Van Drivers Use Hands-Free Devices Or Bluetooth

Less than half of the nation’s van drivers are making use of hands-free devices or Bluetooth, according to new research.

Fleet Investment In Electric Cars To Exceed £12 Billion

The electrification of the nation’s fleets is set to gain momentum. Investment is set to increase by nearly 50% over

Nearly A Third Of Vehicle Fatalities Weren’t Wearing A Seatbelt

Nearly a third of all fatalities caused by car crashes and accidents in 2018 weren’t wearing a seatbelt, according to

Budget 2020: Stand Out Points For The Fleet Industry

On Wednesday, Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed his Budget for 2020 having only been in the job for a month. But

Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port Plant Faces An Uncertain Future

The future of the PSA Group’s Ellesmere plant, which produces the Vauxhall Astra, very much depends on the course of

Cash-Takers Are ‘Interested’ In Returning To Company Cars

Employees that aren’t currently using company cars, or cash-takers, are showing signs of increased interest due to new electric vehicle

The UK’s First Electric Vehicle Consumer Code Has Launched

The UK’s first code of practice for electric vehicles has launched. Its intended to ensure that consumers receive fair treatment

Road Congestion Cost The UK Nearly £7 BILLION Last Year

Road congestion and traffic is as costly as it is frustrating. Last year, the UK lost £6.9 billion because of

Nissan Is Investing £400 Million In Its Sunderland Plant

Nissan has announced that it’ll be investing £400 million in its vast Sunderland plant. This comes in spite of its

SMMT: Chancellor Should Remove VAT On Plug-In Cars

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has called on the Chancellor to remove VAT on electric cars. Its

Europeans Still Prefer To Commute By Car Instead Of Public Transport

Europeans still prefer to commute by car than public transport. That’s despite enormous government initiatives to encourage alternative methods of

London: New 20mph Speed Limits Are Now Live

Business and fleet drivers could be caught out by new London speed limits from this week. 20mph limits will be

Business Drivers Are Regularly Failing To Check Their Tyres

Fleet decision-makers have been warned that business drivers are regularly failing to check their tyres. As a consequence, the risk

New Cars Are Producing More Carbon Dioxide Than Older Ones

The demand for larger and bulkier models is rendering new cars more polluting than older ones, according to Which?  Newer

Gloucestershire: A Fifth Of All Police Vehicles To Be Electric

Gloucestershire Police are on their way to have the largest fully-electric police fleet in the country. One in five of

250,000 Grey Fleet Drivers May Be Evading Vehicle Excise Duty

As many as a quarter of a million grey fleet drivers could be evading Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). If so,

Uber Makes Our Roads Safer, According To Research

New research conducted by the University of Oxford suggests that Uber may actually be making roads safer. Providing they’re not

Car Ownership: Are We Really At The Tipping Point?

New research has suggested that car ownership may be on its way out by as soon as 2030. But is

The Number Of Motorists Taking Driver Awareness Courses Has Tripled

New figures from  National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) have revealed that the number of motorists taking driver awareness courses

Relief For Fleets As Chancellor Confirms March Budget

Fleets will undoubtedly breath a sigh of relief as the Chancellor confirms that the date of the Budget will not

It’s In The Incentives: How Should The Government Promote EVs?

After 2035 (perhaps earlier) it’ll be illegal to sell, or purchase, a new petrol or diesel car. But how, exactly, will

Gigafactory Berlin: German Court Orders Tesla To Halt Construction

Tesla has received orders from German courts to temporarily halt the construction of Gigafactory Berlin. It follows environmentalists winning a

Ford Boss: Government Needs To Re-Think Fuel Ban

The Boss of Ford in Europe has expressed concerns around the government’s plan to ban new diesel and petrol car

The Number Of Drink-Driving Offences Has Increased By 4%

The number of drink-driving offences has increased by 4% in a year, raising questions concerning enforcement and police strategy… No

A Nissan Leaf Has Set A New Driverless Car Journey Record

A self-driving Nissan Leaf has travelled 230 miles between Bedfordshire and Sunderland, the longest and most complex journey yet made

Bosch Warns That ‘Peak Car’ Could Already Have Happened

The car industry may have already reached ‘peak car’ production according to Bosch, the world’s largest auto component supplier… Passing

Rivian: A Closer Look At Its 100,000 All-Electric Amazon Trucks

Amazon wants the ‘world’s most sustainable fleet’ and it’s relying on the start-up Rivian to help them get there. Here’s

RAC: Technology, Not Re-Testing, Will Keep Older Drivers Safe

Arming older drivers with advanced in-car technology is a better way of keeping them safe than mass re-testing. That’s according

Volkswagen Is Automaker ‘Most Exposed’ To Coronavirus Impact

Volkswagen Group is the most exposed automaker when it comes to China’s coronavirus outbreak, according to analysts at Standard &

Ford’s 2019 Profits ‘Wiped Out’ By Fourth Quarter Loss

Ford’s 2019 profits have been effectively ‘wiped out’ following a tough fourth quarter loss. The company’s CEO has said the

Diesel And Petrol Ban Brought Forward To 2035 (And Covers Hybrids)

The Prime Minister has announced that the ban on new diesel and petrol car sales will be brought forward to

The EV Share Of The Leasing Market Could Reach 20% This Year

EV’s could soon represent 20% of the leasing market. That’s according to the chief executive of the British Vehicle Rental

Emissions From Tyres Are 1,000 Times Worse Than Exhausts

New research has shed light non-exhaust emissions generated by cars. It’s discovered that tyres are 1,000 worse in some cases

Uber Customers ‘Willing’ To Pay More For Rides In EVs

More than half of Uber’s customers are willing to pay extra to ride in a zero-emission vehicle. That’s according to

Company Drivers Suffering From Fatigue Pose ‘Safety Threat’

A road safety association has highlighted the dangers posed by exhausted company drivers. It’s calling greater awareness of the risks…

Fleet Drivers: New Research Reveals Appetite For Speeding

New research has revealed that fleet drivers have an ‘appetite’ for speeding, exceeding limits by 19.4% on average. It demonstrates

According To Volvo, We’re On The Verge Of A Company Car ‘Surge’

Recent changes to company car tax will encourage a ‘surge’ in electric company cars, according to Volvo… A Coming Surge?

Jaguar Land Rover Is Cutting 500 Jobs At Its Halewood Plant

Jaguar Land Rover has confirmed that it’s cutting 500 jobs from its plant in Halewood. It claims the decision is

A Look Into The Future? Isle Of Man To Tax Electric Cars This Year

In what could be a sign of things to come, the Isle of Man has announced that it’ll be taxing

Mitsubishi Is Under Investigation For Emissions Cheating

Dieselgate, it seems, is far from over. Mitsubishi is now under investigation in Germany for suspected emissions cheating… Police Raids

Stolen Vehicles Are Costing Fleets £16,000 A Year

Stolen vehicles are causing fleets to lose, on average, £16,000 a year. That’s according to research conducted by Verizon Connect…

Car Manufacturers Could Be ‘Forced’ To Stop Selling Polluting Cars

The automotive industry has warned that car manufacturers could be ‘forced’ to stop selling polluting cars in the UK. This

Essex Speed Limits Are Being Reduced To Slash Emissions

Essex Council has announced that it’ll be slashing speed limits throughout the authority in order to reduce emissions. It’s the

Cardiff Weighs Up Introducing A Congestion Charge

Cardiff could be the next city to clamp down on cars, congestion and the emissions they cause. It’s council is

Van Drivers Spend 7 BILLION Hours A Year Looking For Parking

Ever feel like you can never find a parking space? Spare a thought for the nation’s van drivers who, collectively,

Birmingham May Ban Cars From Taking ‘Through Trips’

Birmingham City Council is weighing up plans to ban cars from the city centre. It’s the latest authority to consider

Risk Of Road Incidents Involving Animals Overlooked, Claims Research

Fleets are overlooking the risk posed by animal-related driving incidents. That’s according to new research conducted by GoCompare Car Insurance…

EVs: Fuel Forecourts Aren’t Interested In Charging Infrastructure

Operators of fuel forecourts are ‘reluctant’ to invest in EV charging infrastructure. This follows concerns that there’s a lack of

Fleet Drivers May Be ‘Happier’ Using Electric Vehicles

The uptake of electric vehicles is regarded by many as a necessary step in addressing emissions and climate change. But

Oxford To Implement Nation’s First Zero Emission Zone

Oxford County Council has revealed plans to introduce the nation’s first Zero Emission Zone in the city. Petrol and diesel

Parking Companies Will Now Accept ‘Minor’ Keying Mistakes

The British Parking Association has advised car park operators not to penalise motorists for keying in slightly incorrect details… A

Van Registrations Finished On A High In 2019 Despite Difficulties

Despite a significant amount of political and economic uncertainty, British van registrations were on the up at the end of

Three-Quarters Of Drivers Would Risk Driving Through Flood Water

The vast majority of drivers would risk driving through flood water, research has found. This is in spite of loss

Volkswagen Will Build A Million Electric Cars A Year By 2023

Volkswagen has brought forward its already ambitious target of producing a million electric cars a year in 2025. It now

Brexit: Motoring Costs ‘Soar’ After Referendum, According To Research

The costs associated with owning and running a car have soared after the 2016 Brexit Referendum. That’s according to new

Congestion Zones: Have They Improved Air Quality?

Nearly 17 years ago, the Congestion Charge was introduced in London. Since then, a range of initiatives have been introduced

Death Of Diesel: 2020 Could Be The Beginning Of The End

Next year could be ‘make or break’ for diesel due to confused government policy. In five years time just one

Data Without Telematics: What You Need To Know

The use of telematics devices can provide fleets with an extraordinary amount of data concerning their vehicles and drivers. But

The UK Will Soon Have Its First 24/7, Zero-Emission Street

Effective from spring 2020, Beech Street in London’s Barbican Estate will become the nation’s first 24/7, zero-emission street… Beech Street

Business Drivers: Accident Rate Hasn’t Improved In A Decade

The number of business drivers being killed or injured in accidents has remained the same for a decade, according to

Tory Electoral Win Should Provide ‘Company Car Tax Certainty’

Last Friday, the nation bore witness to a Tory landslide. Regardless of one’s personal political affiliations it does mean, for

Road Signs And Signals Will Be ‘Decommissioned’ By 2027

A new report has suggested that, as a result of increased vehicle road connectivity, road signs and signals will be

Wales Weighs Up Road Pricing As A Way To Tackle Emissions

The Welsh Government is considering introducing clean air zones (CAZs), scrappage schemes and road pricing in order to tackle rising

Police Should Randomly Test Drivers For Drugs And Alcohol, Says Brake

Police across the country should be given powers to randomly test drivers for drugs and alcohol. That’s according to road

Plug-In Grant: Fleets Are Calling On The Government For Certainty

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) has asked the future government to reaffirm support for the plug-in car

Company Cars: An Uncertain Future As They Cease To Be Status Symbols

The future of company cars is becoming increasingly uncertain. Whilst the leasing sector is expected to grow, it’s uncertain whether

New Hybrid And Electric Cars Made Up 10% Of Sales In November

The march of hybrid and electric cars is gaining momentum. They made up one in ten of new car sales

Volta: New Electric Truck To Be Developed In The UK

It’s not often that the British automotive industry is a source for good news. But Volta, a Swedish start-up transport

The Three ‘Game Changing’ Electric Vehicle Technologies

Next year could well be the year of the electric vehicle; with millions of them reaching the market. But it’s

Cazoo Wants To Revolutionise How We Buy Our Cars

Yesterday marked the official launch of the startup Cazoo. It wants to change how we buy an annual eight million

Bristol Council Buys Diesel Vans After Banning Diesels…

Bristol City Council has acquired dozens of diesel vans for its fleet. This comes shortly after it’s announced plans to

Two-Thirds Of Drivers Say Removing The Hard Shoulder Is Dangerous

The majority of British drivers feel that removing the hard shoulder on motorways is dangerous. That’s according to a new

The Next Belgian Government May Ban ICE Company Cars

The next Belgian government may proceed with plans to outright ban internal combustion engine (ICE) company cars by 2023. But

Van And Company Car Drivers Are At ‘Higher Risk’

The risks van and company car drivers face are significantly higher than the average motorist. That’s according to new research…

BP Customers Are Being Landed With £100 Fines

Customers looking to re-fuel at BP petrol stations have been getting more than they bargained for. An increasingly number have

Rural Roads Across The Country Are ‘Getting Worse’

Rural roads are in a state of disrepair and are getting worse, largely due to potholes and surface-related problems. That’s

Volkswagen To Go Green(er) On Seas As Well As Roads

Volkswagen is looking to reduce its carbon footprint on the high seas as well as the roads. It’s launching ‘green’

Most Drivers Aren’t Using The Dutch Reach Technique

The majority of drivers are unfamiliar with the Dutch Reach technique. This is despite a pledge from the government to

Fleets Aren’t Ditching Diesel As It Remains ‘First Choice’

Fleets still regard diesel as their ‘first choice’. That’s despite an ongoing decline in its market share, according to new

A Third Of Drivers Have Had A Collision Or Near-Miss This Year

A third of British adults have been involved in a collision or near-miss over the last year. That’s according to

The World’s First Parts-Only Car Warranty Has Launched

A new parts-only warranty policy has been launched. The world’s first, it’s targeted at motorists and owners who prefer to

Consumers See The ‘Appeal’ Of Low-Emission Fleets

Rising awareness of the climate crisis and electric vehicles has caused consumers to become more selective with their spending. That’s

The Netherlands Is Slashing Speed Limits To Reduce Pollution

If you’re driving in the Netherlands, you may soon need to give yourself more time for journeys. The country will

A Monthly Car Subscription Service Is Now Available In The UK

Owning a car is expensive business. Whether it’s fuel, insurance or the price of the vehicle itself, few things are

Bad Drivers Are The Main Cause Of The UK’s Road Accidents

New research has shed light on the main causes of road accidents in the UK. Whilst many factors are at

Volvo Is Offering FREE Electricity To Plug-In Hybrid Drivers

Volvo will be giving away free electricity with every new plug-in hybrid vehicle sold. The offer is running now and

New Sleep Mode Car Keys To Help Prevent Keyless Thefts

A series of Consumer Security Ratings have shed light into how automakers are protecting their vehicles from keyless thefts…  Innovating

Around 1.7 MILLION UK Cars May Still Have Deadly Airbags

Nearly two million cars in the UK may have deadly, shrapnel-emitting airbags. That’s according to a new investigation into the

Fears For 3,000 Vauxhall Workers Following Merger Announcement

Fears for 3,000 Vauxhall workers have been raised following the announcement that owner PSA and Fiat Chrysler are merging… Restructuring

SUVs Are The Second Biggest Reason Emissions Are Rising

The rapid growth of the demand for SUVs is the second biggest reason for rising emissions around the world, research

Brussels Is Going To Ban ALL Petrol And Diesel Cars

Brussels is moving to ban all petrol and diesel cars from its streets. The Belgian capital will introduce the ban

Fiat Chrysler and PSA Have Confirmed They’re In Merger Talks

Fiat Chrysler and PSA have announced that they’re in merger talks. Should it take place, the result will be one

Fractured Fleets: Clear Divide Emerges On Future Of Petrol And Diesel

Decision-makers within fleets are sharply divided on their views concerning the future of diesel and petrol. These largely concern when

Tesla Shocks Wall Street With Quarterly Profits, But Is It Enough?

Tesla has defied both naysayers and analysts by achieving a shock quarterly profit of $143m. But is it enough to

Declining Car Ownership Amongst Millennials Is ‘Greatly Overstated’

Fears over declining car-ownership amongst millennials has been ‘greatly overstated’. That’s according to new research that suggests interest remains significantly

One In Ten Drivers Say Stress Is Main Cause For Accidents

New research has revealed that one in ten drivers feel that work-related stress is the biggest cause of accidents… The

Hydrogen Taxis Have Covered A Million Miles In London

A fleet of hydrogen taxis has collectively covered over a million miles in London. The milestone serves as a significant

Volvo Wants To Boldly Face Up To The Climate Crisis

Volvo wants to be as well-known for its sustainability as it is for the safety of its vehicles. So much

Porsche: ‘We Can’t Just Sell Cars In Order To Survive’

Porsche will need to offer services beyond cars in order to survive. That’s according to its finance and IT boss,

AdBlue Related Call Outs Are Declining, But More Can Be Done

The number of AdBlue-related call outs are declining according to the AA. But it claims fleets can still do a

Fleet Live Will Be Fleet & Mobility Live In 2020

Fleet Live, the UK’s largest annual fleet event, is re-branding as Fleet & Mobility Live next year. This is to

A Third Of The UK’s Automotive Firms Are Cutting Jobs

One thing the automotive industry can agree on its that Brexit-related speculation is crippling investment. So it may come as

Labour Has Pledged To Ban Sale Of Non-Electric Cars By 2030

The sale of non-electric vehicles would be banned by 2030 under a Labour government, the party has announced. The policy

19,000 Motorists Have Broken Down In Motorway Live Lanes

Around 19,000 motorists have broken down in motorway live lines over the last two years alone. It raises questions as

Nissan: No-Deal Brexit Threatens Entire European Operation

Nissan has offered its strongest warning against a no-deal Brexit scenario yet; suggesting that it’d threaten its entire European operation

2040 Fuel Ban: What Fleets Need To Know

The sale of diesel and petrol vehicles is due to end with a fuel ban in 2040 (maybe earlier). But

Driver Back Pain Is Costing The Economy £8.8 Billion A Year

According to Volvo, back pain is causing a third of British drivers to take a day off each year; causing

Electric Cars May Be Taxed On Road Use To Cover Fuel Revenue Losses

The government has been advised that it will need to tax electric vehicles for road use. This, it’s claimed, will

Transport Secretary May Bring Diesel And Petrol Ban Forward To 2035

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference, the Transport Secretary said the 2040 diesel and petrol ban may be brought forward

BMW and Daimler Invest £1bn On Joint Mobility Solutions

What does it take to bring two rival auto-giants together? In BMW’s and Daimler’s case, it’s a shared mobility solutions

Fleets Need ‘Seismic Shift’ To Reach Their EV Goals…

The fleet industry needs a ‘seismic shift’ in order to reach its EV adoption goals. These are imperative if the

Tesla’s Smart Summon Has Had A Rocky Launch

Tesla’s new Smart Summon feature promises to herald a new era of convenience. But, as many users have discovered, it

We Deliver: Volkswagen’s New Boot Delivery Service

Volkswagen has announced a direct to your car boot delivery service. Called ‘We Deliver’, it’ll be rolled out in 2020

Driverless Vehicles: A Third of British Drivers Say They Won’t Switch

Driverless vehicles are the marmite of the automotive industry, dividing industry experts and consumers alike. But a new report has

Range Figures For Electric Cars Need An ‘Urgent Rethink’

Range Anxiety is said to be one of the biggest obstacles to the mass-adoption of electric vehicles. But now, it’s

Only 1 In 5 Car Accidents Can Be Prevented By Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles promise to revolutionise the automotive industry. But new research has cast doubts on how much safer they’ll make

New Enforcement Cameras Catch 100,000 Drivers On Their Phones

New camera technology that can specifically target drivers who use their phones are being permanently installed in Australia. Over a

Your Bus Could Be Zero Emission As Soon As 2025

Your pollution-emitting bus could soon be getting considerably cleaner. The Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) wants to go zero emission

Hyundai Has Developed A New Centre Side Air Bag

Hyundai has designed a new centre side airbag. It aims to separate the space between the driver and passenger sat

France Is Abandoning Its Controversial Breathalyser Law

Anyone who’s driven to France will be aware of the extensive, mandatory kit you’re required to keep in your vehicle. Whether

Ineos Will Build ‘Spiritual Successor’ To Defender At Ford’s Bridgend Plant

Ineos Automotive is set to move into Ford’s Bridgend site. There it intends to build the “spiritual successor” to the

Hyundai Anticipates Sales Growth For Hydrogen Cars

If you haven’t heard much about hydrogen cars lately, that’s because there aren’t many of them around. But that’s something

Jaguar Land Rover Boss Says Brexit Stockpiling ‘Not An Option’

The CEO of Jaguar Land Rover has shot down suggestions that automakers can stockpile in preparation for a no-deal Brexit.

Fleets Are Happy To Use Toll Roads In Order To Beat Congestion

Over half of the nation’s fleets are happy for their drivers to use toll roads and then reclaim costs; providing

Could Vauxhall Really ‘Benefit’ From A Hard Brexit?

For most automakers, the prospect of a hard Brexit is a persistent spectre; something that could destroy their profitability. But

60% Of Employees “Ready To Quit” If They Lose Company Cars

A staggering six out of ten company car drivers would give up their jobs if they lost the employee benefit.

London’s Getting A Blanket 20 Mph Speed Limit

Transport for London has announced that the city will be getting a 20 mph speed limit. Being applied to the

Will Mobility As A Service Put An End To Company Cars?

According to some industry analysts, we’re on the verge of a ‘mobility revolution’. At the heart of this is the

Autonomous Cars Will Face A ‘Digital MOT’, According To Government Plans

Autonomous cars are still nowhere near reaching consumers, but that isn’t stopping the government from preparing for them. New Department

Smart Motorways: Over Half Of Us Avoid Open Hard Shoulders

New research has revealed widespread ignorance of smart motorways and how they’re used. Over half of drivers don’t use hard

Eurotunnel Has Made A ‘Brexit Promise’ To Drivers

Eurotunnel has issued reassurances to drivers that travel via the service won’t be disrupted by Brexit; at least in the

What Happens When Electric Vehicles Breakdown?

Electric vehicles are slowly but surely entering the mainstream. But whilst they pose fresh considerations for drivers, they also demand

A Complete Phone Ban Is ‘Enforceable’, According To License Bureau

The License Bureau believes that a complete phone ban is both overdue and enforceable; largely thanks to modern policing technologies.  

Tesla’s Eyes Are On Germany For European Gigafactory

Tesla has been scouting locations for a European Gigafactory for some time. But recent reports suggest the company has its

MPs Want You To Ditch Your Car In Order To Meet Climate Change Targets

If you thought you could save the planet by driving a hybrid or EV, think again. MPs are convinced you

Company Cars Are The ‘Cleanest’ On The Road According To New Figures

Company cars remain the least-polluting on the roads, according to new figures. The news comes in spite of the fact

Company Cars: Fleets Of The Future Will Use A Mix Of Mobility Solutions

In the future, business transport will consist of a mix between company cars and various mobility solutions. That’s according new

5 Ways Fleets Can Improve Driver Retention Rates

Drivers are in short supply, with many vacancies going unfilled. In addition, many are leaving their positions between six to

Directors Don’t Understand Their Grey Fleet Responsibilities

A new survey has revealed a disturbing lack of awareness around grey fleet responsibilities amongst executive directors; exposing ignorance around

Investment In Britain’s Car Industry Is ‘Pitiful’

Investment in Britain’s car industry has been described as ‘pitiful.’ Just £90 million has been invested this year, down from

Jaguar Has Asked The Oxford Dictionary To Redefine ‘Car’

Jaguar doesn’t agree with the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of ‘car’. So it’s decided to submit a formal application to

MPs Are Calling For A Hands-Free Phone Ban

Drivers in England and Wales could be subjected to a hands-free phone ban, according to a group of MPs. They

Tesla Model 3 Already Most Popular EV To Lease In The UK

In just one week, Tesla’s Model 3 has become the most popular EV to lease in the UK; that’s according