Don’t Look For Scratches And Dents On Your Car, Have a Robot Do It Instead

Don't Look For Scratches And Dents On Your Car, Have a Robot Do It Instead

We’ve all witnessed the somewhat comic scene on forecourts where staff busily crouch down and run full-circle around a car, squinting at panels and bodywork in the hopes of spotting a scratch or dent. It’s a tedious and frustrating process that can often lead to all sorts of disputes and confrontations. ‘That was there when I took it’ often doesn’t slide, true or not. Fortunately, robots don’t lie and are much more accurate than a pair of human eyes. Enter Car Scanner, a technology that promises to put an end to the arguments once and for all. 

Polish Innovation 

Designed by Polish entrepreneur Sławek Potasz, the technology is able to completely and thoroughly scan a car for damage in an impressive 120 seconds. He claims he got the idea whilst having to wait an hour to have his luggage checked at an airport. The responsible employee was on his lunch break and, upon returning, rapidly conducted the scan by taking just two pictures. Having nearly missed his flight, Potasz decided that there was cross-industry demand for rapid scanning technologies; especially within the automotive industry.

How Does it Work?

Car Scanner works by using cameras and scanners to detect damage to a car’s frame. Potasz said, “the device is fitted with three cameras, with a combined resolution of 24 megapixel; infrared lenses that are important for scratch detection; and a laser that measures the depth of dents.” He added, “plus LED lights, proximity sensors and magnetic sensors.” The scanner itself rests on a magnetic strip which can be unfurled in around ten minutes. It can be spread out to cater for various sizes, depending on the vehicles it’s scanning. It’ll move on caterpillar-like tracks, which means it can be deployed on uneven and rough terrain. Upgrades which will allow for 360 vision and interior checks are already being worked on. 

Is It Coming To The UK?

The technology is already commercially available in Poland and is proving popular with insurers, rental companies and re-marketers. Its accuracy will no doubt be welcomed by their customers and consumers, too. Given the heightened accuracy, the scanner’s checks are far more accurate and unbiased than anything offered by a human. Whilst Potasz is confident that he can ramp up production of the technology to meet expected demand, there’s still no word on when it’ll be available in the UK market. That said, the device was shown off at the Fleet Live event held in Birmingham last October. This, at the very least, demonstrates that it might not be too long a wait until we see the scanner operating on British forecourts.  

Whether you’d welcome a robot scanning your car or not, it’ll require regular service and maintenance. With over 16,000 approved garages, a 24/7 support service and a host of cost-saving offers, we can keep your fleet moving and operational. Call one of our professional Service Advisers on 0121 521 3500 for more details. 

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