Dirty Number Plates Are Landing Drivers With £1,000 Fines

Dirty Number Plats Are Landing Drivers With £1,000 Fines

We all forget to clean ours cars from time to time. Whether we’re busy with other commitments or simply don’t get around to it, dirt and grime easily builds up. This is especially the case during the winter months where rain, dirt and snow work together to wreak havoc on our motors. However, failing to keep on top of it runs the risk of number plates becoming obscured; putting drivers at risk of massive fines.

The breakdown and road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist is advising drivers to clean their number plates before starting out on all journeys. Dirty number plates that are difficult to read can land motorists with a fine of £1,000, even if it isn’t completely obscured. Neil Worth, a road safety officer with GEM, said “a number plate must be readable and not covered by dirt. This is to ensure a vehicle can be identified as and when required.” He added, “although there is no law against having a dirty car, the law is very clear when it comes to keeping your number plates clear; you risk a £1000 fine if you allow it to become obscured.”

Worth suggested that it’s worth drivers getting into the habit of regularly checking and cleaning their number plates, especially in winter. “It makes sense to get into the habit of giving your number plate a regular wipe – every day when conditions require. Do the same for your front and rear lights, and you will be doing your bit for safety during this risky time of year.” Given the extensive mileage fleet drivers can clock up, it’s likely that their vehicles will be picking up more dirt and debris than conventional drivers. All the more reason, then, for fleet managers to ensure that drivers are being encouraged and reminded to keep their vehicles clean and their driving careers fine-free.

Keep your car looking like it’s brand new with these cleaning tips from the Autoserve Club: https://www.autoserveclub.co.uk/blog/how-to-make-your-car-look-brand-new-with-these-cleaning-tips/ 

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